In the world of increasingly amazing graphics, and higher and higher minimum requirements, what are the options for people with low tech machines or people on the go to get their game on? Sure, there are loads of flash game sites out there, and if you hunt you can find some real gems, but there are still options for people craving that social MMORPG feel without the 16GB of hard drive space that come along with it.

Here we have a list of browser MMORPGs that are guaranteed to run on almost any system, and some of them are still quite artistic. Simple and fun mechanics are the hallmarks of these browser MMORPG games. You can go to their website, login, and start playing in a matter of minutes with no download at all, in the case of most of the games on the list. Some may require an updated to flash, or downloading some additional plugin, but even that is maybe around a MB or two.

10. zOMG!

zOMG! is a simple browser game brought to you by the makers of Gaia Online, another MMO, and follows in a similar anime style. It features very simple controls and fluid animations. It requires no extra download to start and even features a guest mode meaning you don’t even need to sign up to give it a shot!
Play Now: zOMG!

9. Pet Forest

Pet Forest (Originally titled Canaan Online) is a 2D free browser MMORPG produced by PlayOMG, but with a twist. It has more of a cel-shaded look. When you start, you’ll notice that this game has a more in-depth tutorial than the previous game on the list. It also has a couple other interesting features. First of all, it has a pet capturing system, reminiscent of Pokeman or Digimon. Also, when you enter combat, it enters a separate area like old-school RPG games.
Play Now: Pet Forest

8. Gunshine

Gunshine is produced by Supercell. It’s a top down game, similar to the previous titles, but without the anime style. This art style is more comparable to that of Team Fortress two: a cel-shaded comic book look with enlarged bodies and smaller arms and legs. It has a modern feel, and simple class and avatar customization options. If you prefer guns and bullets over bows and arrows, this would be your first stop on the list.
Play Now: Gunshine

7. Battlestar Galactica Online

This game comes to us from SyFy, the television channel, and is based off of the television show of the same name. I believe of all of the MMOs on this list, Battlestar Galactica Online is the most radical. Instead of being the normal MMO, it starts off as more of a space flight sim. You pick your ship, customize your avatar, and fly around blowing people up. It runs on a 3D engine, and the controls are fairly simple for a seemingly complex game. This is also the first game on the list that requires an extra download before playing, though it still runs in a browser.
Play Now: Battlestar Galactica Online

6. Adventure Quest Worlds

This game is a spinoff of an earlier browser game, Adventure Quest. It has the same graphics, but much more complex gameplay than its original. It gives players moderate customization options but a lot of gameplay options. There are different classes and tons of quests. There’s also a very large player base which gives people a lot of social options as well.
Play Now: Adventure Quest Worlds

5. Fusion Fall

Like Battlestar Galactica Online, this game comes to us from a television network; Cartoon Network, to be exact. If you’re expecting it to look like the cartoons they mimic, however, you’ll be in for a surprise. The art style’s biggest difference is bringing many 2D characters to a 3D world, but beyond that they also give them an anime style tweak. This game, like Battlestar Galactica Online, runs on a 3D engine. It also has an additional download before you can play it. Once you get in, you can use the game’s random name generator to create a three-part name, or enter in your own custom name. The looks of your avatar has some basic customization options similar to other titles on this list. The game has very simple controls and an intuitive interface. It’s also very kid friendly, and is a great game for both parents and kids to enjoy.
Play Now: Fusion Fall

4. Free Realms

Free Realms is from Sony Online Entertainment. This is a powerhouse name in the entertainment industry as a whole, let alone the MMO community. Their foray into the browser MMO world brings us another extremely child friendly alternative to raiding and killing in most other MMO games. Like some others on the list, it requires a download prior to playing, but also like the others it offers a rich and expansive world in which kids and adults can explore. The art is very vivid and cartoony, and while the starting customization may be light, with a three part name generation system similar to that of Fusion Fall, the in-game customization is quite impressive. You have free reign to change to a multitude of classes from the get go ranging from fighter style classes to demolition derby racers. Also, if you don’t feel like making your own character, there are premade characters available to choose from.
Play Now: Free Realms

3. A Mystical Land

This 3D game takes a step in a different direction than the previous games on the list and offers slight tweaks on traditional MMO gameplay. Each action, for example, may have an associated skill which can be used to level up your character. For example, mundane tasks like cooking or harvesting plants can produce experience. Currently the game is in open beta, and requires a download before playing. Like a few other games on the list, A Mystical Land promotes daily play by offering login incentives. For each day you log in, you get a different prize, which escalates in value depending on how many consecutive days you’ve logged in; quite a nice tactic. However, A Mystical Land limits constant play with their energy system. Whenever you do things in the game, it takes energy. Energy replenishes over time, when you level up, or if you buy certain items. It’s a nice system to keep it from being a time sink for kids.
Play Now: A Mystical Land

2. Drakensang Online
[rokbox title=”Drakensang Online” thumb=”” size=”854 505″ album=””][/rokbox]

Drakensang Online is a free to play 3D Diablo-style browser MMORPG developed by Bigpoint (specifically by the Radon Labs studio, now a part of Bigpoint). Drakensang Online is an interesting alternative to Diablo with visually stunning 3D graphics, an action-packed world, and great gameplay reminscent of a few PC classics. If you enjoy games such as Diablo or Torchlight don’t hesitate to give this one a try!
Play Now: Drakensang Online

1. Runescape

Runescape has been around for a while now and has built up quite a player base. In fact, on their website they boast being the world’s most popular free MMORPG. While its age does show a bit in its graphics, the game still stands with the rest of them and holds the top spot on the list. With a nice compliment of customization, regular updates, and rich gameplay, it’s easy to see why Runescape has been consistently popular for so long. The game can be played in a close view, or zoomed out to a top down perspective. There is a large player base, many different quests, tips on loading screens, varied combat and equipment, the list goes on and on. It’s a game that feels like a subscription MMO, but in compact form. Definitely not for the faint of heart, this game can be daunting to the casual player. If you’re new to MMOs, or even games in general, the complexity may throw you for a loop, and you’d be better building up to it through some of the other great games on the list. Once you get the hang of it, though, Runescape will be ready and waiting to test you on everything you’ve learned.
Play Now: Runescape

Now, I’d like to conclude saying that this is not an all inclusive list. There are plenty of other fantastic browser based MMORPG games out there, and I’m sure a lot of you have favorites that may not be on this list. Just enjoy! That’s what this is all about, after all!

By Rhagven

*This page will be updated from time to time so don´t forget to share your top 10!


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  4. Oh please for god’s sake mmobomb, make a new list, this is an old one, there are lots of other browser games even better than these that no one knows about it, so please if you can make a new on and thx for reading 😀

  5. dont make top lists. make lists like most obscure but good browser games list. everybody knows runescape and drakensang. no one needs this.

    btw ur mum feels good. ohhhhh urrrr mummm.

  6. Runescape was better untill the changed up the graphics and started adding to much…. its not even runescape anymore might as well give it a new name.

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  9. Instead of playing some crap like League of Angels, why not play League of Legends or Dota 2. Wait… were talking about browser games….

  10. Aura Kingdom and Roblox is bad news to. Roblox gives BAD viruses to your computer. mine actually crashed from Roblox and don’t play Aura Kingdom. I entered my password and username correctly and it said it is wrong. so it is like it deletes your progress. I was level 27 🙁

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  12. Lmfao. This list is just AWFUL. The list of games the writer must not have tried in order to rank these the top 10 is astronomical.

  13. Adventure Quest Worlds…..its an Awesome game… but the unfair part in it is that the good stuffs can only be used by upgrade members…but still there are some items that you can buy…Upgrade members can customized items (item colors ETC), they can have pets (attacking pets), super awesome stylish clothes, there are maps that only upgrade members can enter and quests…and its still awesome 7/10

  14. The game is NOT free. You only get free 18 quests and then after that you need a credit card! That is why i hate it so much and sick of hearing about it on the web. Its a pay game calling itself a free to play. Its just a ploy to get your money! I believe that games should be run for free using dress up items as a way for them to make money instead of ripping people off by charging for everything. Not all adults and not all kids have access to credit cards! I advise all poor people who see this to boycott the game until they release more free content to lower class citizens and i wish hackers would find a way to get around all the bulony pay for content, so it can be free to poor people like Robin hood, taking advantage of the rich and giving to the poor.

  15. I really don’t think Runescape should be 1st. I played the game for a little while, I don’t like it. Its just boring. I introduced the game to my friends they didn’t like it. It probably gets funner when you go into it more, but if you don’t get the players attention at the start how will people keep on playing?

    I think Runescape should change places with Drakensang.

    • Dude the list was made 2 years ago. You really can’t compare RS from the last 2 years on 2013 RS. Many RS players says a lot of things happened in RS that’s why it sucks now.

  16. I played runescape once with my friend. It was okay but I still remember when it said: Welcome. You have 793723485243 seconds of free playtime. XD

  17. To be honest Runescape was probably my first MMORPG game I’ve ever played. Once you start playing it is very fun but the tutorial is very long… I like the original Runescape if you Runescape people know what I’m talking about when you start in Lumbridge! Well, Runescape is awesome so I hope all of you like it!

  18. just bomb runescape, played it long enough to know that the f2p worlds are boring as hell, definatly since the eoc update previous year, not worth playing the game at al, 80% bots, other 20% gets banned because Jagex think they’re bots! Get it out of that top 1.000.000!

  19. And i must say i really likes runescape … Im not a hater like some could say and i did buy subs for a long times …. It is just i wonder how it can be a F2P when u need a subs lol

  20. Lol … I still wonder how can anyone say Runescape is in the F2P category …. Unless some know a miraculous way to play the entire game with buying any subscription … You can at maximum say it is a unlimited Trial account like World of Warcraft without the level limits *But you cannot raise every skill*… Explain to me how it is a F2P ? You will alway need a subs to do anything ”Fun” in runescape

  21. Alright, so im a 4 year long player on Runescape, ive came to this website just to find new MMORPG’s, Runescape’s to much now, and thier updates are always pointless, but if RS is #1 then what can i play? i want somthing where, u can gamble coins and keep getting rich, like a mmoprg and where u can keep collecting to make ur house/room/armor always rich, RS is filled with to much real world trading now, people buy bots, people buy skillcapes, people buy quests, people buy pointless armory jagex is selling, people buy way to much in RS, I WANT SOMTHING FREE

  22. Well, reading at these comments, most of you people are new comers to RS.

    I’ve been around RuneScape since 2004, and all I can say is this is not the game I loved so much.

    RuneScape pretty much turned into WoW, November, 2012… The reason I loved RS so much was because it was simple, yet complex, now you have to PAY to get money and stats up faster. When I played it took a month maximum to get a 99 stat, now it only takes like 2 weeks? When I left RS, I was 126 free player and 136 members, I felt accomplished, but now I log in and see everyone is level 200…it’s lame, JAGEX ruine the game Paul and Andrew Gower created.

  23. The issue with Runescape now is all of the bots, advertising and lack of new things to do for free players. I’ve played since mid-2006, and I’ve seen Runescape take turns for the worse and turns for the better. I went through a combat phase in RS, a skilling phase, a quest phase, a pvp phase, a communication phase, and others all in F2P. After you’ve completed all the quests, there really isn’t a whole lot more you can do, there’s not really an aim anymore. I mean you can aim for higher levels but that’s just not enough to keep you going. And skilling is especially difficult now that there are so many bots for the skills. Auto-cutters, auto-fishers, auto-attackers, etc etc etc. They suck the fun out of the game for dedicated people like myself and others. I once counted a total of 60 fishing bots at that swordfish & lobster-fishing spot in Karjama Island. It’s kind of ridiculous. I’m hoping with this “new Runescape” that Jagex has been promoting for a little while that will open on July 22nd will perhaps help eliminate some of those bots and offer new things for F2Ps. And Celso, you can go back to the RuneScape from 2005, but you have to become a member 😛

    • you can play RS 07 now it’s alot better than rs3,
      still bots on it to but ye rs3 =60%+ botters
      and it’s alot more fun than rs3, rs3 is just a afk game you can almost afk all the skills…

  24. I actually prefer AQW to all the other games on this list just because it’s not hard to play and people usually aren’t assholes. Although that might just be because of canned chat…

  25. Top 10 Free Browser MMORPG to Ignore in 201234567899999999999999

    Only Runescape is deserving to be on this list

  26. I tried going back to Runescape to try it out again 3 or so months ago… i got stuck at a premium only entrance where I couldn’t move because it would keep saying “you need premium to get through here” every time I would try… so i alt+f4’d and just threw Runescape into the suck category.

