In this week’s episode of Free-to-Play Podcast we dive into a new CCG from Blizzard entitled Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. We then take a look at Forge, an indie game that’s going free-to-play. We discuss the ridiculous monetization system Snail Games has planned for their new steampunk themed MMO Black Gold. Oh! There’s also a Starcraft MMO on the horizon and it’s not made by Blizzard, how can this be? All of this plus your community comments on this week’s episode of the Free-to-Play Cast!

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Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. 3D Representations of every card you play in a online TCG make a great online TCG.
    Yeah I ripped this off of Yugioh but I loved the idea of knowing the card wasn’t just a card.
    But after seeing Hearthstone I can live without it because I remember a lot of the Npcs and abilities from World of Warcraft so I have what/who they are painted inside my head.

  2. Great show F2P Cast.
    As for the Question of the Week. I grew up with trading card games such as Magic, Pokemon, and most prominently Yu-Gi-Oh! One of the biggest disappointments as a kid who collected the cards was that they were just cards, nothing special, nothing mind blowing fun about it. The joy at least in my opinion was the collecting of the cards, which i hope they try to incorporate into online card games. Also as with Yu-Gi-Oh I’m hoping to see some monsters beat the crap out of and kill each other after they come out of a card.

  3. Wow bad timing I guess. you put this show up bashing the Black Gold payment model and 2 days ago the North American model was released and while it it may seem convoluted it isn’t anywhere NEAR what you made it out to be “pay to win” wise and is treated as bonus loot, not paying for deserved/earned loot.

    I hope people looking at Black Gold in the west do their own research because this show would horribly misinform you. The models being used in east and west are in fact different.

    • I in fact based the information off of the West model. You should check out the article posted here on MMOBomb. It details the payment model for western markets EXACTLY how I described it in the podcast.

      • Is that so? Please supply a link to the article here on MMOBomb you specify because the only article I see on the topic is 6 days ago and is the Eastern model. The West’s model was JUST released 2 days ago with very specific questions answered. You can TELL right away when you discussed it here you were talking about the Chinese model because the NA model has no restriction on quality of the items you naturally get in game. Not to mention several other key differences. I’ll give you the link to the NA model in another reply since it will need to be moderated but here’s what really scares me:

        You gave out old info about a model that was only advertised for China, fine, bad timing on the show’s part, no biggie. But now that you’re being presented with new information you’re arguing that you gave the right information anyway. You didn’t at all and you’re telling me (a viewer) to go look at an article you wrote as proof that you’re right that is 6 days old and the NA model is 2 days old.

        The least you could have done was look at the information I presented and realized “Oh yeah, that timing of the show and their announcement sucked, he’s right, we’ll clear it up next episode” but no…you just had to be right when you weren’t.

        • Sorry you felt you needed to write all of that, but you are still incorrect. There have been two articles posted on MMOBomb regarding the Monetization model. The first one called “Fool’s Gold” and the other called “Save the loot”.

          Fools Gold details the Eastern monetization scheme while Save the loot details the Western. The monetization model posted for the West DOES contain the restrictions mentioned in the post and Podcast. The articles news was posted directly to Snail Game’s Black Gold site for Western audiences.

          I think you are referring to this recent blog post by Snail:

          Before I break this down keep in mind the most recent post by Snail was done 2 days ago and well after we recorded the podcast. If it was recorded after we would have included the following discussion points:

          That post attempts to clarify how players are actually restricted, stating players will be able to progress as usual and I assume loot all quality of gear. However this goes in direct contradiction to the previous post of theirs where they state:

          “This system aims only at paying for rare materials and high level equipments: Basic materials and equipments can be looted immediately without purchase. Player progression in terms of experience and PvP rank for example, will remain even if you do not pay for the save. ”

          But the very next post contradicts the first:

          “PvE experience and PvP rankings remains unaffected and all levels of equipment and materials(white to epic) can be acquired in game via questing, battegrounds, auction and world drops.”

          The post doesn’t mention dungeons or raids so its unclear how loot will be affected in those circumstances.

