World of Tanks‘ big new 30v30 battle mode, Frontline and its related Road to Victory event are now live. Taking place on a huge 3km x 3km map, Frontline has numerous objectives for players to battle over, and a bunch of special rules to make the battles longer and more epic.

At the most basic level, one team attacks control points while the other team defends them. The map is divided into three vertical “fronts,” each with two bases to attack/defend. The final line of defense is three large stationary gun emplacements. The attackers need to destroy three of those to win. The time limit is 12 minutes, though time gets added each time a base is captured.

If you’re destroyed in battle, don’t despair. Players will have a limited number of respawns available, starting with one and gaining one more every five minutes. That means you can play aggressively, but not too aggressively. There are also resupply circles where you can restore ammo and HP and “combat reserves,” special abilities that tanks can equip before battle.

An interesting side note: Friendly fire is disabled in this mode, something Wargaming says it will listen to feedback on to determine “whether such changes are worth introducing to the entire game.”

You’ll need a Tier VIII tank to play Frontline. You can use your own or one of the two — the T-32 and T-44 — provided during the four-week Road to Victory event, which ends on June 4. To learn more about the mode and event, including rewards for participation, check out the video below or the World of Tanks site.

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  1. Game is garbage. Those high tier tanks take YEARS to farm. It literally is a “technically you can F2P farm” but really you need cash or else you lose a lot in life and sanity. This is not the only mode that requires high end tanks. They have guild war options, custom PVE, and a WW2 scenario mode that require top end tanks. The F2P gameis just made to feed the cashers.

  2. Didn’t think they would be willing to provide some freebies for the event. I predicted they would just give the middle finger to those that that don’t have a high tier tank.


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