On this week’s show StarCraft 2 goes F2P and throws shade on Star Wars Battlefront II, but shout it? We also dig into the sudden shutdown of Gazillion’s Marvel Heroes Omega, chat about bad PR, and laugh at ArenaNet selling hoodies! All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:58 Marvel Heroes Closing
25:07 Ascent: Infinite Realm, Lineage Eternal, and Ironsight
36:03 StarCraft 2 Throwing Shade, ArenaNet Selling hoodies
43:15 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
48:00 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. Da bomb to Grand Fantasia which just launched a new server with slightly different rules. For an 8 year old game that seemed all but dead a few years ago it is showing some new life. 1200 players the first day, not bad for a game most people are unaware of. Game still gets updates and is to get a new class.

  2. I want to give a Da Bomb to Swordsman Online adding a character and class that is super funny jumping around the map like bam bam with her hammer playing wak a mole.

    A bomb for Swordsman to tho making it an only girl class. It would have been sick having a little guy calling him mini Thor.

    For the Question of the Week: I have to say I do like Swordsman Online Shaolin class with the Cudgel aka Staff throwing it like a boom a rang catching people in it making it where they could not move is pretty cool. being able to teleport to someones face and punch them and then jump in the air and hit them upside the head with the Cudgel was supper fun. I still wish games would make different class tho like swordsman did. I mean people could make Vikings, Gladiators, Hoplite, I mean it goes on and on with great ideals you can do instead of warrior, mage, thief, blah blah blah. I mean trust me try it and you game would be a lot better off just sayin.

    P.S. Swordsman just launched a new update if you guys want to put it up on your page. Added a new class, character, some more story, new gear item, and a lot more.

  3. Some of these MMO Games have been Relaunched back online with barely any development plan or events on the forum. it very freighting to see people getting Scammed off Old MMO Games nowadays.

  4. Da Bomb to Warframe and Digital Extremes, they have just been doing everything right whilst the rest of the gaming world is going to shit. Just everything that I want in a game is there. Guns, space magic, swords, and a lot of blood.

    And to answer the question, my favorite MMO class would have to be the Spellslinger from Wildlstar. A combo of a rogue and a mage, it is just plain fun at how you can dish out damage while heal at the same time while still looking cool with wielding a pair of guns.

    • it’s like im forced to play warframe because all these companies act like toddlers.. they don’t seem to know how to develop or manage a game.

  5. For the question of the week: I would have said Defiler before the changes but… RIP Defiler. So, I gotta say Chloromancer from… you guessed it… RIFT. Chloro is a deal to heal mage healer that requires a lot of chainspelling and timing to perfect. It somewhat non-intuitive to those familiar with more traditional healers… you basically start out playing the class like this: ‘Okay here’s the buff that makes your damage heal. Throw this thing on the tank so they get more healing. Oh, and there’s your direct heal… no, don’t touch that… that’s your ‘oh shit button’.’ So you have to balance constant dps healing (with a few spells geared for more burst healing) with direct heals when you need them… which if you know what you’re doing and so does your party, isn’t often.

    P.S. Sorry Troy, didn’t realize how on the nose I hit it with the Marvel Heroes thing. My condolences.


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