World Of Warships Celebrates 7th Anniversary With Festive Rewards, Updated Operations, And British Ships In Tech Tree

Update also debuts Tier X Spanish destroyer in the Armory.

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WoW Seven Year Anniversary

Wargaming's naval military MMO, World of Warships, has turned seven and is celebrating the anniversary with a content-packed September update. It brings in-game festivities with new rewards, updated Operations, the arrival of British battleships in the Tech Tree, continuing construction of the Puerto Rico cruiser, and a Tier X Spanish destroyer to the Armory.

World of Warships would like to commemorate its seven years by rewarding players with a "Special Bonus," "Rare Bonus," and "Supercontainer" bundled item crates. Depending on a player's use of Tier V and above battleships over World of Warships' seven years of service, they could receive multiple rewards for hundreds of docked ships in one battle. Additionally, a new "Seven Seas" collection takes players through the history of 16 of the game's famous ports, and a new Warship Strike minigame is now available in the Armory.

World of Warships Battle

Wargaming has made sweeping changes to Operations, making a more expansive library of battleships available to participate in the mode. Rewards were tweaked, too, now allowing players to take home new rewards more than once after completing daily and weekly combat missions. With these updates, returns the "The Ultimate Frontier," "Hermes," and "Cherry Blossom" Operations.

After spending time in Early Access, eight British battleships in the last two updates are now available for research in the Tech Tree, such as the iconic Renown and Indefatigable. These Tier V-X ships feature accurate guns, torpedoes, different consumables, "Engine Boost," "Defensive AA fire," and "Repair Party."

And accompanying the British ships is the swift Tier X Spanish destroyer Álvaro de Bazán, sporting eight 135-mm main battery guns and two four-tube torpedo tubes in the Armory. However, construction continues for the American cruiser Puerto Rico, increasing the building process and rewards players who reach stage 25 out of 40 with the Canadian destroyer Huron.

You can read the full patch notes on the World of Warships website or check out their seventh-anniversary video below for more information.

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