  27. I got sick of Runescape after i ran out of free quests. I used to play WoW, but couldn’t afford it anymore. I hardly play video games anymore, still once in a while i play WO, which is way better than Runescape, because there is more freebies. I was one of the people complaining about Ruenscape. I mean seirous there ar eonly like 18 free quests, so anyone without income or credit cards are scr3w3d.

  28. runeescape shouldnt be on the list, not even on the top 50

    and most of that games are dead

    please update this shitty list

  29. I used to play rune scape until I got to lvl 30 and then it got boring ,and all the good stuff about rune scape is for payers where Im only 16 and cant pay.At least on Drakensang you can collect the payers currency by killing enemies.I think rune scape is good but it can get boring if u play it to much.

  30. This page will need updating plus additional reference for AQWorlds as we feel tat the game is not getting the publicity it deserves. Runescape had had a lot of haters over the years and many more abandoning the game completely. Can you please do a recount of players and re-order this page. Thank you

  31. I believe that Realm of the Mad God is the best MMORPG on a browser. My friends always think it’s boring until they play for at least an hour and find out some stuff.

    Try it out.

  32. I am now going to make an unintelligent and dull comment on how bad is Runescape.

    I am now going to tell everyone that I’ve been a RS gamer for 5 years.

    I am now going to say that Runescape have become 85 % P2P.

    the end.

  33. theres only 1 game im waiting for ………………………………… and that elder scrolls online and that will probly be shit i herd theres no classes init

  34. i no it needs updating and realy every game out what is ftp is shit and u need $$$$$ to do it and even if u dident need $$$$ it wud still be shit

  35. I’ve played RS since 2007 – retired in 2011. Both F2P and P2P.

    And all I can say is the F2P is VERY limited.
    Jagex has their mmo set up for you to purchase membership to get all of the better features.
    You only get a small fraction of the map available to you in F2P and minimal quests. It also takes a lot longer to achieve levels in F2P. Trust me the F2P is not all it’s cracked up to be.

    Jagex has risen their membership from 4$ USD to about 11 something now?
    Over the course of 4 years and expect it to increase as they attach new updates.
    I left because the community is overrun by immature idiots and merch clans who completely screwed up the game’s economy. It’s difficult to gain currency unless you’re a beast pker and know the games flaws in and out. Good luck to those who are seeking to play it.

    • And those thinking RS is standing strong, most of the classic players are done and retired. You might want to think of WHY that is.

  36. This needs an update sooish… major games like ciity of steam, path of exile, gunswords coming out are better then a few on this list. just saying the list is looking prehistoric 😉

  37. drakensang and RS are both bullsht, the developers of those games are more concerned with making fat loot then they are with making a fun game. I for one am sick and tired of games that advertise themselves as FREE only to suck you in and it’s only a few days or weeks down the road that you realise you’re not gonna have any more fun unless you start dumping cash into these supposedly FREE games. The one and only F2P game Ive seen that manages to keep the game balanced between free and paying players is league of legends and i stopped playing that in Season 3 cuz of the dumb changes they made,but that’s another topic entirely.

  38. No Wartune? HD graphics, troops, story, great character customization, and even more that make this game better that Runescape (a game in which you can’t even choose your moves like you can in Wartune)!

    • AQW got much things for FREE, u can even bot to level up without messing the game playability, not a repetitive mouse clicking game as they add new quests and nice stories every week,and a good PVP action.For me it should be Number 1 in the list.

  39. the thing about jagex is that what they do they say not to do to the rest of us. they ban players for rwting when they do it themselves by solomons and sof, the mods cheat their way to 99s when they say not to bot, and they constantly change the game. i remember if you went to the wild in 2006 on any world, even f2p, you could see so many pkers. even in the pvp worlds after the 2007 update there were tons of people pking. when the wild was put back there were lots again. now in eoc i go to world 2 and nobodys there. i go to organized player killing and theres like 20 people. they make skills easy that some of us actually worked for, like fm and rc(bonfires and runespan update), they make daemonheim just a way to get chaotic weapons as having 99 mage and 99 fletching can beast you through the tunnel. they’ve banned accounts that had tons of rares, about 5 trill lost in bans. and the amount of shit they do to get you to be a member is unreal. i am p2p but if jagex keeps changing everything i might not stay. some updates of eoc were actually good, but theres always a bad side too. aka barrows loot used to be worth something with runes but now deaths and chaos and bloods are worthless. also dragon kite is worth 30k? whyd they put it the same is a ket xil

  40. I love how everyone instantly says “WoW is better than runescape” or “x game is better than runescape”. come on guys. I’ve been on the game for a good many years. I’ve come to enjoy it for what it’s worth. it offers much more than the simple mmorpg where you get a quest to kill x amount of one creature and y amount of the other form of the creature.

    You can definitely say the game is unique. having twenty-eight skills currently and another two being added to make for thirty. It’s all adding to the skill set of the game. granted everybody thinks it’s a “WoW Clone” for using the hotkey system with abilities and what not. that’s like saying every first person shooter is a “doom clone” for having guns and a first person view.

    I agree that some updates have been really hit and miss. the EoC was a huge shock to the runescape community and a lot of people have quit because of It. I find it really entertaining since it isn’t just a simple click to attack>eat food>attack>attack>eat food>attack>attack>attack>eat food>eat food. I enjoy the new hot-key system. as well as dual-wielding an abyssal whip with an off-hand dragon scimitar till I get my chaotic weaponry :).

    All in all. runescape CAN get boring. but hey. all mmorpgs are a grind in the end aren’t they? :). the way RS does it compared to all other games though. truly sets it apart from all other games. calling it a clone or a bunch of ideas that have been taken from countless other games is kind of silly. all games evolve. hell. if you want to start calling runescape a knock-off of WoW. I may as well start calling the entire Call Of Duty franchise. battlefield Franchise. the Wolfenstein franchise. Bulletstorm. The Halo Series. ALL OF THESE FIRST PERSON GAMES. cheap knock-offs of the original doom or quake. how does that sound? 🙂

    • Runescape sucks read the comment below that is just one reason. And now there are games with way better graphics and gameplay in a browser City of Steam, Wartune, Lost Titans,etc.

  41. Ive been playing runescape off and on for about 9 years now… been looking for a MMORPG to top it and still havent found 1… maybe its time to go back…..and runescpe definately deserves #1 spot ive sen it go from Warcraft: Orcs & Humans (1994) graphics to what it is today… and they have come along way….

  42. 777 I agree, i found runescape to be horrid then and bad now, maybe for young children they may find it a little entertaining for awhile. Compared to browser games like Lost Titans or Battlestar Galactica (beyond amazing coding and play) it is completely appalling how people can waste both time and money on this. I have gamed for well over 30 years now, so of coarse you can have your own opinion on how great runescape is, yet go try one of those two titles I mentioned as amazing, and then try and come back and compare your 5/10 game to one of those two 10/10s (and there are many more good ones also). I hope that this comment is useful to the community in order to point them in the right direction for some amazing play. Blessings 777

    • to be fair here. most mmorpgs are COMPLETELY combat based. rs is unique and in a league of its own. adding skills into the game and detailed quests that don’t just require you to kill 20 of a single creature. they require you to solve puzzles. fight monsters on occasion. search or create quest specific items to get a door working as a random example. so you can’t really compare runescape to any game. simply because there isn’t any game like it 🙂

  43. roblox suck too cuz it just about building ur own land or whatever u make…… if u build alot of stuff u get bored and if u dont have friend u get bored and just quit…..if u hav friend maybe u dont quit….idk 😛

  44. i hate runescape 1. they see EVERYTHING that you say making them nosey as crap. 2. if anyone notices runescape sorta copies thing from other games and just changes it up to make it look like runescape did it. 3. if you say even one bad word you get muted without a warning. their you have it from when i was playing i quit when i found all these things because if you give out any personal information they will see it and know it,so they might keep it written down somewhere or something you never know, their like stalkers of runescape.

  45. look guys if u dont like runescape fine dont turn it into a big arguement over the web and obviously the rs staff are doing something right because it has a huge play base and has been up to play for ages sure it takes your real cash and turns it into fake cash that lasts about 5 mins in the game but it’s addicting and thts wat makes it an overall good game so if you dont like and throw a tantrum about you need to get off your computer and go outside and make REAL friends and not ones over the internet

      • at least roblox is better than runescape because roblox you can build what you want at your own places. on roblox your screen won’t go white because of land lag while you playing it.and on roblox they don’t look at what you say and at least you get some warning if someone reports you about something they don’t like and they actually give a warning and it tells what the person reported you for.

  46. it does suck cuz it suck like hell and it lagg a lot in runescape and the people is like owing hella lot of people…… i wish it turn back to the way it was last time.

  47. erm…….SO NOT #1……lv.136 7yrs of playtime HORRIBLE community for the most part…. most of the “players” are bots, and these new updates have turned that beloved unique game into more generic like GARBAGE (this is my opinion you don’t have to agree whit me at all) lol

  48. RuneScape has had so many updates and is a lot better aspaccialy with eoc finally live this needs to be updated rs is no 1 browser defenetly.

  49. Runescape technically is NOT a free game and should not be on the list neither should drakensang!!!!!!!! STOP LYING. MMORTS ARE NOT MMORPGS AND DON’T BELONG ON THE LIST EITHER. IF ITS NOT LIKE TORCHLIGHT OR WOW OR WOI OR BOI THEN IT DOES NOT HAVE A PLACE HERE. Its not free if it costs an arm and a leg or if it requires a lot of buffs to level up!

  50. In all honesty, i’ve played rs since classic, it really is the BEST game of its kind at the moment, in My opinion. Some of the updates aren’t so great but it is practically a never ending game. Basically if i were to create an RPG, it would be similar just because the game rubs off on you that much.

    this needs to be updated though, runescape has made so many updates and changes from when i first started playing, which has been well over a decade maybe even two. even though the graphics have improved, i really wish the armour’s graphics woulda stayed the same; my full sara makes me look like i’m about to go fight in the trojan war or something 🙁

    • RuneScape is a really good game. But yes it does get boring, because it seems repetitive after a while. Which is why it’s best to play on and off. I’ve been playing RuneScape for 9 years.
      Most people I know called RuneScape a ‘grind fest’, and that’s actually kind of true. But there’s a ton of stuff to do if you get bored of trying to level up on one skill.

  52. I need to find some really good free online games,no download games.some of the ones listed you have to download them I don’t have windows.does anyone know a good free no download game?

  53. Brothers Paul and Andrew Gower created Runescape, but laters on began recruiting people to form a company which is now known to be Jagex.

  54. Now I have played runescape for almost 8 years.. I don’t play it anymore. I find that it is the best browser MMO out of all of these. I have yet to find a better game in the browser.

    I have way too much to say about it, it was better to me 8 years ago, now it is so different.

  55. ive played a few RPG’s i started with Runescape however to go as far and say it’s number one…no….
    runescape honestly… should be broken down into 2 categories it’s F2P and P2P sides

    F2P theres like less then 10 hours real questing and only a handful of skills to work on once you have completed all the quests you dont really feel a need to level skills anymore and get bored extremely quickly

    P2P theres hundreds of hours of quests and content from extremely easy to pain in the ***
    but after a while it all feels the same, click action performed >action end >click ect everything the same and alot of the content is just so time consuming most people skip over it without really doing it

    all in all runescape does NOT deserve #1 F2P browser or any #1’s maybe if it’s P2P was F2P it would be more deserving but… its not the majority of rs players now days Bots>members>Free players

    ive been a member for like the past 4+ years non stop evne though i barely play i still PAY .-.

    honestly~ surprised Fiesta isnt on the list since its F2P and is now able to be played on your browser

    runescape started my online gameing habbits but its by far one of the worst games ive played

  56. Battlestar Galactica online has more than its fair share of bugs,and a small development team(which is now in transistion after job cuts)so patches don’t come fast.The unity player is also prone to crashes,not to mention if you don’t meet the new higher minimum specs you will tend to get a lot of slowdown/fps dropping in larger fleet battles.

    Despite its arcadey nature,understaffing,bug problems and horrible horrible overpricing of the buyable currency,i still recommend it if you like more twitch like shoot em up gameplay.The combat really is a lot of fun,and despite playing a lot of games over the years,this one has some of the best pvp i’ve been in,considering it’s a browser game!It can be seriously addicting with 50+ ships on each side at times fighting over a system.

