team fortress 2

Good news, everyone! That head-shot you missed in Team Fortress 2 a little under a decade ago? Turns out it wasn’t your fault after all. As it turns out, it was due to hitbox misalignment that’s been around since the game first launched. And now it’s fixed!

Okay. So it’s a bit more complicated than just the hitbox alignments. Not every hitbox was messed up. Instead, it’s an issue that spawned as a result of players swapping classes which somehow messed up hitbox animation on the server — and as a result hit detection.

A rather lengthy post on Reddit outlines the whole issue and even links to some handy videos to demonstrate how it worked. But, the good news is, it’s finally fixed. Of course, that means if you miss hitting your target now, it’s your fault… Or lag. Yeah. Lag.

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