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Dota 2 players who want to play in ranked games will have to offer up an extra bit of information in order to be able to participate. With the launch of the new matchmaking update, players will now be required to register a phone number.

The purpose of this change is to help prevent the issue of players creating multiple accounts in order to game the matchmaking system and make it harder for players to keep ‘smurf’ accounts. Preventing smurfing is a rather important issue for the company because this behavior not only makes newbie experiences… well… suck, but also results in the selling of boosted accounts.

As of now, registering the phone number is still optional, but after May 4 it will be mandatory.

Of course, the phone number linking isn’t the only thing that changed in this update. To see the full list of changes, check out the post on the Dota 2 blog.

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  1. it’s not only about the fact why the hell do you need to use your phone for a pc game but even if there is the problem of people making smurf accounts i can not see how in any way it will help to use your phone number as verification. Why not a IP-block for multiple accounts.
    I for example have 2 steam accounts for multiple games not just dota and on my main dota account i have been stuck in 1kmmr for years while my skill level is way higher than that. I’m no pro player but what i mean to say is what is the difference between a new player getting matched up against veteran players on a smurf acc or veteran players stuck in low mmr. Then there is the part that they say they want to make sure people don’t sell their accounts. So what if i get a new phone with a new number ?? will that makes me not being able to play anymore or people can just change the number even if you sell the account which would make this system even more useless

  2. I’m not entirely sure why everyone is upset about this. This the simplest solution to an ongoing problem. A couple streamers (Not in only DotA) would play a hero/champion/character to mess around with. Of course, it’s just a small number of people sure, but players just a few ranks above will make a new account just to troll. This will mitigate this issue to some effect. These companies will not sell your phone number, I am guessing NONE of you read the terms of service. Sure “Nobody reads that” but if you’re complaining about something like this, I suggest you read it.
    If they were to sell your number, they would be liable for a law suit from every single player. Some people lack a phone number, that I understand and it’s unfair to you guys. But we all have parents/guardians and I’m sure they don’t care about one lousy verification text/call.
    And to those who have siblings with only one guardian, whose entire family plays DotA. Your best bet is to email valve about the situation.

  3. Really? this is their excuse? what about the constant everyday update? Hell i rather play other games than this forever updating repetitive boring game.

  4. terrible excuse for the reall reason why valve comes up with this idiotic idea. Personal information these days is money and apart from the fact steam is probably the biggest and best pc gaming platform it is also known for loving money. The market on steam already requires you to have a phone number linked unless you don’t mind waiting a month to trade with friends. So if that didn’t already force you to give up your phone number they will just try it with their most populair game.
    If you where playing mobile games i can understand that maybe your number is needed for some games but as far as i know even for mobile games they don’t ask you for your number.
    I hope this will not end in a domino effect where other games are gonna add the same sort of features and end up getting random calls and unasked-for adverts cause we already got enough commercials 24/7 everywhere we go. what they’ll ask next update a blood donation or a evening with my wife ??

    • You realize in korea they force you to give your SSN? Your opinion is completely stupid. Like if phone number is a big deal.

      • kek I am not entirely sure if you have some mental problems or what is the case but just because in korea it is even worse it does not mean this is ok.
        Killbone is correct, only reason they are doing this is to spy on people, collect their data.

        It is a sd thing this has to be explained to things like kek

  5. What Valve needs to do is implement rank decay. They just buy high ranked accs and leave it there to brag, or play a few games catastrophically due skill gap.

  6. Wow that’s stupid. i wonder who hasn’t heard of text now? which gives you a random phone number with the account you make…


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