On this week’s episode we discuss the announcement of Trion World’s soon to be F2P MMO Rift, the recent misfortunes of Minimum developers Timegate (why didn’t they pay their pizza bill!), and Neverwinter’s never ending woes. All of that plus some update discussions and talk of EA’s newest MOBA before we top it off with our viewer bombs and question of the week responses on this episode of Free-to-Play Cast!

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Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. hey ah i have 3 accounts 1 since beta 1 form subbed and i made another free to play for twinking
    and i am very dedicated to aion i guess

  2. Guys are you interested in try archage ?? i can´t find much informations about it or what about Kingdom Under Fire 2 huh ?

  3. I don’t mind so much adding items to the cash shop that let you “get ahead” if something equal or better is available through normal play. However, adding that content to the cash shop because no one wants to play old content is a symptom of a much bigger problem with how a lot of these games are designed and expanded. I think, if getting people through older content is a problem, you should be designing ways of making the old content useful to older players. I’ll grant you this is a tough topic, but it could be as simple as rewarding players for helping out lower levels. It’s really sad when entire areas are completely abandoned because everyone has progressed beyond it or you have to short cut around it to get new players up to old player levels. As a developer I would think you’d want people to be using all of your content, not just the new parts.

    • I’d also like to give a massive A-bomb to Cryptic/Perfect World. Oh, another person upset at there handling of neverwinter eh? Incorrect sir’s/madams. While that is absolutely news worthy, and a massive problem. A lesser known problem is creeping in the background. After the introduction of the new Legacy of Romulous expansion in STO, many people (myself included) have been having an issue where your character can’t be accessed. You just get stuck on the loading screen forever. Once it happens, you can never recover. It’s just bad news in general for Crytpic this week it seems.

  4. i dont have an issue with p2w or semi p2w options in f2p games. what i have an issue with is the fact that devs dont use server options to allow players to use or avoid those options. in fact i think all mmo’s should have several server options to kind of cater to different play styles.

    i think different server options for games would attract more players to games, and give players the ability to engage in different environments with the same game.

    why cant RIFT offer gear in the cash shop in some servers and not in others. some players wont like it due to the fact it kind of diminishes their efforts, and others will like it due to limited play time etc. allow some transfers at the initial change and make everyone happy is my opinion.

    other server options could include full loot pvp, quicker/slower progression, quicker/slower looting options etc. the people who get paid to come up with these types of ideas could refine this idea far better than I could im sure, but to ignore these options is only causing companies to miss possible customers imo.

  5. Nice episode, it’s a shame you didn’t mention Magicman’s survey asking which p2p-mmo was going to be free to play (Rift/Tera/Secret world).

    So it’s the old discussion of “buying power in a f2p game”. Generally everyone will say “f2p cosmetic cash shop is good; buying gear is bad”. But it’s more complicated. First: Do you HAVE to buy power/gear in order to make the game playable or to have a chance in pvp? If the answer is yes then the gamw will be branded pay2win.
    Second: Is it possible to get what you can buy in the cash shop by grinding currency or grinding until it drops? The dropping part may become pretty difficult if it’s in a dungeon or area where you can’t solo but no one’s playing there anymore.
    It’s a phenomenon I have observed in many mmorpgs. A few weeks or even months after release you have a constant stream of new players to the game and if you find yourself in that stream you will always find partys for instances and group-quests. But with time most players reach end-game content and the stream of new players fades away. Now imagine an expansion comming out. Now the end-game group has fun there and abandons the “old” end-game content. Every new player reaching that point now will have difficulties finding a group to overcome “old” end-game to reach “new” end-game.
    Game devs used many ways to tackle that problem. A new server for example gives an individual player the chance to play alongside others rather than trying to catch up to an old server’s top players. And as expansions get a lot of publicity which leads to new players we see new servers coming with expansions quite often.
    Another way is giving new players ways to bypass “old” end-game group content and catch up to the top. And this is the category that “buying gear” falls into (or should anyways). But there are alternatives: Make it easier to obtain “old” top gear and while veteran players will mourn “Back in my days it wasn’t so easy” the new playerbase will be happy.
    Examples: League of Legends and Planetside2 make old champions/weapons cheaper while new come out. Runes of Magic introduced several mechanics to solo grind gear that allowed to skip huge parts of the game. Other mmorpgs increased drop rates. The cash shop should be an additional option, not a mandatory one.

    Tl;dr: Letting players buy gear in the cash shop that you need to skip content is a lazy and greedy way to help new players to catch up.


  6. If Spunk feels this way about the Nintendo I wounder how he feels about the Microsoft’s Xbox One Choices lol

  7. i have to agree, Guns of Icarus ist just an awsome fun game. I didnt expect much and just bought it after ive seen some gameplay videos and reviews, but i couldnt imagine how much fun it would be.

    Its a shame that it gets so overlooked 🙁


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