Argh! That’s my best pirate impression. I’ve never been good at embodying the true essence of a swashbuckling, whisky drinking, promiscuous pirate. Perhaps I should consult more with a certain movie series containing certain pirates in a certain caribbean. Certain.

In the meantime I can brush up on my social pirating by checking out the just released Pirate101. Pirate101 comes as the side-step “sequel” to Wizard101 and marks another installment of family friendly MMO series from KingsIsle Entertainment.

When speaking about Pirate101 Vice president and creative director J.Todd Coleman said, “The overwhelming popularity of Wizard101 has raised the bar for our sophomore effort – and anticipation for Pirate101 has reached a fever pitch….We believe that Pirate101 will be received with the same level of enthusiasm as Wizard101 and will establish KingsIsle as the clear leader in online family gaming.”

Wizard101 certainly had a large following but it did have quite a few restrictions for F2P users. No word yet on if Pirate101 suffers the same fate but you can check it out for yourself now at

Stay tuned to MMOBomb as we take our first look at Pirate101 soon.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. I was a big fan of wizard101, and how simple it was, and I was hoping pirate101 could live up to my expectation. So I stayed up late trying to get a beta key, I got it in august, I tried it out, and hated it, boring as hell. I’m gonna try it again to see if anything changed since beta, but if not then pirate101 is being deleted.

    • Access to ALL game worlds
      50% Larger Backpack Inventory
      20% Larger Friends List
      Reset Your Companions Skills for Gold
      Ability to Post on Pirate101 Message Boards
      More Chat Options*

      These are a few things that members get, in other words pay to play, as hinted in the first line you have to pay for worlds

  2. The game is designed for kids ~ and their families.

    Wizard101 was a great game and though they continued with the same pricing and market system as before but if you look into it ~ It really isn’t all that bad.

    I mean.. there are family accounts to begin with as I heard so all unlocked content will be unlocked for multiple people to use simultaniously.

    Also there’s a huge arsenal of features where the parents can have a control over their children playing routines which may sound terrible for first but I think this is much better than having your 6-7 years old kid playing Dead Space or so on their freetime.

    Sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but heck ~ it’s not made for me. I’m gonna stick with my MOBA muting those f word people in every matches but hey, it’s great to have something like this on the market too.

    Sure I still don’t think anyone who just grabs their kid and make them sit in front of PC instead of going out and playing football or anything with em deserves the crown of parenting, but whoever does takes the effort to look into what’s their kiddy doing on the netz (which is made of porns.. mostly…) does better than the avarage…

    [And I totally didn’t wrote this because I’m annoyed of playing with underage people on my MOBAs…. well… maybe a bit that too…. :p ]

  3. As i see on the webpage only introduction (part 1 of book1, where there is like 15 books?) is free, rest is one big ripoff, but well the game is designed for kids. I think it would be better to buy GW2 for the price of unlocking stuff in this game or rather play LOTRO and unlock everything there than play a game that nobody heard about.


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