World of Warships is having a big week, launching Update 0.9.10 and celebrating big ships, preparing for a big event, and adding big sea monsters into the game. Wait, what was that last part?

The big ships come in the form of an event based around the U.S. Navy, where you can earn various Navy-themed loot, as well as maybe learning a thing or two about this branch of the military and its personnel and uniforms. If you complete the collection, you’ll earn the Tier V battleship Oklahoma. More American battleships will be offered for research with Update 0.9.11.

The celebration of America continues on Nov. 9, when Wargaming will honor U.S. veterans (Veterans’ Day is on Nov. 11) with Virtual Fleet Week, a livestream mimicking the real-life parade of ships and combining in-game footage with archival video. You can tune in to the World of Warships Twitch or YouTube channel on Monday, Nov. 9 at 2 p.m. Pacific or learn more about the event on the website.

Finally, there’s World of Warships’ ultimate Halloween event, a 16-player free-for-all that has captains facing off not only against each other but against deadly giant sea monsters. In this Big Hunt mode, your objective is to kill one of the monsters and take its key, which will allow you to escape via the portal at the center of the map. You can form alliances on the fly, but each key can only be used by one ship, so don’t expect them to last. If you don’t make it out, you and the other remaining ships will be transported to the Octagon and strive to come out on top in one final battle royale.

Also included in Update 0.9.10 is the return of the Arpeggio of Blue Steel anime-inspired ships and a maybe-early Black Friday sale in the cash shop. For more on everything in this update, visit the World of Warships website.

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