Vela Games Announces “Competitive PvE” Game Evercore Heroes

Finally, we know what Project-V has become!

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Evercore Announcement

Well, here’s something different for all the PvE fans out there. Today, Vela Games revealed an interesting new title named Evercore Heroes. Some may already know this game by its codename “Project-V”. Today, we’re finally finding out exactly what that is.

Evercore Heroes is a “competitive PvE game” set in a world of magic and heroes known as Lumera. What makes the game competitive is that teams of four work together to prove that they’re the best team of heroes in the game, but instead of fighting other teams, they work together to defeat dangerous bosses.

The game combines the MOBA experience with that of co-op MMO dungeon runs. In each run, four teams of players will need to power up their individual heroes, charge up an Evercore, and defeat the boss. Those who manage to build well-balanced teams and work together in just the right way to increase their power while making it difficult for other teams to do the same will be the ones to come out on top.

Players will be able to choose from eight different characters ranging from a pixie-winged assassin to an ancient spirit of rejuvenation (healer) that looks like a forest spirit.

As with all announcements, there’s a trailer, and it looks cool, but other than giving a general feel of the game, it really doesn’t offer much about the gameplay itself. Still, it’s worth a peek. For more information, hit up the Evercore Heroes site. While there, you can also sign up for the community playtest kicking off this weekend. The event will run for three days -- October 13-16. Signups can be done on the website via the game's Discord channel. Those hanging out in the Discord channel will have a better chance getting in.

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