    It suffers from the pay to win syndrome like any other f2p,but grinding for currency is possible and it isn’t that hard,just boring.Not to mention,other players are still beatable even if they are mega wallet warriors if you can fly well!Having wingmen will make you a force to be reckoned with,lots of players do fly alone or in very small groups,so numbers matter just as much or even more so as high lvl equipment.

  57. If u think runescape sucks u suck. the only reason you would think that is cuz ur a noon and a newbie at runescape so stfu

    • lvl132~ member 4+ years multiple 99’s 158600 loyalty points fc vetran cape

      and i think rs sucks so… your comment sucks cause you really havent played other good MMO’s

      Elsword (really reccomend this one)

      or something get your head out of runescape and you will find much much better games

  58. runescape sucks, maplestory is NOT a browser game, and most of all you all make gamers look like retards. Runescape is the low of the lowest browser games, i find aqw better which im starting to hate, due to young kids running around and it running out of ideas. Runescape has no events, the combat sucks, classes suck, i dont even see a point in why people like it. Now maplestory, i will say its good, i never got bored of it and the grinding is reasonable. However it is not a browser game there for it does not belong anywhere in this topic. Free realms does not belong here either since u must download a client. If you want good games i would suggest Spiral Knights, if u complain about the energy thing then it just says you dont have the brains to make money ingame and use it to buy more while still saving enough money to buy better gear. Since im saying how games suck i just want to talk about COD because that also insults real gamers who didnt start on the new games like xbox but old games like nintendo and gamecube. COD sucks ever since it hit Modern Warfare. The game blows so hard that it has to leave sixty dollar excuses for expansion packs and adding black ops to it. Every Modern warfare and up only has an hour of story play that barely has a storyline besides jumping about and oh no a guy with a gun, shoot him move here and repeat. The multiplayer? Sucks. Only thing good is that you can throw a certain scope on a gun. I would love for all the CoD players to wise up and play a game with true potential, as people are so stupid to lie about it and say well it has the best graphics ever when obviously it does not. Skyrim has more Graphics than all of the CoD combined. What keeps you so addicted to CoD i will never know, maybe because it so simple your brain is available to understand it. wait in a corner shoot a guy, repeat. MoH Warfighter will blow every CoD out the water as it already has with just the beta. If you read all this than maybe, just maybe you will learn im right or maybe you just have not hit puberty and say “your stupid”

  59. gunshine is the best game in this list i have tryed them all you must check it…they gave it the 8th place but its far too good for 8th place should be the 1st game in this list 🙂

  60. runescape… the big topic… Ihave played runescape a lot myself (lvl 57) without paying. I started playing 5 years ago and played for 6 months. It was still a nice game…. That was still the time, when there was the “beginners island” (“veteran” players will know what i mean 🙂 Now there is this shitty dragon quest at the beginning of the game. And when I logged on to it the last time (3 months ago) there was all this task stuff and all… dafuq? Why do they need tasks. It worked out fine before!! And by playing without being a member, you have like 2% of the whole game open to you. For the rest you have to pay. So why is it on number one? Try WOW! It’s free up to lvl 20! Or adventure quest worlds (! It’s free and it’s much better than runescape! You can use about 80%of the content without paying and it is a lot more fun (you can even change classes (there are about 40 different classes)). I’m just saying, that aqw is not so fixed on making money than runescape

  61. Some people can’t just agree because they just don’t approve.
    Simple as that.
    Get over it! There will always be people who dislike or hate the things you like everywhere you go!
    No not exactly a hater! There’s a difference between a hater and someone’s disapproving opinion.
    A hater is someone that devotes their life to giving proof to why they hate something so much.
    A disapproving opinion is an opinion stating a few reasons why they don’t like the game.
    I personally don’t like Runescape for its 80% pay to play style.
    It’s just a waste of money and time on something you’re going to quit someday.

    • Its not really A browser game.. its just a simple ” Go to Gods area get to level 20 on the char change to other class get level 20″ Its fun for a little bit but its not for peopl who want time into the game

  62. i personally thought the game was pretty crappy…
    and if any of you have the balls to make a fool of yourselves and troll on MY OPINION ur all as immature as i suspected.
    i NEVER spend any type of money on any game. im the f2p type guy that enjoys games he can be decently powerful at with no real cash involved.
    for you p2p people… i feel bad for you. ur wasting money on a game you’re going to quit eventually and one day you’ll look back on it at a time you really need money and think- “man i shouldn’t have spent $1,000+ on runescape… what a waste of money…”
    i know i felt this way when i spent money on Grand Fantasia, which i quit 3 months later..
    if you are a p2p player… save your money. quit while you still have money in your wallet and find a f2p game that offers everything for in-game currency. from what i remember a few close friends recommending, Dragon Saga is a f2p game where you can buy cash shop stuff with in-game currency

  63. y every thing gotta be about runes i dont care if its number one or not i dont wanna play it i dont like it dose not mean i go around posting it every were can any one tell me about any of the other games

  64. Lolol i read a few comments and they were all about runescape, so i skipped to the botton(quite a long way) and its still runescape. 😛

    • wow yeah same here, ive read like 20-30 about runescape then i scrolled down and still runescape… suckers way to feed the RS trolls -.-

  65. One point that a lot of people are making about RuneScape is that it is F2P and has lots to do. However (this is just an example) Take AQW. The amout to do is Virtually unlimited, At least 25k hours +, has new stuff to do every fortnight or so, and it is about 90% Free (membership 60$ per year). Customization – Well, There is over 8k weapons 6k armors 4k helms and 3k capes, 50 hairs 20 skin and eye colours… At time of writing 13 storyline zome, each with approx 20 minor zones and about 50 quests in each, and most with a shop with 20+items. I am not saying that AQW is Super Pro or anything, Jst pointing out that RuneScape Arguments can be torn apart be games like this. One valid argument is that AQW is 2D, but at time of writing AQ3D is in the making, and already has 400000 REgistered members and Beta isnt even Public acsess. :\

  66. Even though there are a vast majority of haters out there, ive found that RS is definitely a worthwhile venture. It was my first mmorpg, and i have to say i will definitely always have a fondness for the game. I understand that Jagex is trying to keep the game feeling fresh by adding a bunch of updates, but its like some of you have said. It does make you feel like you wasted your time grinding when they come out with a new mini-game that is 10x too easy and achieves the same goal. Sad, but the constant updates are probably what killed the game for me. However, i would still regard it as the best browser based game of all time 😛

  67. Wow, runscape is just like knight of the dragon a virtual game just like it but it has little bit different like shapes and like how that dragons look… Well thats a great list there.

  68. yeah it’s a fact runescape rly is the best browser game but people don’t make such epic games for the “browser game” list cus there are much better programs to make games now :p

  69. well tbh, I’m more of a veteran player, the way runescape is now its just not runescape anymore tbh
    just my opinion but I believe they should change theyre name to wowscape and let the private server RS2006 have the name runescape.

  70. it’s great that they made runescape #1, but after you reach max level on everything available to non-members, you’ll have to upgrade to member status just to feel the excitement. and after completing all the member only stuff, the game feels kinda empty. sure, they update it every so often, but not enough to feel any new excitement. I’ve played runescape since it was made and yet, even now i get bored of it. they’re not adding new content fast enough to keep my gaming appetite sated. being one of the top 10 players is annoying, there’s no challenge anymore, i could try to fight other top 10 players, but we’re in the top 10 for a reason. it’s just gonna get extremely boring fighting weaker players and even the other rank 10 players. you kill some people, then someone wants revenge enough to try and beat you and thats when you get a stalker.i wonder why Mabinogi isn’t on this list?

  71. Runescape starts off pretty nicely, with outstanding graphics for a browser MMORPG. The tutorial makes you think that this games really good, and has a lot of features. I’m on level 60 on one account, 43 on another. But once you keep battling, keep leveling and training it gets really boring. There is no storyline, all you do is talk, battle and ask for quests. Unlike many games, the ends up to be a chase-and-pull game. I got really bored of it.

  72. Pein, Drakensang is fun for the first day or so but as you go on you realize everything cost real life money.. Even a HEALTH POTION.

  73. Is runescape not just grinding. you dont really do anything but command your character and then watch it, its not really that good, there is also no lore or anything. also they are changing the start all the time so its a bit confusing, and the stories are mixed up. still the game can be really fun sometimes, and it has a special feeling over it, with its special music and graphic style and all the skills. the minigames are also really fun, not all but some, like castle wars and stealing creation. and the member stuff is really understandable, if everything was free they would not make enough money and its cost alot of money to run a mmo, in like millions and millions of dollars. but really i understand that its number 1, its the only browser game offering so much content and you can really get into it all and it can actually get fun. i have played it 2 years as member when i was a little, and i enjoyed it. this is just my opinion

    • There are lots of completely free MMOs to that sell cosmetics instead of content like runescape. And they havent gone bankrupt.

  74. I played Runescape before, and didn’t like it since there are no name in the class in character creation, so dunnu which one is which.

  75. Runescape is a great game and i highly recommend it to anybody somewhat new to MMORPG’s. I currently have a lvl 105, but I quit a while ago, after playing Runescape for years and years, it starts to get dull. But nonetheless, it is still a good game.

  76. Every one of those games has features of runescape expanded and better. PLUS others with runescape features but better and also supports based.

  77. So I’ve been reading this page and I see a lot of people saying runescape has mode feature ten most games and justifying the pay to win method runescape uses.
    Payment- People seem to think that the money we pay go towards feeding the devs and their needs well if you haven’t noticed runescape has a fairly small amount of people and make more money an year then a lot of other companies. Their devs aren’t starving and they probably can keep their sites tup even if it costs 5000$ because they make millions. Then you look at games like HON and LOL which don’t restrict content but instead sell cosmetics and boosts. Those devs aren’t starving because they don’t restrict content their actually making a lot of money.
    Pay to win- The biggest problem with content restrictions is that they only restrict the high level Aries in a game with pvp that gives subs a unfair advantage that ignores skill and commitment.
    Things to do- So a lot of people say that runescape has forging and farming and fishing. Problem is their the exact same thing with different animations and graphics with a change on the llot what you don’t realize is its the same as fighting in these MMOs. Click on thing character moves to thing animation, you get something. Exactly the same as melee fighting. If you wanted farming do farmville, fishing do bass products and making food restaurant city if you wanted those extras simply play games that were designed for those things not a click and fish system.
    Better games- Everquest, Dead Frontier, RoTMG, Warcraft, Farmville

    • The grand exchange is what ruined runescape, any of the other stupid stuff that happened afterwards was just making a ruined game worse. especially the armor graphics updates.

  78. I used to love runescape. I loved everything about it. Unfortedently My main got hacked, and so i quit for a while. I went back to play again for 4 years. But all this sudden, runescape changed. The game mechanics were just thrown off, and the old runescape i used to know, were everything was perfect was gone. I actualy like the old graphics of runescape, because it was what i was used to. Then bots started taking over, and it was a mess. Now this is still when i played it, but all this sudden they changed the combat system. they made it so instead of hitting a 1, you would hit a 10. And that confused me. And everyone in varrock gathered around and started getting pissed off at this new change. Then after that, new childish updates came in. If the deletion of tutorial island is not enough, they now changed the looks of armor, and make them more anime. And i was like “What the !@#$ happend to my runescape.” and this is how runescape died…

  79. Everyone please stop whining about how “runescape” is a bad game, and that also goes to the people that say “runescape” is a good game. Runescape is a game for children. Meaning that its a good game to get you started into mmo’s… I got started into mmo’s by clone wars adventures. Although i think that game sucks, theirs still at least 5 million people who think its good.. Same goes to runescape. I honestly don’t think that runescape deserves the 1st in this list. 1st honestly has to go to dead frontier, which surprisingly didn’t make it on this list. Dead frontier is the FIRST zombie mmo to be ever made, and its amazing. Its completely original while runescape takes the “fantasy” look that almost EVERY mmo takes. Dead frontier is like a mix of the walking dead with diablo. Runescape compared to dead frontier is like comparing pop music to dub step. Ones mainstreaming and one’s not. Dead frontier needs to be at least tried out once in a lifetime,and if your a zombie fan you will love dead frontier. So for me, i prefer the gun over a wand anytime,but that’s just my opinion.

