The holiday season will soon be kicking into high gear in Wargaming’s top two titles. (World of Warplanes? What’s that?) World of Tanks: Holiday Ops 2020 starts up on Dec. 13, giving all players a Christmas-y garage, complete with tree and a big holiday dinner for your crew. The better you do in battles, the more ornaments you’ll receive for additional decorating, which increase your Festive Atmosphere rank. At level five, you can create a “dream team” of vehicles that earn extra XP when you take them into battle.

Additionally, Snow Maidens will be on hand to grant you daily login gifts, including a random decoration and a 5x XP personal mission. As if that wasn’t enough, log in any time during the season — from Dec. 13 to Jan. 14 — to receive the Tier II French Premium light tank F42 AMR, three decoration boxes, and a special item that can be used during Holiday Ops. Additional details can be found on the World of Tanks site.

On the seaborne front, World of Warships‘ end-of-year update went live today, granting all captains a bundle of four Santa’s Gift containers and the ability to earn snowflakes with your ships, which you can redeem for a variety of festive rewards, depending on the tier of your ship. This update also comes with a 36-mission set that culminates in the construction of the American Tier X cruiser Puerto Rico.

More details on everything in this update can be found on the World of Warships site.



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