Wayfinder Halts Sales As Publisher Migration Starts And "Major" Changes And Improvements Are Inbound

"We think Wayfinder can be something special, and be around to play forever."

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Wayfinder has been in a weird spot for the last 6 months. The dungeon-delving game has had a few updates since the announcement of their separation from Digital Extremes, but these updates have mostly been focused around UI and system improvements, as well as bug fixing.

That said, it has been a month since the last update and you'd be right to wonder what was going to happen as Airship Syndicate added "publisher" to their list of responsibilities.

The X account for Wayfinder came alive today with a new announcement, and honestly you'd be forgiven for initially thinking it was a shutdown announcement given that it's the old "text on a background" image-type post.


"We have reached an agreement with Digital Extremes to begin the transfer of Wayfinder to Airship in earnest," reads the post in part. "We know Wayfinder had a rocky launch, but we still believe in the game and the world we created."

As the process completes, Digital Extremes will drop off the Steam and Sony store pages and Airship Syndicate will halt all future sales of the game. If you are already in game, you're fine. You'll still be able to play. If you aren't in there yet, you'll have to wait. How long? With no exact date announced, the post does day more information will be coming in the next 4-6 weeks.

"There will be major changes and major improvements, but we have no plans for it to disappear like so many online-only games we've all played and loved."

Our guess? That planned F2P launch is probably going to happen far earlier than originally planned to attempt to make the game profitable while the team works to realize their original vision and also appease fans.

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