On this week’s show we invite in a viewer host to discuss a Forbes F2P article, drop our opinions of GameGlobe, and sadly review the official end of the LONG dead gamer TV channel that was G4TV. All this and more on this all new episode!

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  1. Just had to go and try SWTOR again for the f2p…no point really if you want to do anything particularly if you have an older account…cant even use my founders title without paying for it and can’t access the cartel coins i’ve earned for previous subcription unless i resub, and though i have epic gear equipped i cant really do anything with it and a cap of 5 auctions and 350k credits.
    To bad i cant be arsed playing though it again for the story on other characters.

  2. Giant DA Bomb to Riot Games. Competetive Season 2 ended on the 13th. We are in pre-season 3 now. This allows them to make a lot of deep changes to the game, and they are using this to full extent. They are revamping the items, the UI, the jungle and the masteries. They are constantly releasing new champions or reworking old ones free of charge, like the new, much needed Nidalee visual upgrade and a few others announced already. They also released a completely revamped version of the 3v3 map not long ago completely free of charge. They are always answering questions on the forums and constantly communicate new information on the upcoming changes. An honor system has also been introduced to battle the problematic hostility between players – and it’s working. Also they explicitly tell long time offenders who have been warned and banned multiple times, then permanently, to simply move on, they don’t want them there if they can’t improve, I love that.

    This company deserves way better than the hate they get from all sides, like accusations made primarily by people not even playing the game, the one about moba exclusivity in contracts with third party tournament organizers, many big name officials from companies like IPL (IGN), IEM and MLG came out and said they have never heard of anything like that.

    They have earned my respect, I have never seen a company listen to the community this much. Even a few weeks ago, at the Season 2 finals, we dictated the program, we wanted a showmatch with players from teams who were already out – check, we wanted a particular shoutcasting duo to cast the finals (Deman and Jatt) – check, we wanted a true Lan client for the finals, after the issues at the playoffs – check.

    I am very excited for the new upcoming changes, from all the info I heard of, the changes are more drastic than some games get in a sequel.

  3. Question of the week answer
    World of Erinn, from Mabinogi where I could just rebirth and change my age and appearance if I deem necessary.

    A-bomb to EVERY player out there who consider Vindictus/Dragon Nest/TERA/Raiderz as the first few good MMO which utilizes the real-time battle system. Fantasy Earth Zero was made in 2006 and utilizes said battle system and it is an epic game. Graphics may be dated to some people, but gameplay is still fun, which is what is important for games. Sadly it was published to the West 4 years later than the original release and by GamepotUSA, which is now apparently nonexistent so I can’t give them an A-bomb.
    A-bomb to players who prefer graphics over gameplay, yes A-bomb to players who prefer looking at high end graphics over decent gameplay, you lot are not gamers just an art lover.
    A-bomb to most of the Western MMO publishers for failing to publish a game correctly.

    Da bomb Fantasy Earth Zero [FEZ] (FEZ sounds so much better than TERA) for being enjoyable even after being over half a decade old. Also a da bomb for Mabinogi for being one of the few unique games that allow players to learn virtually all skills with the few exception of racially locked skills, we need more pf these type of games instead of the overused classes.
    Da bomb for Wizardry Online and Phantasy Star Online 2 for allowing players to create cute characters and being fun. I LOVE both of them.

    • Oh yeah forgot to add >…<;, good job with the show. Been following since the first episode and each episode was the highlight the days that I watched them.
      For the end of season episode, why not do it with every host on the call and just play random games.
      Hope you guys do a season 2, stay fun and keep gaming.~

  4. I give a dbomb to Ghost Recon online. It is a great game to play and with friends it is fun because you capture points and talk in game to work as a team. I would pick it up and try it out. G4tv can never go back to Tech TV. the deal went bad when that happened and Leo Leoprt started Twit.tv to keep it going. It is just like tech tv but online and daily shows. I love what Leo has done and what has become of twit.tv.

  5. First off, I would really like to thank Damina for complimenting my name. I thought it was clever when I came up with it several years ago, and it’s just kinda become my go to online handle.

