What’s better than a battleship? How about a super battleship?

Update 0.10.5 for World of Warships adds a pair of mega-ships “from a time where navies focused on pure firepower”: the Satsuma and the Hanover. Each has an Adjustment Fire Meter that makes their main (Satsuma) or secondary (Hanover) guns more accurate over time. They’re usable in the new Grand Battle mode, a 9v9 contest for Tier IX and X ships.

Also arriving in this update is the full launch of German destroyers, which were released into early access mode in April. These include ships from Tiers VII-X and, unlike most destroyers, feature high-damage AP shells.

And what if your poor aim with those shells hits a friendly ship? Friendly fire is now (mostly) a thing of the past, both with guns and torpedoes. While you won’t be able to damage an ally now, you’ll still receive warnings and possible sanctions for shooting at your friends.

There are also a few groups of combat missions themed around the American Independence Day going on right now, where players can earn the U.S.S. Colorado with themed camouflage. For more on everything contained in Update 0.10.5, check out the World of Warships website.

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