With silly decisions and closures/cancellations galore, is Daybreak Game in serious trouble? What does that mean for the future of EverQuest? Also, Guild Wars 2 players have nothing but apathy and TERA plans a big year, but are they still the king of action combat? All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:31 Daybreak Games and EverQuest
17:15 Guild Wars 2
30:44 TERA’s 2016 Plans/Is TERA still King?
42:32 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
50:28 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. I have always given TERA GOTY since 2013. No other mmorpg touches it. Back when it was launched F2P, the “gotta go fast” cancer kids piled in and cried “Too many mission hubs, no lore, grind”. This was false as there is great progression between lands zones and missions. Including hidden treasures like open instances designed as regular questing areas like a pirate cave, castles etc… Ifyou READ the text, there is a GREAT lore. In addition with special instanced story based quests + cut scenes that push the epic story along that will leave some emotional (death of Paesyn, etc..) … … The game listened and sped up leveling so less grind.
    I went to my old BnS account after coming back to TERA to compare. BnS was cancer. Do easy active dodge (you have wonky “have to be targeted in combat to fire off”…. And it just felt bad. Came back to TERA, lovely silky coùbat. BDO: Nice grappeling fights, but low animation skills, and few attacks until you invest half your life = not as fun.
    TERA is an all around great game AND NOT just because of combat, but combat is pretty rad.

  2. The Reason Tera is shutting down in China is because the Game has no more challenge to player plus the developer got very lazy just make the Cash shop to high price to buy thing. The Social aspect has also Declined a lot due to the masses of Power Creep of these New classes.
    North America Tera will be next in line. It will happen next year or this year since the game has reach it Breaking point already.

  3. nope, TERA is NEVER the action combat king, to me, the actions are dull. there are a lot of action MMO out there with better action than TERA. ._.

  4. A-Bomb to the dungeon group I ended up healing in DCUO. I tried the game a while back but hated the controls. The hubby and I were reminiscing on our days in City of Heroes and decided to give it another go. I made a reasonable facsimile of my old CoH nature-based healer and off we went. We queued into our first dungeon to find that no tank was required. That’s all fine and dandy except that everyone wanted to run off their own direction, leaving me frantically darting about trying to effectively use my “nearest lowest health target” heal and getting swarmed by mobs. Needless to say, the experience left something to be desired.

  5. I completely disagree with Tera being the king of action combat. BDO is. The only aim help is with archer I believe and that can be turned off.

  6. QOTW: sell it. but only if its sold to a capable studio with the funds to do the IP justice.

    Da Bomb – to Atlas Reactor. its more fun than I expected it to be. simple and complex at the same time. a good time killer and easy to jump into. definitely worth a shot. I know, I know, Trion. even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    @Mike, Harry Potter wasn’t really worth the time invested to see all the movies. the ending was lackluster and predictable.

        • LOL that is the omst stupid thing I have ever heard…No…IT IS NOT THE SAME THING. LOL!!! Two different cultures. Two different gaming styles (Chinese like more casual games and large P2W market), and Two needs. TERA KR is actually a very popular game still. KR China is shutting down before even reaching their mid contract obligations. It was a mutual project to start a MOBIL version of TERA in China since Chinese like mobile games more (and micro transactions easier to reap). WOW, don’t quit school Babu,


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