War Thunder German AF D1

Naval battles in War Thunder are about to get even wetter and wilder — or at least more frequent — as Gaijin Entertainment has announced a weekly testing schedule for both PC and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

The first event runs this weekend, from Feb. 24-27, and will “see the debut of a brand-new lineup of top rank torpedo and gunboats,” according to a press release. It’s being called a “pre-beta” … which I always thought was called “alpha.” The real beta test is still forthcoming and will “provide a huge array of seafaring craft for players to research and upgrade.”

If you want to get involved in the pre-beta, the beta, and presumably the delta, gamma, and eventually omega tests, head on over to the War Thunder website. You can get guaranteed access by purchasing a pre-order pack or sign up and hope you’re lucky enough to get called into action.

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  1. War Thunder is great as far as gameplay is concerned. The only issue I’ve had with the game since it launched was the low research speed, and the real cash cost just to trade global exp (I had the same problem with WoT to be fair). Other than that, the game is great, and perfect for people who just want to hop in and play a match or two.

  2. Pre beta yeah I’m with you there there isn’t any such thing its ALPHA< BETA< RELEASE.. there must be money involved for them to make a stupid statement.


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