Shadowverse doesn’t want to be left behind in the esports parade, so developer Cygames is launching its own big-money tournament for its free-to-play CCG. Various Shadowverse events will give you the chance to compete for a spot in the Shadowverse Grand Prix in Tokyo in October, with a cool one million dollars on the line.

To qualify for the big event — which includes an all-expenses paid trip to Japan — you’ll need to come out on top in one of three Contender’s Cups in the regions of Southeast Asia/Oceania, Americas, or Europe. To do that, you’ll need to participate in one of the World Circuit tournaments, which have their own $10,000 prize pools. You can also qualify by winning one of the game’s Open tournaments or late-season Wild Card tournaments, or by being among the players with the most 2018 League Points.

It’s a lot to keep track of, so if you’re a top-level Shadowverse player, we suggest taking a look at the description of everything you’ll have to do on the Shadowverse site, or taking a gander at the descriptive video below. Good luck!

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