  80. me and my older bro plays Runscape. But i stop playing cuz i started to get bored with it. It doesnt mean i hate it. My bro doesnt play it that much either. Its a far better game to play.

  81. I like the concept of Runescape. The ability where you do not have a class and the only thing that limits you is how much you practice the skills. If the community was better it would be a fantastic game. The bots and just-hit-puberty teens get annoying. Nothing is perfect, though, so compared to other browser-based mmorpgs it has to be one of the better ones. Compared to downloaded mmorpgs it can at least somewhat compare. This game gets four Pikachus screaming in agony out of five.

  82. These games are pretty good 😀 But I Kinda not like runescape no offense runescape fans. Though I like adventure quest and pet forest! But Im a HUGE FAN OF MAPLESTORY AND RUMBLE FIGHTER!

  83. @ runescape fanboys we get it…u have no life and just play runescape……but can you keep it to urself and stop spamming on sites/

  84. Pretty part of content. I simply stumbled upon your web site and in accession capital to assert that I get actually loved account your weblog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing to your augment or even I achievement you get admission to constantly rapidly.

  85. runescape !? how?! the game sucks! not worth it to pay! if i was you “runescape lover” i was downloading an etnother game O.O like the game ether saga oddyssey i think they call it that….. ;D (not that i play it)

  86. its a damn fine game, its just sucks when in thee middle of my game it just stops and the area were my runescape square of gameplay should be goes black and i have to open new windows resize the square to fixed then sizable again again and again and refresh countless times just to have the same shit happen. i dont know if i just have sucky internet but something is just slowing me down and its pissing me off.

  87. There are alot of people, hating on Runescape and i don’t really know why…
    Most of the haters don’t want to admit the popularity this game had over these 7 years.
    Most of the haters played the tutorial and judged the game over it…
    Most of the haters joined the game with their minds focused on disliking over ever simple thing…
    Most of the haters have been hacked, not that the game doesn’t promote security, just that some people are too stupid and fall for hacks and phishes, and then say that the game is bad.
    Most haters think runescape is just pressing over and over with a mouse killing stuff to gain levels and then go pvp.
    Most haters try to compare other games by their graphics, even if the content is 90% the same of any other mmorpg.
    Most haters don’t even know how big runescape is!
    Most haters don’t want to face that runescape is so big, over 5 years of gameplay to complete the game, and it is being updated weekly if not daily.
    Oh! One thing haters, try to play runescape on HD and don’t judge lag it’s the best browser game and it has awesome quality.

  88. Runescape em primeiro kkkkkk nem a pau jogo com muito lag craficos piores do mundo ”nao e pra tanto mas ” AQW lixo humano injoa muito rapido e ja te fecho esse jogo aconselho o site 337 jogo com mais raciocinio e com mais historia revesando runescape lixo

  89. Deimos, runescape doesnt have a trial, it’s free forever….you just have to pay for benefits. Now, Runescape is a one-of-a-kind game. There has been nothing even to compare to it’s gameplay. (Not saying it has better gameplay just diff content.) You can train numerous skills, not just kill things. People hate it because it takes a long time to get into the actual amazing content, plus it takes a lot of grinding. I understand why you wouldn’t like it, but don’t go around saying it’s the worst game ever…..because it’s the best browser game and contends against downloadable mmo’s. One other things, i think it’s funny how all the people dissing it are 10 year olds. (Look at their grammar.)

    • um what downloadable mmo does it even slightly?
      “One other things”? lol so your what 11?
      runescape has crap graphics period. back in the “day” when it first came out, guess what still had crap graphics. I’d probably compare it to the game jacks… you know where you bounce a ball and try to pick up as many jacks before the ball lands on the ground….wait i think the jacks have better graphics

  90. runescape was one hell of a game … untill they brought out the damn member ship, now all you have is like a 10 day free trial!

  91. I play runescape. I have for what is 5 years now. It’s a nice game with good graphics (better than a lot plus it in 3D), many skills, quests, etc. pvp options (safe and staked), and a vast amount of players and friendly staff. However, like all games, it has it’s kinks: the company always changes that game right after it becomes perfect, the are some players who are dumb asses, problems like all other games. Yes there is an pay 2 play option but the free 2 play available is the best I’ve ever seen in a browser game. Therefore, it IS free. But really you guys, do you have to fight over it? “OMG that guy has an opinion! I’m going to tare down their hopes and dreams because it clashes with mine!” Really? Grow up 🙂 It’ll make life way easier.

  92. Someone has a very funny definition of free browser games, Runescape should be removed as it is not a free game :/

  93. why did they said it was a browser games but when i looked at the freerealms it said i have to download? BAKA!!

    • ..I know this is like what? a year ago? But yeah, freerealms is kinda nice but you still have to download the plug-in. And also, FEDERUS, not all BROWSER-based games doesn’t need DOWNLOAD. Chrono Tales for example.. I had to download the plug-in to install it in my computer and yet it also lets me play on the shortcut on my computer or in my browser.

      If you dislike downloading stuff then, I recommend you search for mmorpg that run on flash, totally, running on flash.

      I’ll even give you a headstart if you still dont get it 😛

      A) AdventureQuest Worlds – Something like a “continuation” of one of ArtixEntertainment’s game.. (since almost all of their games are connected to each other, one way or another) It’s quite nice and have a cool community.. Well, you still DO have to keep your emotional reign in your grasps, cos some “high”-level players (+20, they think they are already high.. those level20-ers..) will call you weaklings. Truth be told, it wasnt very fun being called a weakling for no good reason while you are just fighting slimes in the forest T_T

      Highly recommended game and well-made. I don’t think they can hack into one’s account unless the one who made it gave the acc. away, well, yeah :L But overall, it updates weekly and some players will be more than glad to party up with you.. So you can level up faster? 😀

      2) Transformice – a very addicting game made by Atelier 801. You have to move fast and quick or even help other mice in this game to reach the cheese.. Be ware though.. some mice doesn’t care if you die or not in the game, and some shamans also like trolling (a.k.a. using canon to shoot down a bridge while mice are still on top xD)

      There are many others, and this uh.. very long reply could also maybe become some help to people who are new to gaming 😛 Hope nyan helped! ;D

  94. goodbye runescape fanboys. runes of magic is now browser based. if it’s nr.1 on all f2p games, then now it’s nr.1 on browser games 2.

  95. Everyone can express their own feeling about the game they’re playing.

    For me, Runescape (I see most people here talk about it) is an average game, I played it since Christmas 2007 (4 years 4 months ago) until now I’m still playing it for killing my boring time. And I’m f2p the whole time. well I’m kinda on high level (80+, because I have 2 other accounts that I made to take care of, one at lvl 45+ and one lvl 30). As most people said, If your level is low, it’ll be fun and easy to level it up, but when your level is kinda high (for me it’s 40+) it’s hard to level up.

    I kinda agree with sever4nce too. And yes, you should beware of stranger that want to trade with you that offer your like 2 mill for only a rune armor, or player that invite you to wildy to fight him and he/she promise to give you armor or weapon, also that website that sold RuneScape gold -_- Only trust and trade with people that you know for a kinda long time. I have met with about 5 people that almost pissed me off, gladly that report abuse works for me 😛

    And I agree that Free Realms shouldn’t appear on the list, first time I play it’s fun, but you’ll get bored and bored after that, even if you have membership (trust me, I had 6 months membership, and it doesn’t mean everything is done, because cool items only can be bought by real money, and think that the game is for 10 years old, it seems it still had things that kids not supposed to see)

    About Drakensang, yes it is indeed a good game. I played it and it’s fun. Also A Mystical Lands and Earth Eternal too 🙂

  96. runescape rocks! i played wow for 2 years and regret every moment of it as its a complete waste of time and money, i quit wow to play runescape because

    A) its less time consuming and its easy to play while watching a movie etc.

    B) i would rather pay $10 a month as its worth its money, thats $2.50 a week and if u cant afford that then there really is no MMORPG game that you can play since nearly every game ( EVEN F2P GAMES ) have some real world currency involved, there is no shit or awesome game, it all goes on a gamers taste and what they find interesting about a game,

    Yea runescape community is full of morons, but so is wow and other games, you always get players like that so just harden the f*** up and build a bridge and get over it, play a game for you, not other people,

    straight up the gamer’s these days are just S**t C**ts , back in the day people would play shitty games and love it, now its all to do with graphics and the community, if u want to socialise GET THE FK OUT OF YOUR HOUSE and go talk to REAL people, jesus

    • dude there are games in wich evrything u get for free , u don’t have to pay, runescape is all about $$, go make thei azzes big and pay for useless stuff

  97. There in a new game that will be in Alpha around July!
    It is called City of Steam and it will be so much better than all of the toher games. The graphics are just amazing and the staff will actualy talk with you on the forums.

  98. Thanks for the good writeup. It in truth was a entertainment account it. Glance advanced to more introduced agreeable from you! By the way, how can we keep in touch?

  99. I ve been playing runescape for 2 years. it is the best. but……. theres alot of scamming and hacking in it… i lost my beloved acc fred the xxv. i miss it alot. its screwed because its haced for more than 50 times!!!! dnt go to other rsps websites r theyll hack u


  100. Runescape is now pretty much ruined. I am a level 138 and need only about 20 more levels to get maxed. It is sad to see people can now buy their way to success in Runescape (Squeal of Fortune).

    Runescape was one of the only games where you were nothing with IRL-cash. So now…yeah

    • ur saying it. I remeber playing a few years ago where there were only a couple of hundred people maxed. I loved skilling. But now u have all these really high exp lamps and, as u said, squeal of fortune. But for some reason, they still have millions of accounts regestered while thousands are still being made. :/

      • 6 years ago they had a community with over 800,000 players online each day. That’s not a few years ago. I’ve been playing RS since it first came out and I have an RS account and a RS2 account. Nah I’m not a end game player whose maxed out everything and caked with Crackers and P-Hats. I just play for fun and take long breaks from time to time. In my opinion they are starting to fix it up and max it better but right now it seems like they are engulfed with thinking that if they have better graphics that fixes all their problems which it’s not. Worst decision RS made was cutting out Free Player Trades and replacing it with the Grand Exchange. Ironically enough their Best decision was to reinstate Free Player Trading and cut off the limits on the Grand Exchange and let player set their own prices for items.

  101. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, how did adventure quest beat battlestar galactica, in battlestar your in a 3d world with loads of quests and ships and items + ur in space and fully in controll of a space ship. Adventure quest 2d, sidescrolling pile of sht 🙂

    My oppinion

  102. i truly give runescape a check because i used to play it for hours. although it got very boring because for the need to grind for xp, as long u are a new player mabe in the 20’s it wont be too bad but in the 40’s or 50’s it get very boring and need to pay to do just about anything
    just saying it is a good game 4 a whilt but it starts to get old

  103. the funny thing is…for me, all you would have to do is flip the whole list upside down XD I play zomg daily but Runescape confused the sin out of me X_X Me and abunch of other noobs just sorta stood around in this weird room…it was hard for me to see anything, the camara was so fcked up I got annoyed and quit. Now zomg, its pretty darn easy, no camara angles to complain about, and the game is pretty funny. Then there are the graphics…my 2D character looked soooo much better than my …3D….character on Runescape.
    Everyone, feel free to call me the Noob of Runescape, because I am and I accept it, but you will never get me to play that game again!!!

    • RuneScape is the #1 browser game, they had crap updates, but is still #1 game ever seen.

      Maybe you’re one of these kids with pure account lvl 40, and your main is like lvl. Maybe you never plays in p2p. Anyway RS #1 broswer

  104. runescape looks like it was make in the ’80s, it has boring gameplay, too much limitations, and it’s old. there are far better mmorpgs in the top 10.

    • “looks like it was made in the ’80s,” um google when runescape was made, for a game being as old as it is , its done very well and its still one of the best browser games, its boring to people like you with short attention spans or want to spend a good solid 10 hours per day on an online game,

      ive played runescape for 2 months starting from level 1, i am now level 98 combat with 11+ stats 70+ , there are no limit and theres a shit load more stuff to actually do in it, best browser game by far, im not saying that because it amuses me but because its a fact,

      its all about making money and attracting all kinds of players, which is the goal of every game creator

  105. yea runescape sucks… the new armour update is good but stil it sucks.
    jadex should work on the graphics and controls….. guys u should check a game called a mystical land. i see that the pmods and jmods are not doing their job.i played runescape for 1 year and i am lvl 60. but now i am fedup…

  106. How can you guys say that runescape is bad? It has so many things to do and even the best player in the game has not gotten all of his skills to the highest exp. Why do you guys consider it trash? I would really like to have a legit answer with no trolls.

