World of Tanks ISU 152

We’ve seen hints and teases about the new game mode coming to World of Tanks in the near future. Today we finally got some solid details on Rampage mode, as well as a time frame for when tankers will be able to give it a whirl.

There are two Rampage modes being added, bringing new mechanics such as respawns, garage battles, repair spots, and capture-the-flag, as well as new artillery and airstrike abilities, which players will be able to utilize on a new pair of maps meant to simulate war-torn Paris and Berlin. Each mode will offer different victory conditions and team setups, and will be heralded by a special season of Personal Battle Missions that let players oftain the Tier 10 T-22 SR.

All of this comes in Update 10.0, codenamed “Rubicon,” which also adds a PvE tutorial and modifications to tank customization and crew skills.

As we theorized before, Rampage seems to borrow a little from MOBA gameplay, but seeing respawns, garage battles, and airstrikes also smells a bit like War Thunder. Who’s to say the big guys can’t learn from the little guys?

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  1. PAY TO WIN SHI T, buy golden ammo and every nerd can become pro, game for nerds, tank destroyers there is useless class , no clue why that class is there, no one playing tank destryers in tournaments,what can expect from rushit jews who live in belarus only this kind of sh it

  2. There going to have to step there game up a bit if they are going to hold up against Armored Warfare. I have been playing WOT for a good 4 years and just after 3 days of playing the stress test on AWF i was hooked lets hope this game gets WOT adding more stuff the grind gets old.


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