This week our player panel dives into the world of asian-theamed MMOS (again!), treads into indie territory to check out mechs, and decided maybe Brim is a keeper after all! A-Bombs galore from our panel, while listeners come through and save the day with Da-Bombs! All this and more in another action packed (really??) episode of the “Free to PLay Cast”!

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  1. I gotta admit, this is the first of your casts that I’ve watched, and the first of MMOBomb that I’ve seen, but you’ve really made a good first impression. As a gamer girl I don’t really feel like people recognize girls exist in videogames (which is why you hardly ever get a female character in war games, and in games where you do get them you’re forced to be the town skank) but your noticable efforts to include both genders make me feel that you’re going above and beyond the typical game talk to make something that actually gives us real information that’s friendly to everyone. In short: thanks guys!

    • Dualmoon this post made my day. Thank you so much for your feedback and your watching our show. We certainly hope you’ll watch more and stick with us! It’s hard to ignore the stats that show the female gaming population is rapidly catching up to the male number each year and anyone ignoring that is just not paying attention. To put more emphasis on your point, we will be having a female host join in a few episodes! (not the next one that we post but the one after!). make sure to submit your questions or weekly bombs if you have any!

  2. greatest bad guy/girl? my character (which is mostly a girl) if ya know what i mean mheheheheheh

    and when you guys do the livestream thing make announcements on the forums and say which games you guys are possibly going to play during the livestream so we can all download it and we can all play together from start to finish

  3. Played Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time, really a classic, nervertheless, I hate freemium games that are just free to lose, pay to win, for example Jagged Alliance Online, a game like it should never be played by a person who is not going to pay, and as I always think, games that got a cash market, ok, but if the benefits are too much, the game dies, World of Tank in other words, is very good, because you can get premium which will only give you some exp bonus, credits, but the battle won’t be lost against a premium, because if he is using gold ammo, his ammo will have a counter-point, while penetrating more it has less damage, which makes it fair, unlike other games.

  4. For the question of this week, my favorite villan is…
    The Vizier!!
    Maybe some of you dont know him, he is the villan of The Prince of Persia:The Sands of Times series, it really make me mad with the final battle and all that “mind control” and you need to evade from flying rocks and trying to hit him.Such a great time =P

  5. Hey from the Netherlands again. Great show as always guys and I don’t know if you are making the episodes live but if you don’t, it may be good to cencure the nickname that Brim used for Hawken :).

    I love the the Firefall contest, problems for me: I am a total noob in making trailers and I never win this kind of things. I maybe going to try this.

    Anyways the thebomb I wan’t to give this week is to you guys because you make great shows and make other people and my day. Thumbs up for you guys.

  6. WHats next..Turn yourselvf into a mount and low level players ride you?!

    But I think I said this on Episode 3 or 4..Point ME too the Itunes link. I myself don’t have itunes, but I am more then willing to endore something I like.

    Anyway, I do like thie episode because it does adress an issue I had with Hawken…if its pay to win I won’t drop a cent..if its balanced*enough* with its cash shop then I will customize my mech just for because well..hell Armored Core fan here.

    Anyway, greated veido game villian…wait for Ocelot..yea thats right MGS.

    PS: Don’t ever ever play the same 30 seconds over and over again..IT was ugly.

    • PSS. Sorry for a few break downs of my grammar..Sleep deprivation kicking in.

      Would like to add one thing really quick…Brim your not alone! I love to level my pet from scratch make my own pet, and worth it from scracth..Otherwise why have the pet? Its more like a summon if you don’t have any..well control over its growth.

  7. i dont understand why people buys things from the cash shop. its like
    -dude, i just booght a friking lightsabre that cost me a 100$
    -dude, show it
    -its in a game. so youl need to wait a bit till i log in
    -dude yuor dnt have money for food and your buying some shit for a game that is usles in your real life

    • Food don’t mean shit if you all you can’t relief stress. I often make the choice too forgo a meal or two for hours of stress relief. So yes speak out of your failure to realize that sometimes people make choices of ENTERTAINMENT over putting that extra bit of food in their stomach. Let alone that extra pair of cloths that you never will wear. Its no different then when people get the newest cell phone, toy, or hell even a a choice in what services they use.

    • Normaly i would not respond to you , But since i use cash shops on all games that keep me intrested in , I feel i must reply to you!

      You don’t understand – ( Think about it this way )

      Your favorite Free to Play game and you been playing it for 2 months, sends out a notice that it will be shutting down. This normaly happens because they are making No Money in the item shop.
      Thier staff do not work for free an is not run by 1 programer .
      Sure they are not as big as blizzard that has half a billion dollars.
      But they still spend a few million getting them to the open beta stage where they try to get thier money back.
      4 free to play games shut down this febuary and 2 of them were less than a year old !

      Anywho with out paying players like myself thier would be no free to play mmorpg’s.
      Even runescape charges 5$ a month for a premium membership , and thats what has kept them going for as long as they have.

  8. Well i want to drop an A bomb on Korea and its KSSN B*****S****… I too want to play Queen’s Blades and all those awesome mmos they develop. Stop been stingy and share the love…

    • Forgot to mentions my most fav villan of all times is Umbrella corps. because life itslef is there business and creating massive hordes of zombies to test there biological weapons is just the best way to do it even if it means the destruction of a town and maybe humanity itself 😀 i love it.

  9. Hey Magicman ! How are you doing?
    Another fine episode 😀

    As for your question for this week. I see you refered to jigsaw a few time’s in this episode, hahaha
    than have i got a name for you that would put jigsaw to shame 😉

    Lionel Starkweather ! (ring a bell ? )

    One of my most favorite villans of all time!

    Drum roll Plz ……………

    Game : Manhunt – 2003 ps2

    This guy got his kicks on filming you murder people to boost his tv shows ratings, always telling you he wants more blood , more death, in unmaginable ways.
    All the while whispering in your ear and getting off as your doing it.
    But i did love it.

    I have always loved Rockstar and been a fan of all thier games since day 1
    One of the true companys to always know how to push the medias buttons , and this ” Villan , so proved to us all why!

    Keep up the good work and talk to you soon.
    Your friend Inflictious!

  10. I really hate companies pushing for “Freemium” and Unlimited free trials. I’d rather companies just go fully free2play, like Ijji, Aeria games, and Gpotato.

    • I am with you 100%! I do not have an issue with you trying to make money. It is after all a business not matter which payment method you assign. I do, however, hate it when something is advertised as free and really costs money to be viable or enjoyable. A little truth in advertising is OK by me! 🙂

      • Hey Magicman awesome shows did not miss one show from you guys u are woice of REASON !!!!!!pls read mine post aoc total rip off when you have time reegards form CROATIA and keep up the good work ;)peace

    • I agree with you too, i was playing DC Universe, then i tought “what a great game”, then i see how many problems the freemium can bring, but a free2 play game that is “RoM-Like”, is even worst…

  11. Another great show guys! Your becoming international celebrities lol :). About Hawken I get where Brim is coming from lol hahaha. Its a fantastic game and would sure wanna try it out. See you guys later and maybe in Seven Souls 🙂

    • If you don’t like to do it then FOR THE LOVE OF GODDESS DON’T DO IT. Seriously, you look like such an idiot saying shit like that.


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