    Next, I wanna talk just a little bit about Firefall. Specifically, I would like to address Inflictious’ A-bomb. I got an opportunity to play during this past stress test weekend, and I can say that, in my opinion, this game isn’t ready, even for an open beta test. Bugs abound, from mysteriously reset quest progress to keybindings changing between logins. A lot of optimizations are needed on a technical level. Granted, bugs such as this should be expected in an open beta test, but at the same time, the majority of players these days seems to expect an open beta to be a finished product, with all of the kinks worked out. For better or worse, that’s the environment an open beta product is stepping into, and as it is, an open beta of Firefall would probably drive away a lot of potential players.

    Now, for my weekly bomb. This one goes to Aeria Games… and it’s an A-bomb. Honestly, I can’t pick out one thing to say about them that isn’t at least annoying, if not worthy of an A-bomb. Their “closed beta” system is ridiculous… how the hell is it a closed beta when all you have to do is create an account with them to get in? And don’t even get me started on the quality of the games they’ve been releasing lately. Born to Fire is seriously one of the worst pieces of crap I’ve ever had the misfortune to waste my time on. I honestly don’t even want to try DK Online anymore, with the mess I’ve seen lately from the company backing it. And that’s my highly opinionated view on the matter.

    Finally, to the question of the week. What f2p MMO world would I want to live in? That is a difficult question, because all of them are so awesome and/or dangerous. I guess it would be cool to be a Summoner in the League of Legends. Thing is, I haven’t really found any f2p games with stories that draw me in like other fictional worlds. You know, locales the likes of the Star Wars galaxy or, I’ll admit it, Azeroth. To make a bigger point here, I would say that the free to play model, in general, lacks compelling story driven gameplay. There might be that rare gem here and there, but for the most part, it’s just about playing something fun for a little while here and there. You could argue that one of the biggest stories in the MMO world is coming to the f2p market in the form of SWTOR, but you guys should know my opinion on that piece of crap free to play implementation.

    • I apologize if anything I said didn’t make sense. I was sort of thinking directly onto the internet.

      Also, I meant to make mention of agreeing with mPascoal about Aeria Games when I was talking about my weekly bomb.

    • It’s all good, Just my opinion, And truthfuly i can say I will Never be back to play it.

      If it is that buggy like you say , Well… Maybe they should never have released it to begin with. I would rather have waited an extra year. Then to have the … wait…what were we talking about again?

      See you in R2 Online or PSO ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hey, I respect your opinion, and agree with some aspects of it.

        It was a beta stress test weekend, to be completely clear. And in this case, I actually agree with you. It doesn’t need to be released yet. In fact, it needs a lot of work before it’s the type of polished product that players would actually like on a larger scale.

        Hmm… I’ve never touched R2 Online. I’ll have to check it out. As for PSO2, I can definitively say that I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

        • Sorry late reply , working 14- 16 hour days is KILLING me atm.

          I gave it that A-Bomb …Well due to i have been in this ..closed beta or w/e you want to call it since Febuary… Honestly ..nothing has changed besides the removing of lvling and a few other small things…. Basicly game play , Not bug fixes or patches….

          Oh but there are No more character wipe’s ! < — Is this not a sign of what every other game does as a Open Beta..

          Oh yeah i did get an email a few months back on purchasing game pack's !
          Some god awful pricing 50,75,125 $….Can't remember the actual prices of the kits , but that is close.
          ( Remember that offer ? ) This is another thing that normaly happens in Open beta or full release.

          Just release it, For you know and i know , Bugs or no Bugs if half the players that log in have low end pc's , even mid ( maybe) Bug's will not be the only issue to make them never come back till they spend 600 + $ on a upgraded PC.

          Nice chattin with you Pieareround.



  6. Great show everyone. This week I have an a bomb for all pay to win games on the planet. Pay to win meaning that you can get something that I can’t without spending an absurd amount of either time or in-game cash.

  7. Hi all Nice show again always lokking at it here in the netherlands!

    living in a game world?
    1 yeah why not but will that mean i can play with earth as a mmorpg that will be 1 hell of a great game.

  8. i have a abomb for pirate101 you only have the first chapter then you have to buy a membership or primmiem money wich sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emensly

  9. I do have a Dabomb this week..Totaly forgot to post it.

    Da bomb to Wreck-it Ralph..

    One of the best video game based movies i have seen in a long long time.