  107. well my opinion on runescape is that the game was fun and the community was good 2007 and before, since 07 the game has went to crap.

    the community and trolls are terrible and Jagex only care about getting more members to make more money, the customer support is none.

    Saying that though i stayed playing even though i hated most about it being I like the skills diaries and so on, I love cb pvm and so on but i like that there is so much to do.

    I have searched and searched for a game similar to runescape but pretty much everything is kill kill kill always.

    the 2 I had found that had similar skills were to anime or cartoon like.

    If only someone would buy out jagex or make a game like it and improve it the rite ways it would be awesome 😛

    Still searching for a game that has a good amount of skills similar to rs, a game that lets you choose what type of player you want to be in it, cb based a skiller little of both or all
    RS players will know what I mean with that.

  108. Runescape is good, but I find it too easy. I have played the other games and I believe Runescape has more option but I like Drakensang Online better!

  109. Stop complaining about needing to pay to have acess to the content of runescape, the price is cheap and the developers need to gain money! Runescape is a great game and you can sure play until around level 40-50 and do some quests and other things without paying, but if you buy the membership you get acess to a incredible big world map and a lot of items, quests, monsters, abilities and places to explore, and the best is that they update the game introcing new features, locations, monsters, quests and items very often. for me its 10/10.

  110. RS isn’t exactly worth of being at number 1 spot as a f2p game. Most players praise it for variety etc., but as a f2p it doesn’t exactly have variety. Only combat and mining/smithing is open for f2p and even they’re quite limited (by enemies you can kill, by gear you can wear and by items you can make out of smithing). Also, pvp is totally unbalanced on f2p’s high lvl pvp

    What about as a p2p? It’s completely different game. You can farm, do a lot of quests, fletch, treasure hunt and so on.

    I’ve indeed played rs to high lvls as a f2p and later on played on private servers. Potions, special attacks and higher tier gear just makes notable differences on pvping.

  111. I’ve played Runescape for a while now… graphics are improving definitely. The only part that I hate about it is that they take out Tutorial Island completely now. I really enjoyed that short tutorial. Now, any game that has a “Premium Membership” option where you gotta buy something is really stupid. I might as well just play it for a long time and earn it that way. Still, it’s a great game in general, but since I played it for so long, it lost the hook that hung onto me. Now I play a lot of Steam/VALVe’s Team Fortress 2.

  112. Runescape is great!!!! That’s really true, but stuff like fusionfall and drakensang make it suck. Fusionfall was P2P first, then F2P. If runescape did this, everyone would like it.

  113. weird why ain’t Pirate Galaxy in the list, the grafics in that game is legendry, it’s like best browser game there is+free(if you ask me). It is sci-fi stuff, but still it’s great, try it you’ll love it :), but c’mon rly runsescape, it’s old news, stop posting anything about those stuff

  114. almost every comment here is about runescape, it might be fun for a while (or a long time?)
    and if you hate runescape, you hate it, don’t tell the likers they are stupid morons, and if you like runescape, you like it, and don’t tell haters they should go kill themselves because they are stupid.
    It is all a matter of opinion, it can’t be a fact that runescape is the best browser game, yes, it is the most played game, but to say it’s best is your personal opinion.

  115. Runescape is #1 for reason millions of people play it it has, acheivments, levels,and many more to play. you can cook fight monsters and just free roam if you want to. members can get houses and summon monsters and do even more than regulars.

  116. Geuss there has been at least 126 reports about only runescpe which I rate is 0 out of 100000000000000000000000000000000.Talk about somthinelse.

    • It is rather strange that so many people play runescape if it really suck. Perhaps they don’t know that. Or perhaps you are wrong, and it doesn’t suck.

  117. this all we got why why does the bowser games suck almost 70% of this list games suck rs i played it became a member but the fun lasts for a while there are no updates for nonmembers excpet minor ones and sesonal ones thts it free realms sucks mystc land idk what tht is but it probally sucks draken sang i played but its not tht bad but still not very fun at all zomg it good but
    mixes the 2d with the 3d agreeable game tho aqw i played so many times i got bored of it fuision fall never played but my friend said its fun and come to think of it i think its download anyway and tht space ship game just as fun as if u were playing a boring stragy game. pet forest looks like a clone of zomg gunshine i never play looks promising so there u have it in a nutshell this is the best -.- ok we will see

  118. My Opinion: Runescape sucks. Reason: Tried playing it a while back, The game is confusing, the tutorial is weak and not helpful in the least, Things mash together all over the place, one thing isn’t discernible from the next, it was just all around terrible.

    The best Browser game? I’ve played quite a few others that gave me more enjoyment in the first five minutes than Runescape gave me in the first couple hours.

    Canaan online
    A Mystical Land
    Crystal Saga

    All better than RS imo, then again it’s just MY opinion….so don’t nobody be getting all bent out of shape on me ok?

  119. Does anyone know a good game like Skinny, Coma, Nightsky, Grey, Endeavour, Sulkeis, Cave Story, Ikachan, Diamond Hollow 2, Aquaria, World of Goo, N?na, Ha?e F?aith, or something? One with some sort of awesome storyline and either awesome art style (8-bit-ish or maybe really detailed or moving) or awesome music? NO, not metallica or pop or whatever people listen to nowadays, i mean 8-bit-ish or classical. I’m struggling to find games like these, lots nowadays dont actually attach themselves to your soul and give you more than entertainment.

  120. lmao i came on here cus im level 124 on runescape and loosing my membership so there is no point in it anymore and i have a rubbish pc so i cant play downloadable games. and what do i find they say “oh sorry mate, evrything is terrible but runescape…” so umm guess il have to go get a life now 🙁 that takes so much effort 🙁

  121. It’s a pity to see how Runescape is seen now. I recall when I played it way the hell back when. (we’re talking the 2d characters with bland 3D backgrounds era). It was a basically good rounded game engine, tweaked here and there to keep things from getting too unbalanced, and for it’s time it had a far amount of quests and other little fun thing.

    When I was play about 9-10 years ago, I found that the best way to enjoy it was to have a group of IRL friends playing along with you in the same room, LAN party style in a way. It was nice as each of us had a role. I was the cook for traveling, and the mage for combat. And each member of the group (about six of us who played) had such duel roles. The lack of a major plot line was nice for use as we just enjoyed going on quest after quest.

    Of course we moved on, I started again recently with my brother and cousin as a group and was stunned to see the changes, and the community is certainly part of the blame for it’s bad rep. A lot of people only caring about raising their skills, and thinking it actually means anything. These people are the type that don’t understand the main principal rule in gaming. HAVING FUN.

    That’s right, it’s not about having that epic weapon or taking to place at the leader boards. If those activities are enjoyable well then power to you, but the problem is that the majority of gamers are just wanting to stick their virtual dick in everyone’s face. This however is not a problem that only Runescape has so it is unfair to really judge the game based on it. I’ve seen a fair share of the same in the much Vaunted AQW and in basically any MMO. Yes there are a lot more in Runescape for the simple reason that there are so many other people as well.

    Now hacking and other things like that, it’s a pity, but it’s not something to be counted for what makes a game enjoyable or not. That’s security and it is the responsibility of those who work in that area of things, but as I said, not a valid basis of what makes a game good.

    As for the actual game play, sure just pointing and clicking for everything isn’t exactly a thrill a minute type of playing, but at least things do work well enough with it. Could I go for something more interactive, sure, but it’s not enough of a problem to keep people from playing. The Diablo games were both like that, granted there was some hotkey usage for skill switching and items like potions or scrolls, still I think mechanics of the game work well enough. And then there is the open-ended skill list, yeah some of them you have to go the full-membership route along with some quests or areas, but still without having to pay you sill get a fair amount of things to work with.

    The bottom line is the Runescape is a fairly well rounded game and if you can find a solid group to play with on a regular basis, (not counting people you only speak with in that damned text chat) You may find it can be a very different experience. Does it deserve the #1 slot, perhaps not. But it’s still a decent game overall.

    • i aggree it used to be fun even when i get hacked. i had fun with my friends and alll and im 11., but not until 2 weeks ago i think on this dqay was when i got terribli hacked and lost my armor,money,and friends. it was a dissaster. so i quit the game,sigh. i never thought that would happen but it did guys. its really a good game and all. but noww im searching for other mmorpg’s to do the same fune stuff without being able to get hacked. thank you.

  122. pirate galaxy is not on there??? it has graphics comparing to battlestar galactica online and has a better story. most browser games are 2d and have crappy graphics but this is one of the best looking ones around

  123. Yah, I remember runescape; that was my all time favorite game a two years ago in 6th grade. The changes are alright, although many would beg to differ. There are a few changes that I didn’t appreciate but it was and is still is a great game nonetheless. However, I do not play it anymore because of the lack of good items in the non member world (when I played I was a member but I got tired of paying) and the few changes to the health. If you’re new to the game and started playing with the new changes then I think it’s a great game for you; some just had to get used to the changes. Also, being a member offers a wide range of things you can do ex: owning pets, summoning creatures, stealing, hunting, slaying; and a plethora of other features that make the game more entertaining and fun for lack of a better phrase. If I was still playing I’d give it a 4.3/5 stars. It’s funny how this page wasn’t about runescape but it somehow turned into one. Just shows how popular the game really is.

    • Runescape is not that hard to learn…simple click and respond system..but if you mean backstory and such then you’d have to actually read about the game…none the less its #1 because its the most complete browser game in the world..alot of people talk about WoW and other games but forget that WoW isnt even a browser game, this game compared to any other BROWSER game in the world is ahead of it by far.

  124. Runescape was awesome before toomany kids and lifeless idiots started to play it The First thing they told me when i logged in for so long was:”Hey look its a lvl 42 Noob!” Really? Lvl 42 noob? That was the worst insult i ever heard and trust me I have gotten ALOT of insults

    (500+ and Counting!)

  125. I hate to say it, but having played Runescape when I was a little girl and then going back to it now, I can safely say it is absolute shit. The graphics are terrible, areas are always overcrowded and the LAG. Dear sweet God, the lag is horrendous. I swear the only reason that so many people play the game is that the majority of players are tweens and teens who don’t know of any better MMOs out there.

  126. Honestly I can’t believe anyone is actually debating about RuneScape. Yes it is not a very bad game, however. Only time I liked it : 11-15 years old, oldest friend that played it only because his pc was crap 17 years old.

    The game is so over-rated it’s sad. Even AdventureQuest is by far better with it’s complexity in classes items pets and quests. RuneScape is just a washed up 2d game meant for kids, yet adults who can’t play anything more complex or even earn money by selling gold to kids who steal their parents credit cards.

    All in all I give RuneScape a 6/10 only because I used to play it and know it’s awesome for uneducated and not very smart kids. After all you have skills! Too bad best of them only accessible my member-ship ( pathetic, locking continent is okay, like maps, locking skills just show desperation in earning money and not giving a flying f*** about your community ).

    From this list the best game for me is current AdventureQuest, not too many immature and uneducated kids, yet not going in to “mad serious” genre.

    This list looks very limited though, you obviously haven’t tried great games like :
    Ministry of War
    Terra Militaris
    A lot of facebook games ( sadly having advantage with friends playing it ), who are superior to a game which spent over 10 years to become what it is now ( still a shitty game ). Of course not in player base, because kids simply fail to play complex games ( like 85% of people commenting here ).

    Not even going to waste time thinking, anyways RuneScape deserves stop 10 for it’s player-base ( kids or or uneducated adults ), however nr1 spot is quite saddening.

  127. Runescape in my opinion has better graphics but, I think the gameplay went alittle downhill. I played 8 years so I’ve seen it develop over time. It’s become more quantity over quality in my opinion. Although, I’d still say it deserves the top slot. Even with it’s quantity over quality factor there it still puts other games to shame.

  128. AWW SHIIII. I KNEW AQW IS BETTER THAN RUNESCAPE. My bro and I were complaining on this topic for like AGEESSSS. Surprisingly enough Im playing Gaia Online right now.

