Warface Developer Crytek Reportedly Hasn't Paid Its Staff For 2017 Work

Jason Winter
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Things are getting worse at Crytek. The developer relinquished publishing rights to Warface to My.com in January, after financial issues in December caused it to eliminate five studios. If a recent Reddit post is to be believed, those issues have reached a boiling point.

The post in question, from the aptly named "paymecrytek," claims to be from a Crytek employee who says that employees were last paid on time in April 2016. The last payment of any kind was in January, for work done in December, but no wages due in 2017 have yet been paid. As "executives leave the sinking ship" and "no one knows if the company can recover," one executive "is still driving his new Lamborghini to work while the employees in the supermarket are looking for the cheapest lunch."

Given the tone and apparent knowledge of details within the company, I'd lean toward the post being genuine, but one can never be totally sure. If it is all true, then you'd better get your time in Warface, and other Crytek games, while you can. They might not be around much longer.

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Discussion (8)

Rikorage 7 years ago
I've been playing this game for the last two years, and have seen the degradation in services. I knew the company had problems, but didn't know about staff not being paid. Still doesn't excuse then from being a-holes to those of us that may have supported them.

Whatever happens, people from Kiev (Warface Kiev from Turkey devs Warface) decided to stay, and continued to piss off veterans, as well as continue to make a number of anti-gamer and anti-consumer decisions, while a lot of consumers continued to throw hundreds of USD into a broken product.

I honestly don't feel bad for either side, they made their choices, like I made the choice to not support this game financially as they continued to make the game worse every update, and continued to step on the toes of those who had defended and supported them.

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Koai 7 years ago
I'm suprised the employees who still work there haven't left yet. Because if the employer promised me payment and haven't given me money for weeks and weeks and weeks then I would threaten to quit. If they still refuse to give me my paycheck after a certain amount of time I would go find another job. I don't work there but the employees deserve money for the work they put into the games they develop at crytek.

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kaukomieliNaN 7 years ago
As you well know, Crytek has announced the closing/selling of multiple of its studios around the world in order to save itself from financial ruin. While I don't have access to the company books, I can tell you how it is right now for us, the common folk working at that company.

Since last May there's been delays in salaries. Take a look at this neat breakdown of when we got paid:

May 2016: 5 days late
June 2016: 9 days late
July 2016: 13 days late
August 2016: 10 days late
September 2016: 28 days late
October 2016: 46 (!) days late
November 2016: 18 days late
December 2016: 45 (!) days late
January 2016: still didn't get that one, so far ~28 days late

So you see how bad it is. Also please take into account that at no point did we get any concrete info about how and when are we going to get paid. The management holds meetings of course, but usually they dodged the serious questions so much, that by now nobody bothers to ask them anything. I know for a fact that some employees have decided to start legal action against the company in order to get the money they are owed.

Almost for a year we have been working without being sure that we are going to be paid at all - the miscommunication was so bad that no one knew anything, not even the middle and top management. Recently people were laid off (it wasn't 7 people like Crytek officially announced, more like 20+, including some top management).

The strain is unbelievable, the people that were left are so demotivated and demoralised that this cannot continue much longer.

This is not a cry for help, since I have taken care of my personal situation. I just wanted to let the public know how it is and also to slap the Yerlis in the face for their incompetence, gross negligence and utter disrespect towards their employees. No one should be made suffer this kind of ordeal. I am sure some other Crytek employees would like to comment on this too if you reached out to them.

In case you don't believe what I said, take a look at the most recent reviews of Crytek on Glassdoors.com. It says everything. I can also prove my association with Crytek if you so require before going on with the story.

Some other important information regarding the crisis: no one was informed about the upcoming issues beforehand. At one point the delays simply started, and the management only addressed this as people voiced their concerns (many lived through the 2014 crisis). I suppose this also tells one something about how they treat their employees.

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