This week on Free to Play Weekly: Warframe gets dicey with the start of the closed beta, Arctic Combat cools down with the announcement of open beta, Sony combines dragons with Pokemon in their latest MMO Dragon’s Prophet, RaiderZ is finally out and open to all, Wizardry Online prepares to receive new wizards with an announced beta date, and more!

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Game of the Week: The Lord of the Rings Online


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  1. Seriously–couldn’t you have done a bit better at highlighting the game of the week? Taking a level 1 through the tutorial level of LotRO?

    One of the few games capable of delivering dynamic, directx 11 effects, with a huge variety of mobs and beautifully rendered Middle Earth locations–and that’s the best video you could come up with???

  2. wait like pokemon?! so i have to walk hours in a bush untill i finally encounter the dragon i WANT!?

    ……sounds funny im sold 😀


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