Paladins enters open beta, Riders of Icarus announces another content update, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly.

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    • I’ve played a game that decided to choose quantity over quality because they wanted to release a event every week even if it takes 5-10 minutes to complete and it’s awful lol. Theres so many glitches and bugs and the events they seem to release is stupid and awful since it’s unoriginal and mostly filler releases. They claim to be a MMORPG but they seem to be more like a dress up paid 2 win game.

      • Also they are still up and running but with a very small playerbase. The players are wondering why the playerbase has been shrinking over the past 5 years. In my opinion on the AQWorlds game it’s mostly because of toxic players bragging about their rare items,the game flooding rare items ingame,so many filler releases they rarley even work on the main storyline the 1st saga took 5-6 years just for them to finish because they been doing fillers instead of the main story. And they release so many classes with copy and paste of previous classes skills which is kinda obvious so I wouldn’t be suprised if that games playerbase is shrinking.

  1. yeah, all that fansy “MM” part of mmorpg doesn’t really matter now because every single game lean towards single player content.
    players tend to play alone as well. all of this because games are way to simple, targetted for masses and not actual gameplay or balance.
    god sometimes i wish i could make an AAA game that has none of those faults

  2. it’s actually funny how these people want a mmo with big playerbases but never reach out to make a friend i even found a game with 50 players tops really fun because i wasn’t a shut in antisocial coward lol. I wouldn’t have any reason to quit a game with at least 50-100 players unless the content itself is boring.

    • So true. I’ve had people get upset with me just because I wouldn’t friend them. I don’t friend jerks or people who brag about how cool their avatar/character is. Also most people either act like jerks or anti social cowards and expect playerbases to be huge and get upset when it’s small.

  3. if someone is going to start Paladins, please register with my refferal link:

    add me in game and lets earn bonuses

    • I thought about registering for paladins but since I got overwatch I rather play that instead of this game. But if I do register I’m not using any refferal link unless my friends I know irl refer me to it.

  4. To me they kinda matter. They don’t matter alot since the company could always be a complete fail and mess up and never listen to the community and release horrible games. But some games that got a bigger playerbase do sway me into checking them out since the larger the community the more people I’m likely to meet while playing the game.


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