XL Games Files Trademark Application That Could Be The ArcheAge Sequel Players Have Been Waiting For

Or perhaps just another NFT title.

Aspen Pash
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ArcheAge Possible Sequel

The news comes to us from a screenshot shared on Reddit that showed XL Games had filed a trademark for the title ArcheWar. With ArcheAge 2 being confirmed back in Korean media in 2020, fans have speculated this may be the ArcheAge sequel, or perhaps another expansion in the ArcheAge growing franchise.

Currently XL Games is working on a blockchain technology-based NFT MMORPG, ArcheWorld, which is said to be a new experience within the IP. This game will recognize the users’ ownership of various items in the game. While ArcheWorld is still in development, we cannot be 100% sure if ArcheWar will have anything to do with that title, or again, something else in the franchise.

Players have been eagerly awaiting more news to drop about the ArcheAge confirmed sequel since back in September of 2020 and, with this new trademark, perhaps this is the first clue. As of now, all we know is that XL Games has been working on a NFT-based follow-up, but hopefully more will come soon.

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