Wayfinder To Go Buy-To-Play With No Microtransactions And Less Of A Focus On "MMO", Removing Online Requirement

The game isn't going free-to-play after all, after all this time.

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Wayfinder Echoes Update Mount

We did not see this was coming.

Airship Syndicate has announced that Wayfinder will transition from an online service-based model with microtransactions to a paid title without in-game purchases. This shift, following the game's handover from Digital Extremes, will be marked by the upcoming Echoes Update — set to release on June 11 on Steam, with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S releases planned later in the year. The update will eliminate all online requirements and microtransactions for the game, making all previously purchasable items earnable through gameplay.

Wayfinder will be priced at $25 during Early Access, including all current and future content; and the price is expected to increase post-Early Access.

Wayfinder Echoes Update Roadmap

The Echoes Update in particular brings major improvements, including randomized weapon drops, variable-stat armor, simplified character acquisition, and four selectable difficulty levels. New traditional RPG elements such as a talent system will be introduced as well. Also, the update will expand the game's content with a new playable character, Grendel, a significantly larger open world, and new quests and hunts. This transformation aims to create a more approachable and rewarding experience for players, according to the developers, with a focus on co-op play (rather than massively multiplayer).

Airship Syndicate believes this change will enhance player enjoyment and long-term support for Wayfinder. Existing Steam Founders will gain early access to the update on May 31, while PS4 and 5 users can continue playing the current version until the update arrives on PS5. PS4 support is being discontinued with Echoes.

CEO & Creative Director Joe Madureira said:

“To our knowledge this hasn’t been done before - taking an online-only game fully offline, fundamentally changing all aspects of it. We’re in uncharted territory, and it’s a big risk for Airship to make this change, but it’s one we believe in. We’re incredibly proud of the work our crew has done in such a period of time to make it happen. Our players have loved the world and characters, and with their continued support, we can keep expanding the game in the future.”

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