  10. another good show magicman and the question of the week would be cabal online because i’ve been playing it since closed beta i believe the been out for 6-7 years now not sure. could u update cabal online info and such the game has changed since then.

  11. an A Bomb to whatever companies will change to play to free to play. Most free to play games really get on my nerves with the pay to win BS. Not so mention what would Skyrim be like finding the Bow you’ve been tryng to get forever but hen you have to …pay for it. Plus games are already 60 bucks plus whatever money for expansions and DLC. Weer already paying 80-100 bucks per game to play all the content how much more do they really think there gonna get from us

    • I am doing just Great.
      Got an Email from EA game’s/Origin for a free game… Yes Free and it is multiplayer ๐Ÿ˜€

      With that i played Battlefield 1942 most of last night.

      Older game Yeah ! But no item mall ..lol

      How about you?


  12. I don’t mean to flood the comments, but I almost forgot my da-bomb and A-bomb.

    Da-bomb to the new video for ESO. Seems like they are going to try and make the MMO as much like the original series as possible. I foresee myself loving that game.

    A-Bomb to starwars for going over to the dark side. I know disney has had marvel for a little while now and hasn’t really done anything wrong to it, in my opinion, but I never guess starwars would be going over to disney too. I am not the hugest starwars fan ever, seeing as I am more of a fantasy guy then scifi, but I still love the starwars universe. I suppose all we can do is hope.

  13. I don’t wanna steal your answer, Inflictious, but I would have to agree. If I had to choose it would be this website. The site gives me the same kind of vibe that a local comic book shop would give you. You come in and are immediately greeted, but more sincerely then usual. You start chatting with people and sharing interest, there are a few bad eggs that kind get annoying, and overall the staff is there to help and give their personal opinions while also keeping it professional enough to not make someone feel bad for having a different view then them.

    I wouldn’t mind becoming an actual part of the website some day, not just a viewer and someone who stays active in forums, but doing reviews and getting my opinion out there. Me and my buddy sit around and talk about video games almost everyday for at least 2 hours, on average. A big deal that we can’t seem to get over is f2p limiting character creation. No one wants to play a class, or race, all the way to end game when they really just wanted to play another. Having to unlock a class or race is about the stupidest thing in my opinion.

    • PSO2 has it right so far in their own unique way when it comes down to unlocking other classes at later levels,along with switching between them.

      In my opinion, games that are limited to gender or class accessibility are just wanting quick cash (who doesn’t love money). Developers whom are very much passionate about what they’re creating will be tons of fun, FireFall comes to mind when I think about developers who are passionate about their product.

      • Yeah. If I was a little more into the whole scifi/mecha universe, I would take a look into PSO2, but I am a big fantasy guy. I prefer bows to guns and swords to lightsabers, just my style. Magic is just a little more interesting then technology to me :P.

        I see what you mean though by games being more fun when the developer has a love for the product. If you have ever looked into Blizzards past you would see that they started from scratch as a group of friends basically. As they got bigger and bigger the games catered more to the money then the players. They let the whole “10 million players” thing go to their head and lost sight of what warcraft really was.

        If all my dreams fall in place, then I hope to make my own gaming studio some day. I want to cater as much to the fans as possible all while keeping my company successful. I see money more as a tool then anything else, so if I did happen to make this gaming studio and produce a large title I would try to invest the money back into the company and the community to make more titles and more content all while trying not to break the game.

        I think these people need to listen to the fans more and stop thinking for us. The game is for the fans in the long run anyhow, so it should be something they enjoy.

        • Yes, World of Warcraft was a hit. I was in between this game and Final Fantasy 11 between the two and on/off to try other games. The only game that kept me for many years was Final Fantasy 11. Blizzards secret weapon really made them successful (no i’m not talking about Chuck Norris lol)… their marketing team.

          I chose FFXI over WoW for varies reasons and one of them were: even having below standard gear, you were still able to solo a lot of monsters and/or be useful in a party, it would just take longer than expected and precise planning along with skill and other reasons that is surely understandable.

