For players of online games, loot is a big deal. Not only is it important to be geared properly, but loot lets other players know what your in-game achievement are. While some drops may be guaranteed, others take a ton of work even requiring you to repeat the same content over and over again, sometimes waiting years to get that coveted drop — or never seeing it at all.

In general, most players never know what the real drop rates for these items are. That’s probably what keeps most players trying. But what if you did know the exact rate? Well, now Warframe players will get a chance to find out, thanks to Digital Extremes posting the drop rates for items in the PC version of the game.

The first thing to realize here is that the post is very emphatic about these being PC specific. So, we’re not sure how they’ll relate to console versions. (Although my guess is that they’re close enough.) The second thing to be aware of is that this list is HUGE, breaking down drops by missions, relics, keys, mods, blueprints, and more. Then, mods and blueprints have two lists each, sorted by item and then again by the enemy that drops them.

Digging through the list, you’ll find only the Very Common and Beyond Legendary drops seem to have a set rate. However, Beyond Legendary is listed as being “Under Review”, so that number may be a tad inaccurate. (Either way, chances of getting one are pretty low.) All other qualities have a range, with the breakdown being as follows:

  • Very Common 100%
  • Common 38.72%
  • Uncommon 11.06% – 25.00%
  • Rare 3.76% – 9.74%
  • Ultra Rare 1.01% – 1.70%
  • Beyond Legendary (Under Review) 0.09%

Keep in mind that due to the size of this list, I may have missed a number or two. If you’d like to dig through that list yourself and find out what the rate on the one drop you’ve been in waiting on is, a link to the list is available on the Warframe forums.

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  1. Im fine with droprates, look how many max rank players, means droprates are fine, just nothing to do in game, new update here but there is nothing then new quest ,new frame, fixes, new weapons, polished stuff but no real content, again just week of grinding for few new items.

    • yea they update the game alot but the content in those update gets boring in like a day or two and its back to grinding again

      this shows that fun combat can only keep someone entertained for so long.


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