Carbine Studios is having a busy today. Tonight, at Midnight Eastern US time, WildStar will officially join the ranks of free to play MMORPGs. The still running Twitch stream currently shows the countdown clock but at 9 PM EST expect the channel to go live and the festivities will be under way.

Tonight’s conversion doesn’t just bring the free to play model though as WildStar will undergo quite a few changes come Midnight. “Reloaded” is the largest content update made to the MMORPG to date including redesigns of quest flow, character creation, environments, and a total overhaul to the level 1-15 experience. The Loyalty program just adds some extra icing.

In addition to content, WildStar’s transition also comes with a whole new lighting design in game. This is a drastic visual change from the single point lighting used in the game to date and should help the graphics pop just a bit more…here’s to hoping that the client is optimized.

You can patch your client to the free to play version now.

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  1. I see many people complaning about this and i hope most of you read this reply i have been playing wildstar since launch and the game never disapoint me, FOR THOSE who wonder is this game gonna be pay to win? or like swtor paywall? IT IS NOT THE GAME IS TOTALLY FREE YOU ONLY PAY FOR SOME PERKS LIKE EXTRA BANK SLOTS, COSTUME SLOTS ALL THE CASHOP IS FULL COSTMETIC WITH, COSTUMES, PETS, DYES, RENAMES NO PAY 2 WIN WALL HERE. i really feel like shame about some people posting “this is p2w” without even AT LEAST try the game out the game is totally free and it is also PLAY TO PAY you farm the currency for the store, you can get the perks by just farming gold and buying creed. for the love of god DONT dare to say something bad about the game without even try it, yea the queues takes a little bit but lets be honest that always happen if a new game launches.

    • can’t try a game when you have to wait 5hours to join a server. Also this game isn’t whats the issue its the publisher who can’t seem to understand shit.

  2. FAKE FRE TO PLAY faking asian scam mers without brains, another asian generic copy paste SHI T like plenty this crap will go down like arche sh it, same destiny, its a pure pay to win also, place for btrrainless nerds who cant win without pay to win cheats, u loosing cooldown by 50% when not pay to win and many more, ignore that cra p, its even worse then arche sh i t.

  3. Servers are full to the roof, only 2 were made for EU… Ive got myself into 50minutes long queue, looks like you’ll have to wait 2 weeks for them to prepare proper and stable servers -.-

  4. queue is horrible, archage all over again. i advise to check it out when all of ur other games are boring you and you dont mind to wait 33 hours atleast

    • what are thou talking about, what queue?, what archeage?, you can enter instantly plus theres not bots what so ever, please check your internet connections

  5. Only one server per region and the queue for them are insane two hour wait to play no thank you, come on Ncsoft you knew F2P was coming and with that more people willing to give it a go so why not have the servers to support that, not a great start for them if people have to wait crazy long times to play, even those that have a sub account have to wait even with priority over f2P users.

      • so what Mega server doesn’t mean anything if it’s reaching capacity enough to have two hour queues point still stands they should have known this would happen and added more before the launch.

      • 1 Megaserver my ass. To have 1000 players in queue at any moment is no megaserver ever. If anything I would say there server amounts to what a average single server for most mmos would be.

  6. So,,,,hmmmm… This game gonna be another Star Wars online, i mean FREE TRIAL game or full Free to play exp ? So i think need wait till midnight.

    • It’s full f2p guy. There are bonuses to having a sub but nothing that will give another player an edge over you. Faster exp while leveling but it’s already stupid easy/fast reaching lvl cap. Rest is cosmetics.

      • I read that you can use real world money to buy these things at a vendor then sell it for in game currency….that doesn’t seem fair to me so I will stay away from this game.

        • It works just like the dilitium idea from star trek online. You trade it for in game while some1 gets to use the cred you spent for.

        • That’s called CREDD and you basically are selling monthly subscription to a player who doesn’t want to pay real money for it. The game itself is amazing so you should probably check it… It’s free.


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