So you can scam in ArcheAge but don’t be TOO good at it or target the wrong person as the scam might be reversed by Trion Worlds, Allods Online is apparently getting a Collector’s Edition (could this lead to a new F2P model idea?), and what are our most anticipated F2P titles? All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:21 ArcheAge Scam Reversal
23:43 Allods Online Gets a CE?
32:30 Our Most Anticipated F2P Titles
35:26 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
44:00 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. Da Bomb to Jason for Tellin us where is Passwords are. Excuse me, I got to Travel to a place near him. Just kidding, I am too lazy to do that.
    Real Da Bomb to Epic for Finally, FINALLY nerfing Grux.
    A-Bomb to – Reloaded Games, those Guys are Magicians, with the last patch it became impossible for me to disable Vsync, now I have to play with massive input lag.
    The question of the Week: Scam is always and will forever be a Criminal Act no matter if in a game or anything else. A company that pretty much only cares if a Public person (Streamer/Youtuber) get’s scammed should pretty much close their doors because picking favorites are one thing the community will never forget, if a Developer/Company wants to be known for being Scammer friendly then their the little boat will soon stop to float.

    Trion is already struggling to keep players in their games and then they pull of this.

  2. 1-of-6 Allods player hype

    anywho, Da-bomb to DFO for all the quality of life changes they keep making that makes jumping back in always enjoyable for me

    A-bomb to league for Hextech Annie, just let me buy a skin if I want it

  3. First of all I want to give a Da-Bomb to FFXI for drawing me back a third time to dust off my BST/DNC once again. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to adjust to all its little idiosyncrasies.

    And for the question of the week.. boy are you asking the wrong person… Let’s start with that I do agree with Q, know who you’re trading with and frankly if you’re so broke you can’t afford to pay attention then you kind of get what you deserve. However, I don’t think scamming (at least in PVE based games) should be allowed at all. With today’s crowd I don’t think we need to nudge anything else along that creates jackholes. Hell things like that are why my guild consists of 4 people and their alts. I used to do some pretty active (and elaborate) carnival styled recruiting events for my RP guild on WoW, but all we got were people wanting us to run them through quests and guildbank robbers (who I actively messaged until they returned said items or equivalent amount in gold), so I gave up on recruiting all together. If that’s the result of these things being “okay” then we don’t need them in the game.


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