Warhaven Calls Off Pre-Season 1 Ranked Battles Early Due To "Hasty Implementation"

Turns out that when you rush things, they usually don't turn out well...imagine that.

Michael Byrne
By Michael Byrne, Editor in Chief Posted:

Warhaven Beta

When Noobfridge did the First Look video for Warhaven (below), Nexon's PvP game quickly became one of the few games that survived on his PC. It's far from being his "main game", but it stays installed and gets played more often than most, despite others feeling a bit "Mixed" on the title.

Pre-season 1 added Ranked Battles to the game...but it turns out that the team may have been a bit hasty (their word) when adding the feature.

It's kind of amazing that this is the case, as you would imagine that a game that focuses solely on PvP would have had the Ranked Battle mode down pat well before launch, but this is the world of game development that we live in, I guess.

Citing "hasty implementation", Nexon is dropping ranked battles with a promise to add the feature back in...at some currently unknown future date.

You'll still be able to use any rewards you've farmed up in ranked play, but effective tomorrow, November 23rd, the mode is going away.

So long, Ranked Battles, we hardly knew you.

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