It’s been a rough year all around, so why not celebrate Halloween in March? Wargaming is bringing back its Big Hunt game mode from last Halloween in World of Warships Update 0.10.2, pitting 16 ships against each other and AI-controlled sea monsters and the boss ship Aurora. The goal is to escape through a portal at the center of the map before you get pulled down into the briny depths.

This week’s update also brings the higher tiers of Italian battleships, including the Tier IX Marco Polo, with its 406mm guns and speedy 36-second 180-degree traverse time. The Italian battleships can be obtained from containers and will be researchable in the next update.

This update also adds a number of graphical enhancements, including better fire effects — from both guns and your ship a-blazing. There are new visual effects for all kinds of damage and destruction events, including citadel hits, ricochets, AA fire explosions, incapacitated weapons, and more.

Learn more about everything included in Update 0.10.2 on the World of Warships site.

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