Tera brings forth a new class, E-Sports brings in close to 150 million dollars in North America, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. Esports are the modern expression of games of the mind. As long as the given game needs planning (thinking now for what you will want it happens then) and reaction times too (countermove the opponent), we have all ingredients needed for something that truly require your mind focused. They are not so much different than a chess game. The most cruel battles I witnessed were on a chessboard 🙂

    The difference on our willing to see a match we are not involved, between physical sport and esport, is ALL about “know the game”: we all know how to run, and at olympics we see people that run fast, and we recognize and acknowledge all the training and necessary effort an athlete done to run faster, and the show is about to see who is the faster, is it definitely not boring.

    Now let get an olympic sport you don’t know NOTHING, neither the elementary rules: most likely you will find see that as a boring thing, and switch to another channel!

    The SAME happens with esports: if you don’t know and don’t play a game, as example, LoL, when you see a LoL match you just see sprites moving here and there, and probably you don’t even undersand why the commenter goes excited in some times, while you just continue to see just figures moving here and there. Did you got the point?

    Esports are groving because games are growing, and yes who watch the shows are most likely players of the game, but that not different than physical sports: I guess hardly we will stop to watch on TV about some sport we don’t even know the rules: golf, soccer, football, bowling, or anything other.

  2. Frankly, from recent trend and also taking note that everyone grow older, those young gamers are now having a place of their own. TV is still the most stable form of entertainment. Waiting for your show to stream is still a headache for some part of the world.

  3. Given the growing popularity of eSports, I believe that they can and will have an audience on TV. This will also work to reduce the stigma of eSports being only for computer geeks and also encourage more players. They can coexist with physical sports, which have a place because of considerations around health and fitness as well as excitement surrounding any sort of competition.

  4. I think that Esports wont be so popular on tv, because yonger generation is more on the internet than on tv. I myself rarely watch tv, but if Esports can maintain itself on tv then good for him, but otherwise i just chant imagen it happening anytime soon.

  5. Esports as any sports need to be everywhere possible as Sports where only on tv and came to Internet now Internet games that are compatible should go to Tv to get more viewers and probably more players making its industry more profitable and enjoyable as it is Soccer and stuff.

    • That wont work too well…how many families are going to watch Esports? Who in their right mind is going to tell their family hey come on lets watch these guys duke it out in a 3d game LOL Its easier to keep it in the internet because that is where most gamers would watch it on…but ona normal basis, especially on tv it wont do well >_< REMEMBER THE PRIMARY AUDIENCE FOR REAL SPORTS ARE EVERYONE…while for ESPORTS ITS JUST THE FANS OF THE GAME lol


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