On this week’s show we learn that Zach loves Last Man Standing, controllers and some MMOs may just go together, and Guild Wars 2 and ESL are parting ways. All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:38 Last Man Standing/MMOs on Consoles
29:59 Our MMO Gripes
38:00 GW2 Leaves ESL
39:45 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
50:06 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. An A-bomb to Magicman for his continued hate on autopathing, a feature I like because it saves time. If is the default, accept a quest and you go there, then it is bad. But if you have to click on the quest objective to use then it is OK. If you do not want autopath then do not use it. Have never owned a game console, but the more players a game has the better.

  2. PoE on the console port is responsible for a “400% performance increase” for the PC version, also supposed to have more to come and i seem to recall even more network related improvements.

    The down side was that some skills have been removed (just don’t work on a controller), and initially at least a flask slot was removed (though the latest pic/vid show 5)

    Question of the week, only by default blade and soul…i saw the anime, gave it a try dropped it soon after, revelation never grabbed my interest at all

    It is also responsible indirectly the nerfing of many skills and supports…sure these nerfs do improve performance and stability of the game on the PC but if they were left as is i can’t see the console handling it.

  3. Comment poofed x.x, trying again… sorry if it’s a repost.

    Thought I would give my two cents on a couple of questions that were brought up. First as to the need for multiple characters in Secret World Legends… for me it’s just that… they’re -characters-. This means that they approach things differently, they do combat differently. Even if they’re using similar weapons or filling similar roles, they -feel- different. Though I’m not always roleplaying on a character I still get into their “mindset” when I’m playing, even back to FFXI I’ve always had multiple characters to suit my moods.

    As for why City of Heroes is so missed… I can only speak for myself but I’m sure I’m not alone on these opinions. The character creation was extensive including -tons- of costume pieces, several body types, and the ability to change the appearance of your powers. Since you weren’t equipping gear, but rather modding your abilities, this allowed a truly unique look. Combine that with two sets of independently chosen powers, and further powers you could acquire later on (mode of travel etc), and your character was -yours-. Furthermore, it had the best pet class I have seen anywhere, the Mastermind, with six permanent pets. Add in the quest forge where players could create their own questlines, and the instanced questing that allowed a party leader to alter the number of enemies and their level, and you had a lot of control over what kind of challenge you wanted. All of this along with the amazing community are reasons that CoH will always be missed.

  4. wow. Jason’s been pyroblasting them games i like. Not to excited about the upcoming top 5’s now, lol.

    Qotw: None for me. B&S combat was good, but the lack of crafting/gathering with that item upgrade system really turned me of and i just stopped playing after a short while.
    I have not even played Revelation Online yet. I used to be more curious about new games a few years ago, but now i did not even want to try it in cbt with all the issues i’ve seen online, but i did hit that install button when it went into open beta. Just checked for this comment, it was at 210 MB out of 15 GB… that much i cared about it. Gonna actually download this today… maybe.


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