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  1. Best Experience i had with PVP was in Dark age of camelot those castle sieges where the best, It was so rewarding fighting over the territory and hear the bigger guilds wait for the outcome of battle to plan raids and events.

    After that i would say the SWG battles where people would come in the hundreds to hunt down one jedi 😛

  2. guild wars 2 wvw was lv 50 and killd 7 lv 80 trying to kill me on my thief first year of game relessed thief was op and i own the wvw for some time bifore the bots killd the game, sadly guildwars 2 isent as great as it was erlyer years, very toxic comunity in game and devs progresion on game is so slow!

  3. My craziest pvp moment was in swtor i was chilling in the alderon wilds republic territory when i got jumped by 2 jedi and a soldier as mysith juggernaut i managed to tank the jedi as the solider was hitting me from range i jumped to the solider force pushed him, off the cliff then faught the 2 jedi by myself i managed to come out on top by spamming ravage and force force scream/force choke it was insane best pvp moment ive had on a game


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