Today, the Heroes of the Storm team offered players a look at what’s currently in production for the game. While there’s a few different things coming, the highlight of the preview is a slew of themed Warchrome content — which will basically make it look like Mad Max arrived in the Nexus.

New Warchrome skins are in the works for Azmoda, Nazeebo, and Raynor. There’s also a new Helldorado mount and portraits. And, of course, there will be a bundle with all of those things in it as well as additional skins. (If you don’t want to dole out the cash for the full bundle, there will be separate packs as well.)

In non-Warchrome content, the dev post also highlights a pretty cool looking celestial billy goat mount as well as some Heroes of the Dorm 2018 content. You can get a look at these on the Heroes of the Storm blog.

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  1. how about a regular gamemode where laning matters? this game got boring quick. it’s not really a moba, it’s an arena fighter. yawn.

    • boring is when you farm creeps on lanes 20 minutes, and match continues to minimum 40 min. thats what is boring, no others maps, no unique objectives, no skill trees…. just pure boring farming simulators called moba: lol and dota 2

      call it arena brawler or whatever you want, this game is better than others 20000 times.

      • Why players value laning phases THAT much. It is the most boring part of the game and prepares you for the teamfights (the real phase of the game). I am happy that HotS doesn’t rely on laning and gets to the teamfights faster, It is the one Moba where teamwork matters more from the start to end rather than relying on “farming” XP or items.


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