  129. Played the game for quite some time but more or less of and on cuz I could not cope with the borringness factor of the game Klick on tree>>>>watch screen>>>>walk bank>>>walk back to tree>>>klick tree>>>> hence and repeat. My reason for it not being number one is a totally personal opinion. The game bores me like crazy. what I want is a Turn based browser rpg >.> with a good story and old school rpg gameplay (Golden Sun, Chrono trigger etc.) Visuals I don’t care about aslong as it dusnt go lower then Nes visuals.

  130. have you guys not seen pardus?
    check it out at
    it the best game i’ve come across yet. i have personnaly not found a match for it

  131. i think drakensang and battlestar galatica should be at the tops, drakensang i love for the diablo type gameplay and etc. and battlestar galatica just amazed me when i first saw it cause it was a browser game and there was no download or subscription. i am not a fan of battlestar galatica (though i have heard of it before) it is a fun game and addicting if you can figure out the controls.

  132. I do not agree runescape should be up there in the top 10. runscape has been out lived its ate itself with few updates and LONG grinding id say if any were in the top it would have to be BGO it is the best mmorpg i have seen and this is coming from some one who despises bigpoint
    it is what it is and BGO has Great graphics best i have sen for an mmo and definatley better than thier seafight game

  133. Runescape oh my god runescape. WTF why are you even the top game on this damn list. All you f-in do is make people waste their money on some stupid piece of shit game thats basically nothin. I mean come on freakin more people play on f2p because its a waste to pay for only 9 extra skills that are shit and have no benefit to the character whatsoever and sure the 9million (exagerated) more quests may seem ok but seriously loosen up and put like half of mem (or all) quests on free quest and like give the entire map back to the freebies otherwise my personal rating is like 2.5 (also pvp has stupidly op (overpowered) lowbie players)

    • Developers need to eat too ya know! and its not free to run games also dont get angry about overpowered people they actually used their time to get it Altho Some of them cheat by getting a powerlvling by paying

    • I guess you don’t dislike runescape you hate on it because of it’s sucess… Every game has it’s own kind of earning money, some by buying things for the game some by paying membership…
      Runescape isn’t an exception to that, so that way of hating is too old and overused.
      Quests are actually pretty different from each other, except the ones that are in a questline…
      You can actually enjoy a big part of the map being a f2p and there are actually about 40 f2p quests in-game. The pvp isn’t overpowered… If you can afford to risk your bank why not! Just put in mind you may lose it to a combo.

  134. Runescape is not the best game (my oppinion ) why is it first on every site I see it’s not that great. 80% of the map is member only and it has a horrible community, tons of hackers, really unsmooth actions and a confusing starter area. As well the list ignores some great games made by small companies such as Realm of the Mad God. It’s a great game with a retro twist. I highly recommend it.

    • You do realize Runescape pays more than 500$ a day to keep it up and running and it needs money to run it isnt free to keep a good game up alot of good games were destroyed by bankrupcy
      and were forced to be taken off the web

      PS:Developers need to eat too!

    • Runescape is first on every list, because it is about the only game that offers anything besides combat. In what other game do you see 25 different skills that can be leveled up independently the way they can in Runescape, and where you can spend litteraly years on each skill? I haven’t seen it yet. Every other game is about combat, combat, combat, and it gets boring pretty fast, no matter how superior their graphics are. Runescape simply has so much more to offer, and no other game even comes close.

    • speaking of which: Anyone here remember that guy that broke his client and went around killing people in a birthday hat?

  135. runescape is loved because of its large world, the massive range of items that u can buy and own and all the different activities and things you can do. there is no other free browser based game that is like it. they just got the game right and its what everyone enjoys.

  136. Drakensang doesn’t support mac yet, witch sucks for me as I wanted to play it really bad, but can’t afford to switch operating systems

  137. Runescape is a good game when your 10, but when your 13 and higher it just loses to everything else. I mean somebody who spint years getting their character to a badass state, then stops playing it for a few years and comes back is considered a n00b even if they can kick the ass of everyone their. They well still be called a n00b because everyone that plays it now is a bunch of gay ass pricks who have never actually played a game before because they just cheated their way through every game they played or bought an account from somebody and other things like that.

  138. I tried to create an account on Drakensang but was unsuccessful, my attempts th do so were greeted by a pop-up asking me to “try again later or contact customer support”

  139. PLay team fortress 2 it is free and you can get all the content you want if you pay but slowly you can get all the content for free in matches only problem is limited inventory until you buy something for as low as 50 cents then you 260 more inventory slots it is download but rocks

  140. Runescape got rid of bots finaly. No matter they will return or not, Runescape is awesome now.
    Runescape is not boring. Im nearly playing it 4 years and I didint finished anything. I could now go complete at least 30 quests, go kill bosses, go do activities, go level ranged, go mine mithrill, go do dungeoneering, go… I could also continue until theres enough space. Runescape is boring when you play in free worlds. And only if you reach about level 70 there, then it gets boring. So reach level 70 combat, about 50+ level in all skills, go to members and have fun. Community bad? How come? I didint noticed. Maybe you guys spam “free st00f pl0x” too much?

    • I hate RS! There is not enough free content and once you finish the free quests thats it for the free gamers! Not everyone wants to pay for it not even smart parents would or should pay for that crap! I’ve seen better, but the better ones usually require downloding! I have found some good browser games, but they don’t allow closeups of the armor! I looked into Odin Quest and a similiar game. I have been looking for a game like Drakensang, but easier to lvl like WOI or BOI (which is harder than WOI). I like Wow, but its not ftp. Neither is Torchlight2 and i don’t own it yet. I have TL1, but its not good enough. I want more! I want a browser game that does not require money and shows closeup of the armor like TL! All i could find was WOI and BOI and they are not browser games sadly. I was not able to get games like Mythos to work (it worked once, but after that it gave me errors!). I Prefer games lik WOW or Torchlight (and/or BOI AND WOI). If anyone knows of any games like them that are playable let me know!

  141. Does anyone know a good game like Skinny, Coma, Nightsky, Grey, Endeavour, Sulkeis, Cave Story, Ikachan, Diamond Hollow 2, Aquaria, World of Goo or something? One with some sort of awesome storyline and either awesome art style (8-bit-ish or maybe really detailed or moving) or awesome music? NO, not metallica or pop or whatever people listen to nowadays, i mean 8-bit-ish or classical. I’m struggling to find games like these, lots nowadays dont actually attach themselves to your soul and give you more than entertainment.

    • try bastion not 100% free it only has a free demo, the artwork and narration is amazing. its for pc and xbox (maybe ps3 i dont think so though) great storyline oh and its single player

  142. Runescape was a amazing game for its time, time is catching up on it and nowadays their are more exciting games around but i have still never seen a browser game anywhere near as big as runescape and no where near as detailed. Only thing i have to say about runescape is that it was dubed down alot for younger players and the inflation is insane. I remember the days were 100k was ALOT!!
    With an exception of the general cummunity and the tutorials it still is a decent game.

  143. runescape really? i played it and it got so bory all u do is click on the thing and u do it its boring but u guys should acturly play some real games that r fun 😛 im just saying 🙂

  144. i think everyone should stop playing those crappy browser games and start getting REAL games
    like team fortress 2 or counter strike

  145. Of course runescape would first -_- It’s getting really annoying that runescape is first for every free mmorpg list. I used to like runescape but now it just sucks, Needs to be shut down.

  146. guys we get it you all loved/still love RS at one point in time i hated the game when i first tried it i took 2 steps then cleared my cache after deleting my account and i tried it after the graphics change and i thought it was worse so i deleted my account again and cleared the cache and deleted the site off my PC but RS isn’t the only game up there but it seems to be the only thing you guys are talking about and tbh i never even heard of a few of them why RS is first ill never understand it i think Drakensang should be 1st but that’s just my opinion feel free to rage or w.e i really don’t give a damn i give this list an F due to the fact that a few of these games you actually have to download a cache you would expect but its not a browser based game if you gotta download it

  147. Now, you all may think Runescape is good for whatever reason, and I think it’s good, as well . . . But there are many other games that I think are BETTER–even Great! Now, it’s very true that the most popular games will have the most hackers, bots, spammers, scammers, children, and childish adolescents/some childish adults, and Runescape is no exception. There are hackers, bots, spammers, scammers, children, and the childish galore. That, and the fact that there’s so much cut off for being free-to-play, you pretty much HAVE to be a Member/Subscriber to enjoy most of the fun stuff, which I, personally, call total BS on. What kind of FREE game makes you PAY to enjoy the fun things? A lying, cheap rip-off, that’s what. And even when you’re a Member/Subscriber, there are STILL -TONS- of bots, spammers, scammers, children, childish teens/adults, and–I would even say–EVEN MORE hackers trying to score big on your Member account, which they sell for real-life money, or, sometimes, loads of in-game currency, which they then sell on illegal sites that sell players (usually illegally-obtained) in-game currency.

    Also, chances are, if you’re playing Runescape and enjoying it, you’re almost DEFINITELY one of the listed people playing the game, so you have no right to say anything about this. The ONLY people who have a right to argue with me are the others that have been abused by means of spam, hack, bot, scam, or the idiocy of a child/childish teen/adult trying to argue with you over something retarded like standing in the wrong spot, killing the wrong mob, or taking a resource that that person couldn’t get for themselves. And, yes, I’ve been a victim of ALL of these; mostly being hacked for my Membership account(s) and being the victim of another’s complete, total, and self-afflicted retardation in the form of a petty argument and/or me simply trying to explain to them how what I did wasn’t cheating/spamming in some way or another.

    What I’m trying to say here is . . . Runescape is awesome. It’s a great game, really. You should all go play it longer than a few weeks/a month or two . . . so you, too, can see how much it really, really, REALLY f*cking sucks in the worst possible way. Also, you would also need to grow some hair on your private areas before realizing this, since children and the childish never have any to help them realize what B.S.-ery is going on in that game. Once you realize this, come hate Runescape with me on Server 5 sometime. I’m permanently muted because I called an admin a jerk for arguing with me about how my friend wasn’t doing anything wrong when he mined a whole area by himself FOR ONCE and everyone that came afterwards complained to the admin that he hacked somehow, so don’t expect much conversation with me. Just know that I hate Runescape because of all that stuff I just said and silently hate it by my side.

    (Of course, I no longer play Runescape, so the chances of you finding me on there are none to less than that.)

    • Zogan,the common sense to not allow ppl to hack you acc,is not wear anything but bronze armour when you on a trip or not fighting to let ppl think you have been hacked.
      Zogan,RS sucks for you is because your angry at the cheeky bast***s who hacked you acc, many of them are lazy,commputer crimminals and if you think about it,they also might live in their parents basement cause they lack social skills,or their just childern.
      If their children…..comon….their children……they dont know how cruel thier actions are!
      Im a child myself,12, from singapore, and i used to love RS,now im just waiting to get my mem without visa or creditcards.

  148. Drakensang doesn’t look that good on my Alienware… But, I must agree the the epicness of Runescape should make it first. But it really cant be considered a good free one because it sucks if you aren’t a mem! But AQworlds 6th? Good god people Replace it to make it number 3, remove Free Realms completely of the list, and make Fusion Fall 4. I would rather get high off PVC and play that Shattered World remake than enjoy a house party with virtual friends while my dogs dance around like drunk ass russians in Free Realms! MEH MEH MEH! Also, Get Earth Eternal or what ever its called in there. It actually isnt half bad.

    • Most games suck if you don’t pay. Runescape at least has it’s own servers for free players, where only free items can be used. In all other games I know of, free and paying players are on the same server, playing together, which indeed makes the free play suck, because you don’t stand a chance against anything. Drakensang is no different, and even the most common things like health potions, essence for fighting, crystals for identifying objecs etc. must be bought with real money. You can hardly even play the game without paying. In my opinion Drakensang is bound to fail.

  149. i like runescape it’s a little boring but its a good game because you can do allot of things like in the real world like cooking fishing and more stuff and this is why runescape is a good game (but dont forget all of the fighting) so you should play this game

  150. also whats with all the dragon games (well dragon pictures) if you want a great game with amazing graphic and the lastest engine and AI buy SKYRIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! look some of it up on youtube u you’ll see what i mean 11.11.11 can’t wait!

    • the graphics are nice but they’re not that amazing, the AI isnt all that great either.. if you bring a companion with you they’ll step on almost every trap, if its one that can reset they can get stuck there for a bit trying to get around it and.. sigh i almost want to leave my companion behind.. if you go to loot something in a small room/space an turn back around.. you walk into them to try an push them out of the way, nope you cant do that, they’ll stand there staring at you and you’re stuck trying to get around them. oh! also.. so far my companion doesnt really die, they’re getting beaten to (near) death over and over.. they just get knocked down for awhile BUT if say.. your stray arrow misses, or the target moves suddenly to one side and the arrow just happens to hit your companion.. they’ll die.. i think thats pretty stupid.

