A few weeks ago, Wargaming and Extra Credits teamed up to present a series about the sinking of the German battleship Bismarck to help promote World of Warships. The two are collaborating again, this time to present a series of videos about D-Day to promote World of Tanks.

The D-Day invasion, which happened 73 years ago this week, involved soldiers from a dozen Allied nations and was the jumping-off point for the defeat of Germany. The first installment sees things from the perspective of American troops, parachuting behind enemy lines the night before the main attack on the beaches of Normandy. Later episodes will highlight the efforts of soldiers from three other nations.

And, just like with the Bismarck series, you can get some free loot to start you on your World of Tanks journey. New players — and new players only, it seems — can use the code NEPTUNE on the World of Tanks site to get their goodies, and European players of all skill levels can buy the Extra Credits bundle for about $45 USD. This includes the popular T34 Soviet tank and a month’s worth of premium time.


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