World of Warships is getting into the Halloween spirit, as today’s update sees the return of a pair of holiday events, with a new game mode coming at the end of the month. Update 0.8.9 also adds mid-tier Italian cruisers in early access form and various changes to the game.

This year’s Halloween events, Saving Transylvania and a Sunray in the Darkness, are the same as in years past, until Oct. 30. That’s when Raid for the Filth will go live, a 3v3 PvP battle that also includes “a horde of dark forces controlled by AI.” The goal is to collect “Filth” — and no, that’s not done by scrubbing the toilets in the head — which you can exchange for various camouflage, including those of the monstrous variety.

The new Italian cruisers come in tiers V-VIII and are equipped with semi-armor-piercing shells, a hybrid of AP and HE shells, and the special Exhaust Smoke Generator, which can conceal cruisers traveling at full speed. An in-game event nets you containers that can include the early access ships.

Other changes coming in today’s update include a change to spotting and detectability, as well as balance changes to a number of ships and audio improvements. Also in the patch notes: “We’ve enhanced the system for the rendering of trees.” That’s very important in a game about ocean warfare.

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