It’s a whole new world for War Thunder — or at least a whole new tier of aircraft. Update 1.85 is now live and its subtitle, “Supersonic,” is an apt description of its newest vehicles.

The new supersonic jet aircraft form a new tier of aircraft, Tier VI, which sport the realistic effects you’d expect, such as a cone-shaped vapor cloud and sonic boom to listeners on the ground. Included in the update are such iconic aircraft as the American F-100D Super Sabre, the British Gloster Javelin Mk 9, and the Soviet MiG-19PT. Both jets and helicopters can arm themselves with guided air-to-air missiles, which are lethal when they hit but are reasonably easy to evade with the proper maneuvers.

Fans of ground and naval combat also receive some new toys to play with, such as 30 Italian vehicles, as well as new vehicles for the Soviet, American, and British players. On the water, there are two new destroyers and four new cruisers, while the British Royal Navy exits beta to be fully available to all players.

Finally, new locations based on Vietnam (for tanks), Afghanistan (for aircraft), and Tierra del Fuego (for naval forces) have been added. Learn everything else there is to know about Update 1.85: Supersonic on the War Thunder site.

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