In this week’s episode of Free-to-Play Podcast the gang talks about whether Nosgoth will live up to its Legacy of Kain heritage. The cast goes on to discuss SOE’s Plaentside 2 optimization efforts before checking out EverQuest 2’s Hero Call event, and the recent unlocking of items for Free-to-Play accounts. Finally, Spunkify lets it all out as he points out the major flaws in the newest member of the RidgeRacer series, Driftopia.. All of this plus your community comments on this week’s episode of the Free-to-Play Cast!

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Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. we all already know that your computer is a great machine, that you are very skilled playing games, that you read a bunch of mmo news… but you dont know how to deal with public, gtfo dude, do a favor to yourself.

    -potato pc owner

    • Dude you need to calm yourself. If you have a problem with the show don’t watch/listen to it. If you want to complain about something doing it on the show that you’re complaining about is only making you sound like a retard. Try Facebook, at least there if you caps lock, some people MIGHT care.

    • I miss MM too, but Michael is not that bad, hes trying hes best to make this show going on.
      However, if you are personal fan of MM – he seem to run site of hes own.

  2. Ok i’m done with this person…. why magicman? why you left this pseudo-person doing the podcast. SPUNKYYYY GTFO, shut up dude… you are the shame of free to player users… please dude, gtfo and let the podcast for the people who people care and want… not you selfish child.

    • Your miserable, egocentric one. There are other who enjoy the free-to-play podcast and they way it is being presented by these remarkable hosts. Hilarious at times, very much entertaining with information and opinions. Do you honestly expect Spunky to leave because of your whimsical desire and downright idiotic behavior? You disgust me.

  3. Spunkify I have to correct on something.First you can play to level 95 in the destiny of vellious expansion for EQ 2.Which is now part of the free content.And the only part of age of discovery most people wanted was the 20 AA,which is now given to everyone free.the other features from age of discovery you don’t really need.And it sould be noted that yeah it’s 40 dollars for an expansion when it comes out but that will include usually two xpacs.Right now you can preorder he tears of veeshan xpac and that also gives you chains of eternity.

    In regards to the question of the week it doesn’t bother me when they recycle old franchises for the free to play market.Most of the time the franchise are dead usually due to mismanagement of the IP.And it’s better then seeing the franchise rot and collect dust in video game purgatory.

  4. I’ve got a da-bomb to Smite. It’s a ton of fun to play, and is the only DOTA-like I’ve been able to enjoy.
    Answering the weekly question: I don’t mind games/series being revised or rebooted as F2P, so long as they feel true to the original games/series, or they changes made are done in a way that makes sense. A good example is Battlefield: Play4Free; while the game does not live up to it’s paid brethren, it was still a logical step into free to play for the series.

    A side note; You guys should give a little bit of time for Archeblade’s IndieGoGo campaign; It’s struggling right now, and everyone should know about it.

  5. I agree about the emotional ties to a game and memories as well. However I think some series actually have a lot of potential as mmos, The worlds they take place in at least. Kingdom Hearts is one of them since the premise of the entire series is that it takes place in a virtual universe which is the ideal setting for an mmo but they would have to get it right or it would piss many gamers off. Legacy of Kane is another one featuring a great setting to introduce the locations into an mmo since there is lore already established that doesn’t directly tie to the main character of the main series. Mascot games like Mario should probably avoid trying it at all though since people expect things to be a certain way and would be furious if their fondest memories of childhood gaming mascots were crushed by a half ass attempt at an mmo that only served as a cash grab.

    As for Ridge Racer, I think they’ve pretty much ruined the possibility for them to ever be able to have success with the series again on the reputation this flaming pile of shit they released upon unsuspecting gamers is going to give them.

  6. Fine show guys.
    The question of the week really brings mixed feelings for me, it really does. Lets just start with certain games should never go free 2 play unless it is in some way a successor to the previous title. Games like Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and Kingdom Hearts should never ever even attempt free 2 play. Then there are games which I would personally love to see some free 2 play titles for; like Star Wars Battlefront, Twisted Metal, and Fallout (especially fallout). Game developers need to release that if they make a free 2 play title do it right or not at all and don’t mess up the gamers emotional link to the series that you make free 2 play.


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