Warframe’s Prime Resurgence Program Ends January 25, "Last Chance" Broken Into Two Parts

Get those previously-retired Warframes and gear before that happens.

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Warframe Prime Resurgence Last Chance

Back in November, Digital Extremes announced Prime Resurgence, a Warframe unvaulting program offering players access to 18 Prime Warframes and related gear that had previously been retired. Of course, as is generally the case, good things don’t ever last long. Today the developer announced that the program would be coming to an end on January 25. Until then, however, players still interested in obtaining any of the items available in Prime Resurgence have a “Last Chance” to obtain them. In fact, they’re calling the run-up to the end of the event, Prime Resurgence: Last Chance.

Last Chance will be broken into two parts, offering players access to different Warframes in each. The first part of Last Chance is underway now and will run until 2:00 Eastern on January 18. During this time, players can obtain Mag Prime, Nova Prime, Limbo Prime, Trinity Prime, Mesa Prime, Hydroid Prime, Volt Prime, Loki Prime + Rhino Prime, and Nyx Prime.

Part 2 will kick off when Part 1 ends and will run until 2:00 pm Eastern, January 25. The primes available then include Vauban Prime, Ash Prime, Oberon Prime, Nekros Prime, Saryn Prime, Valkyr Prime, Ember Prime, Frost Prime + Rhino Prime, and Nix Prime.

During the event, players have the option to instantly access these prime – meaning spending money - or earning them through play. The latter will require obtaining Aya and Regal Aya. Regular Aya can be exchanged for Void Relics containing Prime parts. Regal Aya can be used to obtain fully built Prime gear.

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