Rift’s Starfall Prophecy gets an open beta date, Star Wars: The Old Republic’s new expansions release date is revealed, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. Valiance looks like City of heroes with a updated graphics system, Combat mechanics look older than time itself. Guess some people have trouble letting go.

  2. SWTOR is a good game… if it was released as a singleplayer, buy to play/dlc type of game. But this semi-free MMO concept is terrible. It’s a shame EA is the main publisher (EA is pretty wellknown for money grabbing schemes).

    The game is quite playable as a free player, but… compared to a subscriber, you get shit. Especially if you hit max level, it’s impossible to enjoy the game if you’re not subbed.

    And this new expansion is just a story driven experience, and they probably will NOT add any more content to actually enjoy the game as an MMO. So lame. Lucas and EA… You fail.

    • I’m really disappointed in Bioware. Their business model is terrible. I guess you are right that Electronic Arts has their say in that. Besides swtor doesn’t even feel like a mmo. It’s a singleplayer game with multiplayer options

    • I’m just disappointed in AQ3D I like their content and game cross platform idea but the publisher is talking about pushing out weekly content and chugging out 60+ classes sometime after open beta. I think it’s overpushing it and would kill the game like it did his other games.

  3. Valiance online isn’t something I would play but I gotta admit it actually looks cool. I’m not into super hero genre MMO games so I wouldn’t care if one came out. And for those people who are waiting for AQ3D all I gotta say is don’t get your hopes up I been beta testing it and been around since tech demo I raged quit around pre beta phase the game is just bad it’s not worth it in my opinion. Maybe it might change maybe it won’t but all I gotta say for AQ3D is don’t get your hopes up on the game being good.


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