  151. i hate the fact that too many people spend there time on broswer games when there the world of consoles out there ( no offense to those who can’t afford one) and great games like falloutor battlefield or COD but to be honest runescape doen’t deserve to be at top, the graphics isn’t great! plus the updates aren’t great either. only a few grapical changes but theres not much to do.
    i find sprising that Drakensang Online is second but it is still only on it’s open beta and i have to say i palyed a little of it and it’s great BUT one quest and some dialouge options were in another language i think it was german. WTF!!!!!!!!

    • Why not go to ijji and play Gunz or Avia? It’s probably better, and its very fast paced. It’s a fps and requires fast reflexes and your full attention.

    • “no offense if you cant afford one”

      gaming PCs are twice as much, if not more than a console

      “great games like fallout battlefield or COD”

      fallout is alright, battlefield is good but COD is shit.

      “runescape doesn’t deserve to be at top”

      runescape is still the #1 most popular free to play browser based MMO. until someone makes something with better graphics, better gameplay, and better everything, all in the browser, without requiring any plug-ins, Runescape will always be #1.

  152. i agree, runescape bores me i played it for a while and it really started to bore me because of the repetitive actions and i had fun on it but when u start to realise that u’ve got quite successful and far in the game then thbere’s nothing else to do. i’d reccomend it but u will get bored eventually.

  153. Where is 4Story? They released the browser version of 4story a while ago on
    They either haven’t found it or they haven’t included it coz it’s in CBT

  154. ok first of all I hate runescape im not a hater I been playing it for 2 years and I had 4 accounts that were very sucsessful and I used to love the game very much its addicting money making ways are legit but its full of HAckers Spammers and stupid bots WHEN I GOT MY LAST ACCOUNT HACKED I stopped playing because I dint do anything but I got hacked but I guess it deserves it being number 3 just because of hackers spammers etc

    • You fall for it, you hacked yourself…
      There’s no way of being hacked if you follow the rules and don’t fall into phishing website of course…
      Every game has hacking problems… Not an argument, and i don’t how does a guy with such a big career into this game falls for hacking, that’s just stupid… IGNORE THE SPAMMERS ENJOY THE GAME, such a pain to let people understand that but it’s the truth of the matter.

    • silkroad online sotmly the quests are to level up. Great pvp, better graphics than runescape, you can be hunter, thief, or merchant. its really really fun to play man. Bad thing about it is, the servers is not like runescape, almost everyday its a traffic server u can barely get in. The game is not popular around the world like runescape but you can get addicted to it easily!, the game is soooo good, the creators are having a war with ppl using bots to lvl up while they are asleep or at work. 9dragons its like silkroad, but i think its better than silkroad, no bots, less traffic hours. perfect world- the name says it all, you can do what ever in gods name you want.

  155. I tried Runescape tonight, and while I can see why so many people love it… it just isn’t for me. Clicking to move feels extremely clunky, and I didn’t really care for the way spells and abilities are accessed. Maybe I missed something, but not having the ability to use WASD to move around is really awkward.

  156. well first of all rune scape used to be great but when it changed mods went abusing powers enz so now it sucks and adventure quest is very fun played it for around 4 months then i got bored 😛

    • If you liked runescape then I’m sure Ragnaork Online would be fun for you too. There are not that many tnbtous and crap you need to know. Real easy layout for you to understand and this game is really 3-D.Here are some screenshots//Edit links not working right now for me.. v_vPretty fun game. Our whole guild aka clan got banned. It was the longest running clan on that server then we all decided to leave the game cuz we all tired of it.Every Wensday and Saturday, there is this thing called War Of Empirum were everyone on your server, around 500~people, fight to take castles that are around the game. It lastly 2 hours. So it’s basiclly mass killing anyone on sight you see. Reasons for playing================= Free Very simple to understand the game, 10 year olds even play Lots of customizations on your char ex: Hair color (200+colors), Body color (200+ colors), Hair style (25+ styles), Headgear, Wings Armor, etc Whatever you put on, it will change and everything looks differnet. You won’t see the same looking person all the time unless people decide to be twins and crap. also those wings look kick *** on people. Marrying Another Player system ex: yah you can marry your friends in the game lol. and you can have babies. the baby chars are just mini sized and you can use them as your main char. Pets ex: you can have your own pet. it can level while you level. 25+ type of pets. plus each pet has special abilites it can do. most people don’t keep them becuase you have to keep feeding them and they forget to. if you don’t feed your pet, it will be mad at you and run away. x__X Quests. You are not required to do them. Only if you want to. So everyone can have a chance at being #1 in the game. Friendly people. You won’t have someone saying oh i badass. i gunna own ur shit Each account can hold up to 9 differnet chars.*Just don’t go to google and search for the ragnork online game. if your still willing to play then you can email me and i’ll give you a link to the free one. Private Server ones are free. The public server one you have to pay $50 each month for. x___XBye hope it helps or you find another game. =P

    • Well, it’s still fun if you avoid the busy servers. Like hell it’s number one, but it’s still got a place somewhere on this list.

  157. A lot of these games I used to play as a kid, RS was and still is a good interactive game, I remember that a lot of place or functions were seal unless u were a member..idk if they changed it…the last time i played was right after the new graphics nd gameplay system came out..personally i liked how it used to be a long long time ago but its still great since the game has so much to do..fusionfall i used to play as a beta so the graphics were bad nd reminiscent of the old days due to the familiar characters but i haven’t played since so idk wats changed I personally like the old adventure quest vs. aq worlds but the graphics r way to 2d ndd the game play is far 2 limited to quest nd’s still a fine game though…

  158. rs has to many bots and in f2p worlds there’s too many auto-talkers. I’ve been on rs on long time and its really fun. Being a member owns. 😛

  159. Never liked RS cause everything about it blew chunks but I may give it another try if they changed it. No offense to those who enjoy it, its just my opinion. I like all three of the games on and Sorcery Quest has turned out to be one of the best browser based games I have found to date (Reminders of the old school gamers RPG when they were still fun)

  160. rs totally deserves to be in first place it has so much to do even if you arent a member but there is a problem and not a small one either although hacks have pretty much been canceled out for rs bots are rampent theres not 1 world in rs that doesnt have them and not many places you can go without seeing a cluster of them moving to a new tree or fishing spot….you cant even buy items without having your chat rapped buy rs money adds … but im a member and thank god i dont need to deal with spammers but bots are still their…… well who ever wants to add me my rs name is soundwave36

  161. I remember playing FusionFall wayy back when it was launched. At that time, I didn’t see it as a FTP; you could only play to a certain extent before you had to pay before continuing. Or has it changed now? =S A really good game from what I experienced though.

    Where’s Spiral Knights and Quake Live btw? You need to download something and they opened in a popup but aren’t they still browser games? >.<

  162. runescape is by far the best BROWSER game ive played. it has many skills to train, an advanced Exchanged system (the general exchange) which is like the stock market where prices rise and fall, a crapy but addictive pvp, numerous quests but no true story line (its like a game with only side quests) and it even has numberous sites (rune hq is an example) that help u play without having to ask the 13 year old kid that will only say “stfu noob”. 3 bad things, 1. botters golore, 2. scammers, and 3. the 13 year old who calls u a noob and asks for money (just give him 1 gp). i suggest playing it if u havent and if u have and u didnt like it i respect that though i disagree with ur judgement.

    • they just got rid of all the botters im not sure how long it will last till the botting prgrams update and get around this new update tht jagex has done to get rid of them its not a bad game if ur a member but i have played much better

    • Fantus,Rs is annoying,complex yet somehow,addictive at first,but soon gets boring if you not member.
      If they had member cards,i would have been a member and continued not so im like a 6yr old player yet only lv 59…..which is VERY low.
      Maple is easier to lv up and u can go to all the places but the rest is…not worth it.
      Which is why TF2 is perfect.

      • Sorry to embarrass you but i played 2 years as a F2P and i got myself to lvl 85…
        I paid for member and it’s well worth it. A large amount of new items, big questlines, a 5x bigger world, 2x more skills to train! 2x Better ways to make money, 75% less advertisers and after 3 months of being member i am level 107. And yes i do have a life, theres times i don’t play for a week and theres times i get addicted and play for over 6hours, that’s how good it gets.

        • Maybe with that “life” you could get some money, a better comp, and pay for an actually good game. Jus’ sayin’

          The ONLY reason to play a game as shit as RS would be cuz you don’t want to pay for a game, ie f2p. So… when you cross into the realm of paying for a game that bad in so many respects (graphics, content depth, community, linearity, bla bla bla)… it’s just like WTF?

          If you’re going to pay for a game, at least pay for something decent like WoW.

  163. A ps to all the posts about RuneScape: They add a YEAR to the age of your account for some reason. I played for almost a month and it said I had been playing for almost 400 days. Something fishy here…

  164. I don’t really consider FreeRealms a Browser Based game.
    The game is not played from the browser window, it’s only launched from your browser.
    The same Battlefield Heroes, or any Nexon game.
    It opens its own application.

    Drakensang Online is pretty decent, though it only has two options for classes at this moment so it’s very limiting for the time being.

    I’ve never been a big Runescape fan since my friend showed it too me back in uhh 2001?
    All he did was go around collect wood and cook fish. That’s the extent of my knowledge when it comes to this game.

    • ANY game you don’t have to download or install is a Browser Based game. Occasionally there may be a small download that takes about long enough for you to grab a soda from the fridge, but that’s about it.
      I like Browser Based so I can get to playing sooner.
      I’m used to games with few to no quests, though. Quests can get tiring and you’re not going anywhere while doing them. I like to explore, etc.

  165. Well Runescape deserves to be #1 since it suits all different types of PCs i know my pc is well… not the best in the market but it can’t run Drakensang Online, simply because ‘D.O.’ only suits the best computers it does not suit low graphiced PCs like mine but Runescape on the other hand suits my Computer quite nicely. and that’s what makes a game #1.

  166. RuneScape is a good game, indeed. When it was launched, what a great advance for browser games, but it dont will take much time to Drakensang Online take its place as 1st, cause not only the graphics but the gameplay is awesome, and the servers are pretty good, better then RS ones, for a game wich such graphics, its more common pc lags than net lags.

    • Drakensang will never take first place over Runescape. RS is far superior, because it has much more than just combat. There are people playing it, who have never killed anything, and they can enjoy the games for years. Drakensang has nothing besides combat, which gets old pretty fast, and neither have other games. I have never seen a game that gets even close to the variety of things you can do in Runescape.

      • I also played for years, logged other day to see what’s different and realise I’ve earnt a “10” year veteran cape, Also seem to be buffing the combat system, looks alot more…. active in that respect… still cant justify spending hours on that again tho, with 100+combat lvl f2p is a no go.

        The game deserves 1st place

        Massive player base
        Lots of servers
        Constant updates by a keen team
        Lots of help if needed
        Evolving market
        Lots of mini-games (some are like entire online games i’ve played elsewhere)
        Massive world to explore (p2p) large land to explore (f2p)

        This game is full of content, and kids… but the content can make up for the kids remarks =]

        for an online browser game this truly does top the lot

        ofcourse you could play WoW but thats just not a browser game…
        or old school, more content, more skill, more depth – Ultima Online by 1997 T2A – UOsecondage
        was the daddy of them all im afraid, depth of content and variety is incredible.

        still waiting on something new like runescape that requires you to use the grey mush in your skull, instead of linear ways (to get this – do this) concept


        Browser games I’d recommend

        Runescape – full of content – plenty of brain candy
        Dead frontier – great survival game – plenty of “ohH shhH—-!” moments

        both are pretty three-dimensional games with a good feel
        runescape is evolving so if its not fun now try again in a few months or next year
        Dead frontier – is probably still almost a beta… so if the dev gets to it that is the ONLY zombie MMO and it happens to be doing things right… its just abit… plain now


        • I agree with the DeadFrontier stuff. I want to like that game so bad… it’s just missing something, and the dev is just dragging way too long on finding whatever that “it” is. I played DF years back, logged in a couple months ago and the changes were so slight, and so much damn spanish… I’m guessing the project is going to fall into foreign obscurity before they ever figure out the difference between their face and their assholes.

