Warframe‘s “biggest update to date for 2019” is now live on PC. The Old Blood brings the 42nd Warframe, Grendel, to the game, as well as the much-anticipated Kuva Lich “Nemesis” system.

Described as a “nightmarish predator to his foes but a compassionate liberator to his allies,” Grendel has the ability to “consume and regurgitate” his enemies. While not nearly as cute as Yoshi or Kirby, Grendel can really dish out the pain while also buffing his allies and can even shape himself into a ball to bowl over enemies in his path.

The Kuva Lich, meanwhile, introduces a new type of enemy: one that returns after death and amasses power to prepare you for your next encounter. You’ll need the Parazon, a new bladed weapon, to take him down, but even if you do that, “another may rise to take its place.”

The Old Blood also makes massive changes to the overall melee system of Warframe, which was begun in the Buried Debts update earlier this year. Additionally, two past Warframes, Ember and Vauban, have received major reworks. Learn more about everything in The Old Blood Update on the Warframe site.


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