Atlas Reactor kicks off Closed Beta, Trion upsets ArcheAge players with a $100 hot tub, all that and more, this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. I love archeage alot and would play it but trion upsets me to the point where I don’t think they are worth it. And atlas reactor sucks I don’t think it’s worth it. Most money I probably spent on is called AQWorlds. I highly regret it since the support team is horrible and the developers release small releases each week that takes like 5-10 mins to complete. I’d wish to get my money and time I spent on that game back if I could but I been investing time on better games like smite,overwatch, and guild wars 2 and after my time on AQWorlds I’ve learned my lesson in the future I’m gonna check out the game and make sure it’s development is actually good before I spend money on it.

    • Also the devs on AQWorlds only do big releases when releasing maps or zones they release the saga or event in really small portions which could be fun for people who has nothing to do but for people who likes real MMOS and not paid 2 win dress up games like AQWorlds then you probably wouldn’t like AQWorlds. And the really small playerbase doesn’t help running into the same people everyday is cool but kinda annoying if you like meeting new people.


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