World Of Tanks Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Nostalgic Events And Missions


World of Tanks is turning 10 years old, and like any 10-year-old, it wants to have a big party. Most 10-year-olds, however, don’t have 160 million friends to invite over. Just think of all the cake that would require …

The celebration for World of Tanks is so big, it’s going to be split up into five acts, each one representing two years of the game’s history. Special anniversary missions will be available during the first week of each act; completing them awards Anniversary Coins, which can be redeemed for customization items, directives, and personal reserves. Anniversary vehicles with special designs will also be available, as well as even greater rewards for completing all missions in an act or across all five acts.

Other nostalgic surprises are also in store as the event progresses. For the first week of Act I, global chat will be re-enabled, allowing players to exchange pleasant and heartwarming messages to their opponents during a match.

The first act starts tomorrow, April 22, and runs until May 18. The overall celebration runs until August. Learn more about the 10th anniversary festivities World of Tanks website.


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