Quality-of-life changes, bug fixes, and tuning are all well and good, but sometimes you just want more stuff in your game updates. If that’s the case, then War Thunder’s Patch 1.63, codenamed “Desert Hunters,” delivers — just make sure to pack your sunscreen.

Pilots can take to the skies over the cradle of civilization in the new “Greece” map or scour the desert in the “Sinai” map. Both feature rock formations native to their areas, as well as plenty of waterways, to soften the blows of those inevitable crash landings.

Both ground and air warriors get a boost in the update, too, with nine new aircraft — including the superheavy BV-238v-1 “flying boat” for Germany and a new line of jets for the U.S. — and six new ground vehicles, including the British SV438 “Swingfire,” the first non-premium vehicle armed with ATGMs.

Head on over to Desert Hunters’ page on the War Thunder website for a complete rundown of the update. While you’re there, take the time to answer a survey about it.

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  1. There is a phenomenon that is happening most websites are too chicken to touch: Nations that actually invest in mmorpgs. Here in EU, every mmorpg I have played, either direct client or STEAM, the last 2 years has had a huge following of mostly overly German gamers. Germans enjoy pay to win as well (as much as Chinese). The have a unique play style and France has about a 7% population that actually mmorpg. Meaning, it is pretty low. They are just not interested and not part of the consumer culture that stuck to well. UK makes up the major English speaking populations, but scarcely populated in mostmmorpgs titles (why most games based out of Germany as well here in the EU).
    Russia is an up coming power as they are allowing more access into these medias, but the players actually affording gaming rigs keeps populations mediocre.
    War Thunder is a great example of mostly German Niche crowd keeping bad games alive. Had this been marketing on US audiences, it would have shut down so many years ago like most games that leave US, but stay active in EU.


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