          *Thinking out-loud* If ff14 2.0 becomes has any similarities…Beta

  14. lol could you imagine buying the next assassins creed game and having to buy your secondary weapons from a cash shop. i think that cash shops will ruin console gaming in a way or at least the quality of the games. did anyone else notice that the last Final fantasy release started selling cash shop items (you know those wepons and character costumes) im praying to god that doesnt happen to any of my other favorite games :/

  15. Hey F2P cast, i want to give a da bomb to Taikodom, an epic game that is a bit not well known, so big shout out from me.

    And hello from Romania,

  16. A bomb for League Of Legends, the match making is still frustrating, keeps dragging my elo down by teaming me up with people who refuse to cooperate with the team, oh and HI INFLICTIOUS!!! hahaha, ok now for my answer for question of the week, I’d go with RaiderZ, why? because duh, epic monsters, u run around in shiny armor destroying everything in your path and there’s bunnies everywhere! ๐Ÿ˜€ I believe it would be an epic way to live indeed, and lastly, great show once again Magicman, keep up the good work and gotta say am happy for Damina spending some quality game time with the kids ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. If i could live in any f2p world i would be in the SWTOR universe (since its going f2p) because…it’s a star wars universe and being a jedi in star wars that isin’t being controlled by Disney would be awsome.

  18. Great show. Was fun listening along.

    If I could live in any F2P universe.. I would have to pick RF Online. I’d love to be a Bellato and drive around in a huge mech and endlessly gank the Accretians. lmao. But to be honest… I want to live in the world of Zelda… so I can cut my grass with a sword and be done with it so much quicker. I hate mowing.

  19. Da bomb to league of legends because i just cannot stop playing it. I throw money at it like i have a tree growing my backyard. I can’t believe how much money im willing to spend on it but i have alot of fun on it and i love the competitiveness of it!

    If i could live in any f2p universe id pick PSO 2. But i think id wait till NA release(;

  20. Well I got a Da-bomb for my 21st birthday being in the same month as many major releases/updates/etc(November 18th) from both the Free to play and well, not so free to play realms.

    Ok maybe that was a little self centered How about something more legit like a Da-bomb to MMOBomb for being amazing as a whole. Okay, you guys get that one all the time so let me be more specific on why you guys are amazing. The upcoming shows that I’m very eager to see such as the Fan interviews and live streamed shows! You guys are expanding to truly serve the community. This Weekly podcast is a great start at integrating the fans into your show. placing more emphasis on the viewers than the just the content is extremely commendable. When I see someone say they’re all for the fans, I don’t automatically say “Not really,” but I do get a slight bit of skepticism when they rarely interact with the community.

    Long story short, I can’t wait to see these new shows launch and thank you guys for placing more emphasis on communicating with the fans than standalone Free to Play news.

    As for the question of the day, I’m pretty much torn about this one. A lot of the newer titles I’m into have very dark and depressing backgrounds behind them. If anything I’d love to go to a much older title and say Mabinogi. It has its dark moments here and there, but like life, there is still joy to be had. It’s not all about killing and violence that really saturates the industry. I’m all for my shooters and stuff, but I wouldn’t even dare to say I’d want to live those worlds.

  21. I would like to give a da bomb AND a A bomb to SOE.
    I’m a FPS commando and i love planet side 2. However. there’s another FPS by SOE that i hate to death. Bullet run. so really, Da bomb for Planet side 2 and a big fat A bomb to Bullet run. Hopefully the cash shop in PS2 is more fair then in Bullet run.

  22. I have to disagree with the current trend of free to play being a fad. I think the AAA titles will move towards the buy to play with cash shop model, as they have more then enough advertising and hype capabilities to overcome that initial distaste of paying to try the game. However, all the other games made by the smaller companies that don’t have this massive pool of money to count on will stick with free to play to pull as many people in as possible. I can’t tell you how many free to play games I’ve tried purely cause they were free and I might as well. Some I even spent money in. One I stayed and have continued to play it off and on for 6 years now.

    As to monetizing stuff like Skyrim. I hate to say it, but we’ve been buying games that do a form of that already. They release a base game, then make you pay $5 to $20 for each addition beyond the base. Just look at stuff like borderlands 2. The mechromancer could have easily been put into the base game. However, they decided to keep it out and make you pay for it if you didn’t pre-order the game.

