World of Warships Halloween Patch Goes Live, Bringing Submarines, British Destroyers, And An NHL Star

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

The British are coming -- British destroyers in World of Warships, that is. The new line of ships goes live today, continuing the Royal Navy event in the game, along with a lot more changes and new content in Update 0.7.10.

Like their larger counterparts, British destroyers are rather versatile, with the highest tiers even having the Repair Party consumable, allowing you to regenerate lost HP. A "tube by tube" launch system for torpedoes lets you launch more accurate strikes, while the destroyers' smoke screens reload at a more rapid pace than other destroyers'.

The Halloween event is also in full swing, offering last year's events, along with a new chapter: Terror of the Deep. This scenario introduces submarines to World of Warships for the first time, letting players practice on the stealthy ships in a casual PvE setting before they come to the game proper.

Now's also the time to pick up your Alexander Ovechkin commander, and also pick up a camouflage for the U.S.S. Lexington aircraft carrier with a hockey rink -- complete with animated Ovechkin -- on the main deck. (Psst: Everyone make sure to email to tell him how much you love your Ovechkin commander!)

Learn more about this update on the World of Warships website.

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