Armored Warfare, a new tactical military MMO, was revealed by Obsidian Entertainment today in collaboration with, a subsidiary of Russian publisher Mail.Ru.

While Obsidian is better known for their rich fantasy RPG storytelling, the studio is showing its flexible by helping create a game where players control an armored vehicle and not an armored knight. Indeed, Armored Warfare is yet another tank sim, seemingly not unlike World of Tanks or the upcoming Ground Forces expansion for War Thunder. However, Armored Warfare separates itself by completing skipping over early tank history, opting to bring the tank battles entirely into the 21st century.

Richard Taylor, Project Director of Obsidian Entertainment, explains that “Armored Warfare gives players two deep levels of upgrading and progression through a huge array of both military vehicles and their own personal military base, each giving players a diverse and wide-ranging path of strategies”.

Similar to how wars are run today, players will begin the game as a “military contractor” tasked with maintaining a wide array of militaristic vehicles including long-range artillery and main battle tanks. As the weeks of war roll on, players can upgrade their tanks and crew using a “robust reputation and experience system”.

Dynamic environments, including destructible terrain will help set the mood in Armored Warfare, and players will be able to participate in both PvP and PvE modes. Obsidian says they plan to push out “regular content updates, including new vehicles and game modes, all for the best price possible! 100% free”.

The closed beta for Armored Warfare is scheduled to launch sometime in 2014. Players can already signup for the beta on the official Armored Warfare site.

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  1. i dont understand the whole “this wont be better than wot” or “this cant compare to wot” did they even say anything that they will try to compete with WOT?cause if not i dont get why it should be compared to it just cause both games have tanks in them doesnt mean they will compete just like war thunder doesnt compete with world of chill out try wot and try this and THEN compare them when this game cant be even played(yet)i dont think u can compare it to wot

  2. Well, there’s no point in expecting to be not pay2win from a Mail.Ru since = face of pay2win. I will still try out beta and see how it will go, but wont expect anything good at all

  3. the garbage hosting of wargameings world of tanks farmed to telav… bad scripting and lag is the excuse for failed camo gimmicks.It had been bugged since cbt always has and will be .Untill they fire the hosting garbage,.which is from scandanavia…that is hosting north America lol.Ping tracer says all.Also Bad management practices of the nrth American branch is a joke..let alone the staunch natzism that is free reigns apon the users for payments back in gold..weekly.

  4. It’s not that Obsidian is making a tank combat mmo.It’s that with the exception of South Park:The Stick Of Truth,Obsidian has a history of making buggy or incomplete games.Kotor 2 was unfinished and buggy,if it wasn’t for a fan made mod that fixed alot of the bugs and restored unfinished content the game would still be a mess.Alpha Protocol was a clusterf*ck of bugs.The only redeeming thing about that studio is they have some fantastic writers.

    But that play into this tank mmo.Granted maybe just maybe SP:TSOT wasn’t a fluke but a sign of them learning from past mistakes.

  5. Ehh, are they idiots or what? do they really think they can compete with Wargaming?!

    What a waste… you would be better off doing another MMORPG than make a tank shooter…

    I mean good luck competing with world of tanks… -_-“

    • Well more than one person got tired of playing ww2 tanks (included me) and the tanks in battlefield 3, 4 are just not enough, so why not to try new era tanks, so not compare wot with this game, is like comparing Tribes ascend with titan fall, its just a NOT.

        • Listen to yourself man camo mechanics … -_- what a bullshit simulator it is when tank can completely disappear ? I dont want to say tank cannot hide in grass or near threes but go invisible ? That is littlebit sad.

          • differentiate “tank simulator” with “arcade tank shooter”, heck they even have hp bars in world of tanks. funny when people think it’s a tank simulator game. lmao

        • He knows exactly how camo works. Tanks in the middle of a flat plain in broad daylight become invisible from less than a kilometer away. It’s pretty stupid.

        • If you don’t understand that the “camo mechanics” guarantee that every tank beyond ~500 meters is invisible, then why post?

          • yes the whole “a whole tank dissapears after not moving for 5 seconds or not being shot is stupid i agree and i play wot for a long time now but its not something that “ruins” the game imo u can still play fine with that “mechanic” in the game i personally am not bothered by it cause i like everything else in it the tanks the maps and so on so yes it sucks but its not something that ruins the game eventually u just get over it and just roll with it if u bothered by it.I just dont find reasonable ONE thing in the game to make u not play the specific game either that being WOT or any other game but if it does then cool dont play it i guess

  6. well i already play world of tanks so why not try this when its out i see no reason as to why plus russians dont do oftently mmos(as far as i am aware)so ye


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