    • The thing with pre-order offers though is that they’re trying to give you an incentive to pre-order the game. Its practically the same thing with Collector’s Editions and the sort. Spend such and such dollars on the game and we’ll include all these goodies along with it. But with pre-order offers you just spending the same amount for the game and getting the content along with it free, as opposed to if you were someone who waited 6 months down the road to buy the game and now has to spend the few extra dollars to unlock that content. You knew you could get the content for free if you pre-ordered the game but if you decided not to then you really only got yourself to blame for having to spend the extra money when you knew you could of gotten it for free from the start. That’s the way I see it.

      • Yup, and another solo rpg, Kingdom of Amalur doe’s this to, Buy the game and you can purchase codes for that Kick ass Gear !

      • The point wasn’t supposed to be about loosing out on pre-order items. I don’t disagree with them, nor did I mean to imply that I disagreed with them adding content via DLC. I’m simply pointing out that we already have games where we purchase the base game, then you purchase DLC packs to get extra add ins. Magicman said he wouldn’t want to play Skyrim if they took out a lot of the armors and made them a buyable DLC pack. I’m simply making the case that to some extent (if he bought borderlands 2, saints row 3, insert any game that has extra visuals/gameplay added after the initial game) he’s already purchased games that use a form of that model.

  23. X’D Damina’s a pimp! LMAO (I won’t let that go, Damina now will forever be the pimp on the free to play cast. The one girl to sell them (the guys) all.

    P.S. I got my glasses, I’ll try to take pictures tomorrow. *sighs* The things I have to do…

  24. For Nathens bomb on RaiderZ i would agree dabombs and Abomb the hell out of their chat which is so full of gold sellers it totaly pointless to use…can barley even see a name to block and there is no spam filter.

    • As for the Question of the week i’ll have to cheat a bit since it’s not free to play yet and go with swtor assuming that your not enforcing their f2p rules on said universe

  25. BASE jumping? I’d rather do spelunking/caving ๐Ÿ˜› Now whenever I hear the words BASE jumping/spelunking always reminds me of Batman Begins ๐Ÿ™‚

    F2P will NEVER, NEVER become the primary business model for consoles. Only certain genres will work with F2P for consoles. Shooters? Sure. Platformers, single player RPGs? NEVER.

    What F2P game world would I want to live in? To be honest, none really. I’m not familiar enough with any F2P game world lore to really have a vested interest in it…

    • i can see f2p being big on consoles…with their market pretty much stagnant that could well end up their would be trump card which will unfortunately be ruined because the publishers are greedy as you mentioned with skyrims possible f2p…the problem being there are to many people that are all to willing to spend their money in that way

  26. Thank you Damina ! It was a Blast being on the show with you.

    Thank you Magicman ! I enjoyed the time talking and giving my opinion’s to you and the community about the gaming new’s/f2p world.

  27. I give an ABOMB to The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot because I’m using Windows 8, I downloaded the game and when I went to play it it stuck on the load screen. I wrote a bug report telling them my issue and got this message in return.

    “Thank you for contacting the customer support. As of right now, the game is not supported by Windows 8. This is something that we will be working on, but it won’t be ready anytime soon.

    The Customer Support Team”

    Windows 8 ultimately isn’t that much of a difference than Windows 7 so there is no reason for them to neglect Microsoft’s new OS. Is Ubisoft that much against Windows 8 and they’re thinking its going to be a total flop? Even a flop to Microsoft means hundreds of millions of copies sold of the Windows 8 OS. They should get on it and make this game work for Windows 8.

    • As I see it, Windows 8 is shaping up to look like a spiritual successor to Vista, ie. trying something new without a high level of compatibility for older software. Where Vista introduced Aero, Win 8 is introducing Metro.

      I do thing Ubisoft and many other game devs will support Win 8 soon, but this is one of the factors as to why I believe in not purchasing a new OS right on the release date. Not only that but new desktops/laptops should give you the option of picking an older OS or the newest OS instead of forcing you into using the new OS if you don’t want it.

    • I really don’t think the mighty quest for epic loot is to be blamed. I have been reading the windows 8 forums and I have heard, or read, that windows 8 isn’t a very good platform for gaming maybe soon they will allow more game available but Idk. I think windows 7 does it best and is the safest bet.

  28. I give a Dah bomb to Gotham City Impostors because me and my cousin play it on and off and it is a smooth game and It is Batman ๐Ÿ™‚


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