World of Tanks just celebrated its 10-year anniversary in August, and its seafaring cousin is hitting half that mark in September. World of Warships turns five this month, and Wargaming has brought a new update to the game to commemorate that event, with a new campaign, battle type, and lots of birthday presents.

The new campaign is called “Five Epochs of the Navy,” and it offers captains 50 tasks to complete across five missions, with the final one offering Epoch permanent camouflage for any Tier IX ship. There’s also a new collection that will “take the players on a journey through five different historical eras of naval engineering,” and a new Dockyard construction event, consisting of 20 phases, that leads to the U.S. Tier VIII cruiser Anchorage.

One of the more unusual things being added in this update is asymmetric battles, which will pit five to seven ships of Tier VII and VIII against nine to 12 ships of Tier V and VI. These battles will be available during the first two weeks of the celebration.

Even if all those special events don’t appeal to you, you can just get bonus loot, in the form of camouflages and containers, for winning your first battle of the day on ships from Tier V to X — with Tier X wins netting you a supercontainer.

Check out everything that the World of Warships Fifth Anniversary celebration has to offer on the Warships website.

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