The World Boss Rush event has returned to Guild Wars 2, unleashing giant world bosses (including Drakkar, for the first time) across Tyria for players to vanquish. One the one hand, it’s a neat event for player-adventurers. On the other hand, do you think the average citizen of Tyria would actually be excited for this? “Oh, yay, giant monsters are going to terrorize us for a week!”

From now until Aug. 25, GW2 players can make like robber barons, driving down property values and profiting from the chaos. They’ll receive Bonus Boxes of Goods for their effort, which have a rare chance to drop a Crystal Infusion or Heart of the Khan-Ur. Extra boxes will be awarded for defeating bosses at the end of long chains, and players can also achieve five tiers of community goals for even greater prizes. Just try and think for a moment about all the quaggans who will be left homeless as a result of all the devastation.

Or not. Head on over to the GW2 site for more details on the World Boss Rush event.

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