          So if this were just cash shop items then it throws up a couple questions:

          1) Does this mean players can pay for extra high level equipment? If so that is still potentially a form of P2W.
          2) What constitutes a material? Usually that means its something used in crafting and not a cash shop focused item.
          3) What constitutes basic materials and equipment? If epics are considered basic then what is a rare material or piece of equipment?

          So which is it? Did they change the rules? Because the two statements contradict each other.

          • Are you just deliberatly throwing crap together in no particular order to be dense or ar you really that dumb. This isn’t hard.

            The point I made: The show had outdated info on it, if you want to play or are unsure, research before you listen to these guys.

            The order of your posts:

            “Fools”-Posted on freaking July 26th and was a skeleton of the Chinese plan.

            “Save the Loot” – 6 Days ago and references a post to provide more detail on the original plan. The post you link in the damn story even acknowledges that this is the Chinese model still but will “likely” come to NA right in the first paragraph.

            You Record this show still with that information.

            They post an update 2 days a go and clear up questions and describe changes SPECIFICALLY for the NA model only. it even syas “HEY THERE WAS CONFUSION WHEN WE RELEASED OUR CHINESE MODEL SO LET’S DETAIL WHAT WE’RE DOING FOR NA.(Thanks for a link I already sent you btw)

            You post this show with (what is now) out of date info.

            The statements don’t “contradict” each other, they are sequential updates that point out differences between the Chinese and NA model. Your three questions are pointless by the way in regards to NA model.

            1) You won’t know what loot you’re paying for. It like lockboxes in other games. You know the quality of the lockbox (in this case NA Vials of Time instead of boxes) but the items inside are a mystery until you open it or sell it for credits and someone else opens it.
            2) Materials are items used to makes something, same as any other game.
            3)Why are you asking this? Your own quotes tell you “white to epic” are included as a normal drop.

            Where did I get all this magic info? I read their update two days ago and then read them answering FB questions on the model. not hard to do.

            Again, my first post wasn’t even critical of you personally. it pointed out you were using old info and people interested should do some research. But now, jesus christ man, you do not know what you’re talking about and pretending that you do. This shit isn’t hard. The order of their 3 posts shows you just had bad timing posting the show and them updating info in the meantime and each post they made cleared up information from previous posts…they way it works everywhere. You just can’t admit you got called on it man. Humble up, your content isn’t good enough for you to have this kind of ego man.

          • Like I said, keep in mind the post was done after we recorded. The post itself may be 2 days old, but the news of it didn’t reach PR ears till today when the press release came out.

            It’s still confusing if you are a normal user and just browsing the info. If it isn’t *too* terrible then good for Snail, but no matter what they should look into having someone else explain these sorts of things.

            The link wasn’t in your original messages FYI.

          • The link is waiting in another post that you have to moderate just like my post said it would be.

            YOU may have gotten it today but other places had it 2 days ago and MMORPG had it yesterday too.

            And that was my whole point until you decided to argue that you were using the right information in the show. You weren’t. you used what was right as of recording and were a victim of bad timing.

            Your ego however made you try to defend your old info as current info for some reason. Nothing wrong with being wrong, especially since it was only timing that made your wrong here nothing more man.

            like i said, just humble up a bit. You don’t know everything at every time and neither do I.

          • Sorry I don’t see where you alluded to the link being in a post waiting to be moderated. We are working on the post with the updated info now. I think we can both agree that the information was not presented in a clear fashion. It’s why so many news outlets (including us) were so confused by it even after we read the new info.

          • Come one man…from my 1st reply to you:

            “I’ll give you the link to the NA model in another reply since it will need to be moderated but here’s what really scares me…”

            And the post has been moderated and now shows up below almost 30 minutes before you posted the link.

            Was there really a need to try and be an ass about the link and again get proven wrong?

            The model may confuse you sure, I had questions myself until I saw the questions on FB, but that doesn’t excuse you arguing that you were discussing the right model when you weren’t man.

  4. i love free to play casts, i just wish there was a mmobomb podcast where they stream a free to play cast live.


    • The old crew used to do the occasional live show. They were fun. now I have a hard time even listening to a whole show.


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