While potential masters of the sword in Europe and North America are still anticipating a release date for martial arts-inspired MMORPG Swordsman, Perfect World‘s development team has no shame teasing them with juicy sneak peaks at what is in store for release sometime this year.

Swordsman is set during the Ming dynasty, and is based upon wuxia novels by Louis Cha that are currently trending in China. Ten diverse styles of martial arts comprise the battle platform for Swordsman, including three that are showcased within the trailer.

The teachings of Wu-Tang resemble that of a tank, wielding with impeccable strength a heavy two-handed sword, while buffing and healing themselves as well as the group. The Sun and Moon Cult provides a DPS option with a duel blade wielding and highly mobile assassin. House Tong teaches a more ranged style of battle, featuring a firearm with fast attack speed that can also potentially hit multiple targets.

Registration for Swordsman’s Closed Beta is available here.

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  1. combat is simular to neverwinter/tera/dragon prophet
    i will try this game looks intresting

    but i still wait for legend of condor online there is real action fast combat

  2. its nothing like age of wushu its just an othercrappy tab target martial arts game like legend of martial arts with some huge maps like heroes of three kingdoms and damn its perfect wolrd game so just skip it

    • i dont get whats with you guys and perfect world they are not that bad at all since neverwinter they have been doing good and almost all their games are not pay 2 win since you can get cash shop stuff without paying

      • The fact you try to use Neverwinter as a way to argue that perfect world is at all good is hilarious. The fact of the matter is people hate Perfect World because any game that is actually made by them and not by another development studio (stuff like PWI, for example) is GARBAGE.

        In this case Swordsman IS developed by Perfect World themselves..specifically Perfect World Beijing, Neverwinter had nothing to do with Perfect World; Neverwinter was being developed by Cryptic before Cryptic was acquired by Perfect World. So it is a safe bet, seeing Perfect World’s developmental track record, that this game will suck ass.

        Next time you don’t “get” something, do a little research.

        • You need to really calm down.. you haven’t even seen the game and yet you say it already sucks ass dude get a life and realize even though i admit. perfect world has made some bad games but people learn from there mistakes and that this game may actually be very good we haven’t even seen any game plays of it so neither you or i can say if this game sucks or not.

      • If you’re new or fairly ignorant of the MMORPG scene, you wont know that PWI has a very long history of being a dreadful company. Both for publishing and developing. Not to mention their beta launches are legendarily bad.

        Honestly it would take forever to explain all they’ve ever done wrong. It’s longer than Santa’s Naughty&Nice list.

        • Lol try telling that to “jahque”. You can say I’m judging before I see and I’m cynical and all that..but I prefer the term “realistic”. I don’t live in a dream world and opt for blind faith “jahque”. And some people /never/ change. You’d do well to open your eyes.

    • Its not tap target. This is from the Arc website. So just because of that it makes it a more interesting game. Will it be good, who knows, but it peaked my interest a little.

      “Battle your opponents with fluid and responsive kung fu! Real-time combat allows you to master the creation of the perfect skill combo”

      • i dont know how much u used to play Heroes Of The 3 Kingdoms Genryu but i doubt this game compares to it although HOTK did have a lot of stuff in it and always kept u busy(literaly) and i do think its old now and a lot of games have suprassed it graphic or combat wise.I am also impressed someone here actually remembers or have played HOTK.

  3. This sounds a lot like 9dragons. a martial arts MMO set during the ming dynasty. shoalin, wu tang, heavenly demon, league of beggars, to name a few of the clans in 9dragons.

  4. That out of the way.

    The game looks interesting, but i’m not hopeful until I see actual gameplay and not a trailer filled with various 1 second clips questionably of gameplay or not.


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