This week on Free to Play Weekly: Wizardry Online delays, console F2P exclusive Dust 514 details release date, Dragons Prophet Beta beginnings, and more!

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Game of the Week: Renaissance Heroes


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  1. don’t know if anyone has heard anything about elder scrolls online? been seeing some ads about it lately.. also i know it’s not really f2p but with LOTR- gurdians of middle earth,dust 514 and other games that are coming out (ff14) i think the console is finally going to be getting some good mmo’s together, maybe you should get on that guys 😉
    p.s great show again 🙂

  2. Nicely done for 1 more episode jess but just turn down the music in the end a bit so we could hear jess.I believe a lot of people like music(including myself)but i do also believe the majority here is watching this for jess and the news not for the music

    • The only reasons why players would say it sucks(in my opinion)is cause its TOO MUCH fast paced and also don’t forget its beter idk which “other” better fps games u refering too but i assume all those “other” better fps are not in beta are they?

      • STFU troll. It sucks not because it is face paced, but because the maps are uninspiring, the combat is wonky (hit box off, head shot feels broke, etc.), the weapons are OP like mele hammer is better than sniper shot to head, etc etc.. worst is sex based class selection.
        Other FPS = every other generic clone. Like Combat arms, etc.. I already broke it down for you. LEarn to read, and most importantly learn your games before expressing your troll / noob oppinions with ZEO substance.

        • In fact youll see the OP hammer in the video, and this is verified inseveral other reviews. Also, this game is Open Beta for long time and taking cash, the full launch will change nothing. They will only, maybe, add maps, and not tweak game play. THAT is typical every other fps

  3. I like how at the end the girl isn’t done talking and the music get louder than her own voice making it unable to hear what she is saying. Great work on ruining her job. LOL

  4. Yes, new content for Age of Conan! Now you can join the adventure and spend the majority of your time having your character leveling stalled by high level players who park themselves in low level areas simply to troll new players! Who cares about co-operation when you can simply be a dick and not only repeatedly troll noobs but also, with the new content update, have sex with their corpse as well.

    It’s high adventure, Conan Style!

      • Well, I did throw in a bit of sarcasm, but yeah. I played for a few days in the lower level area and then got stalled in my progress because I kept getting killed whenever I entered a pvp open dungeon, because the higher lvl players will just sit and wait for you at the entrance and it got even worse when I went into the first open area for quests as it seems that the noob town area is the only pve area and the rest of the game is just a big killing field where higher lvl players can group up and take you out at the respawn areas. At the time I played it it had just gone free 2 play and they still had restrictions on some of the classes, so I would be running around as a barbarian and run into a person who had paid to get the necromancer and I would walk into a spawn point with an army of dead things waiting for me.

        It’s too bad to, I actually liked the combat system a lot, but the fact that the world is open pvp there is too much incentive for high lvl players to just go around and either kill you themselves or help their lower lvl guildies kill you. It would be one thing if the game was entirely skill based but it’s lvl based with a combo-based system that takes practice to get right, so if you are new you are nothing but a target. The fact that it is set up the way it is practically encourages this type of behavior.

        One reason why I like games like Guild Wars 2 that have mechanics that encourage and incentivize teamwork among random players without having them be in a group to get xp and drops for helping out. Games like AOC have kind of made me hate PVP in MMORPGS. It’s very similar to the first few times I played Counter-Strike, you have players in that game and games like it that know the maps so well and have been playing for so long that all you have to do is load into a game session and you get instantly head shotted and then spend the rest of the match having people berate you over being new. Kind of like xbox live except there you are going to have the berating and humiliation performed by a 12 year old.

  5. I like the new expanded intro/ending song but…not sure if only here, as it starts along the end of the video, it almost covers Jessica’s voice. Maybe making it softer/lower at first as she speaks and just as she is finished talking it grows louder. That way it wouldn’t seem to be fighting with her for space and be more fluid and enjoyable.


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