        • That game is very hard at around lvl 15 it requires real money to stay alive and noone speaks english so its hard to pary with anyone! It becomes hard to solo and requires teaming up with strangers. WOI and BOI are easier to level up in even though it does become dependent on partying. Why would anyone in their right minds play Drankensang or anything that requires money to enjoy?!? ?!? I have been looking for an alternative and i all i could find was WOI an d BOI (and theres Torchlight, but its not free), which are not browser games and i’d have to squint to see the armor in Odin Quest or that other similiar game.

  167. FusionFall is a pretty fun game, especially if you’ve been following Cartoon Network since you were a kid. It really pays tribute to all the fantastic characters that has made CN what it is today, and is constantly being updated.

    I may also give a few other games on the list a shot. I also agree that Runescape deserves to be #1.

  168. well a few days ago i went to the runescape website to see updates then now u have to DOWNLOAD the game unless u play on FB which i dont want to so i have no choice 😛

  169. I’m just waiting for the haters to start complaining about Runescape being 1st. Say what you will about the game, but you can’t hide from the fact it’s the best browser game around.

    Nice list.

    • Didn’t try Runescape, though I think that it is a great game, but I haven’t played browser games out of FB in a while now and I don’t think I’ll play soon.
      I think that Runescape deserves the first play for the change it went, because I remember the graphics were bad, and it didnt look very welcoming few years ago but now it looks great for a browser game.

      • runescape though is great! But if you don’t pay to play like me it’s like nothing. There is a quest system for f2p players but these quest are simple and do not make any challenge. Zomg! is a cool game too! And free!

        • Runescape is awsome,but cause ive reached rune weaps and i have to pay to get my rune claws plus better places,im not so interested.
          Runescapes creator,Jagex ,isnt bad but its funorb project has kinda failed as when it came out ,many played it but now….very little.
          But if you start new in RS,IT IS THE BEST.Followed by maplestory for me=P

          • i like maple story but mabinogi is worth downloading. cuz RS is pve. reminds me of life. mbinogi you can revive were u die ther skills are vast and u rebirth at age 20

          • I cant believe the cancer of information here. Google is your friend, people. Runescape was made by Andrew Gower. Jagex was founded by Andrew Gower. You people are so dense.

          • Actually runescape was created by the Gower brothers, then they had a falling out and Andrew got the game, which then he sold it to jagex (the company he founded with his brother) and now Andrew is creating a new programming language.

        • I used to Pay To Pay for runescape, its worth it so much , problem is I kinda lost interest after a while once i started playing League of Legends and DOTA 2 and stuff like that 😛 but yea its still a great game

    • It’s not about runescape the game. The haters of that game comes becuase of it’s community.
      The game is quite nice, i played it quite long time. Till some years later i log in, and first thing i hear is noob. Tooo many kids play that game, to many lifeless poeple that don’t understand what their doing 🙂 its a fact xD

      • It is just as much Jagex themselves, that make people dislike the game. The problem is that they constantly change the game mechanics and economy without regard to their players.

        It is not much fun when a skill you have been working hard on for several years, suddenly becomes a lot easier, because of some new update (minigame, automation, better XP-giving tasks etc.). You can’t help feeling that you have wasted your time, and that what you have worked for is not that special anymore.

        It is no fun either when you have 10,000 items in your bank worth 200 million, and they suddenly decide that the price of that item is totally wrong. After the next update you are left with 10K of an item that is practically worthless.

        I stopped playing RS after 6 years, mostly because Jagex can’t keep their hands off existing things, and constantly change things around. You cannot count on anything being hard/easy, cheap/expensive, rare/common in that game, because the next update might turn everything upside down.

          • lol dude, he giving his opinion on the game.. and its a very detailed opinion apparently. Just cuz ur part of the shit community that plays runescape doesnt mean u gotta hate on someone that says something no so nice about it.

          • What does that even mean? Your just going to ignore the fact that he expressed his opinion in a detailed and personal manner and proclaim his argument “pointless”? You are a moron. Don’t have any kids.

          • Not pointless when you sent countless monthly payments to FAGEX, only to have them completely change the game and make you start all over, and WITHOUT an option to play without playing…you are a fagit irl

        • ya, they had a combat update that alouse you to kill cows in one it. all the combat in the game has speed up and lvling up is way to easy. i play the game free but i had a cariter i played forever that is now lvl 40, but i started over and in one week i got a wizzard to lvl 50. the game is slowly terning to crap. i love the game and its prety sad for me. (sarry for my bad spilling)

        • It’s not them who regulate the price. It’s sort of like a stock market… Supply and demand. If there are more players wanting the item the price goes up.. now if there is to much of the item and not alot of players are buying it then the price will come down

          • @Doomkiin23 it was easier for you to get to lvl 50 because they changed the cb system it use to be up to lvl 126 now you can max out ur player to lvl 200
            My acc use to be lvl 99 before the update now its 166

        • Dude this guy is 100% correct, i played runecape for 2 years and had 400mil in my bank. I got busy in school and after 2 months when i started playing it again the game was so different. And all of my money was gone. My rune armor was also gone, and i had to redo all of my quests. I never played the game again. Im sorry RuneScape lovers, but it is time to move on to World Of Warcraft. Runscape copied the whole concept in the first place.

      • Yeah really, the “noob” thing has kinda died down a little, but thats one of the most annoying things about playing is those people with nothing better to do than show of how they’re level over 9000.

    • yea, I agree. I think the game is boring but that is because I play better games and have played RS till I got boored of it. I say the game sucks, but it still changed my life into a life full of gaming. xP

      • Yea man I started with AQ at 8 then by thew end of that year I really started to love Runescape. It really got me started on computers and crap. But gotta say the community is not like kids its just immature 17 year olds with no kinda real judgment or social skills. But now I play WoW for a long time and love it. For free Allods it good and AQworlds. But what the heck! Free Realms shouldnt be on this and Runescape isnt good when your a non member.

        • Lol i kinda did the same thing but for me i wasnt able to get into those games because when i was about 7 i started playing my first mmo which was EQ and that just kinda made games like runescape and AQ crap for me they arent bad starting mmos but after you play something like WoW or any other real mmo they dull in comparison.
          7/10 for runescape because its a good way to start playing mmos
          3/10 if you started playing real mmos years back
          All in all not that bad just not my cup of tea

    • Runescape is in my opnion the best and most complete browser game ever.The graphics could be old, but the gameplay is full of options and interactions =D

    • quickman07 YOU ARE WRONG ITS TERRIBLE AND I SHOULD KNOW i spent 4 YEARS of my life on runescape dude i compleated all the free 2 play quests and alot of the pay 2 play quests i cryed when i was lured out in the the wilferness (btw i was a low level and very gullabile at the time) and killed for my mithrill armor by a level 70 when i was level 25 (approxamation) it was shit and i still played 4 another few years on and off i hate it it’s turned into a shit hole game i mean have you played the new “tutorial” if u can call it that, it’s dispicable its like the free 2 play WoW, stupid shit and old, they f*** it up the arse and sold it to you.
      think next time

      • By calling it a “Free to play WoW” I think you turned that into a compliment… and people hate it just because of the community (Which you have suffered with the Wilderness thing) The gameplay is still nice quite hard to find games like it…

      • You IDIOT! your like a drug addict in denial. The fact that you played it for four years proves that you actually like it; and you even payed for it. Im sick to death of idiots like you who know that runescape is the best to offer yet constantly slander it. the f2p quests will last you a while and you cannot say that youve done all of them (dragon slayer requires you to level up a bit).
        Just because you don’t like the game, doesnt mean that 8 million other people dont. Your opinion isnt the only one in the world. The fact remains that runescape is the best browser mmorpg in the world and by far the most popular.

        • Now, now… quit the name-calling. I played Runescape a substantial amount when I was younger, got to a decent level, completed all the free quests (and I do mean all of them; even the hardest one, Dragon Slayer, was relatively simple; you just have to plan some, and I completed it at level 49), started doing the other ftp content, decided that it sucks for high level ftp players, decided that I didn’t want to pay for more stuff, and quit. For low levels, it’s awesome, for high level p2ps, it’s still excellent, but for high level ftps, there’s nothing to do.

        • I understand. The community has flaws, but the real problem is they keep on changing my precious runescape. It’s the only reason I’m in to computers in the first place. I mean, one mmo game and i’m jacked on all this stuff, from udk, to c++, to java, python, c# and all other things. However the problem is… Even I can say this for everyone, that people that have been playing a lot (I’m talking people who started in 2001-2007) are very nostalgic. I just like the old times, because I like to know that there is SOMETHING that does not change, even if it seems pointless. To me, runescape forged my personality, event though it was crap starting 2009. Yes, some want to look like they are (so they think) cool by saying it’s bad, but in reality, they like it themselves, however not a lot of people of their age group do.

        • *faceplam* No offence but it sounds like you actually like 2 play runescape and don’t want to other peoples insult the game because you play it. Then comment of my opinion of the game. First time i was playing WOW this is cool and great games, Now about 5 years later because i was bored i played again. When i got all my free quests done i was thinking if i buy a member i would do like anything. BUT when i buyed the game quess what happened… it was like: O________O what do i do now. so here is my advice DON’T BUY A MEMBER.

      • dark,i never went to the wildy,the only time i went there is before it turned back into a pvp(before that we would go rev hunting,good old times,better than clanwars….ahhh)

      • lol bro..iv been playing this game 6 years and i still find it completely entertaining although it is true that around lvl 40+ F2P is trash…(iv been P2P for 5 years)

      • HAHA OH WOW. That happens to everyone dude, relax. I hate the tutorial update too, it’s like it was aimed at 5 year old’s who can’t figure out where things are… F***IN QUEST ARROWS WTF.

    • dude runescape is the WORST browser mmorpg i have ever played it makes me wanna go and kill the makers its so bad. and btw the only reason most gamers play it is because they feel bad for the creators

      • I agree, i found runescape to be horrid then and bad now, maybe for young children they may find it a little entertaining for awhile. Compared to browser games like Lost Titans or Battlestar Galactica (beyond amazing coding and play) it is completely appalling how people can waste both time and money on this. I have gamed for well over 30 years now, so of coarse you can have your own opinion on how great runescape is, yet go try one of those two titles I mentioned as amazing, and then try and come back and compare your 5/10 game to one of those two 10/10s (and there are many more good ones also). I hope that this comment is useful to the community in order to point them in the right direction for some amazing play. Blessings 🙂

        • Battlestar Galactica better than Runescape??? What crack are you smoking?!? BSGO is a great idea ruined by constantly woeful, lazy development by Bugpoint. Only American players are valued by SyFy (owned by NBC Universal) the rights holders and so “foreign” players go without special offers.
          Constantly changing dev teams have left the game with no direction, massively one-sided faction battles are pointless and 1v1 combat is pure missile spamming and nuking boredom.
          Runescape’s in a mess now the Gowers have sold out, but pay and play the pre-’07 version for some quality, genuine MMORPG experiences. BSGO is just an epic space shooter ruined by lazy developers.

        • Lost titans was only good before they added auto routing. It made the game Waaaaaay too easy. 4 days of playing = lvl 42. Over halfway done with the storyline as well. Great game but they ruined it with the auto routing.

    • HEHEHEHEHEHHEHEE burn in hell .. runescape can go kill itself , there a new game called eartheternal , yeah its like wow graphics and controls, so suck on it get horny and moist inside cus runescape just got fed in the a

      • Lol u people can rage all u want but u can’t change the fact that runescape was the pioneer of it’s kind. It’s like the Mario&Donkey Kong of the f2p mmorpg world. Yes, it can get boring, but that makes me want to find awesome new RPGs. Honestly, I’m happy with all the updates. Without them it would be like playing through a game multiple times, with the difficulty set on easy all the time. So go play ur newer, prettier games. Too bad they can’t say that they have history of over 9 years.

    • Eh Runescape is fun but a pain topay for…. It gets boring Ive played since 05 with 4 skillcapes but its still boring The bots are bad and bots are just taking over :/

    • Runescape might be the best, but it’s the most annoying.
      I haven’t ever been hacked on any other game, yet this one(6+ years old) has been hacked repeatedly recently.

    • I’ve played runescape for 6 years, it is a good game, but you cannot class this game as F2P,
      all tho it is one, there hasn’t been a F2P update in months now -beside xmas even-, and p2p
      is 10x faster to get a 99 in that in F2P, for most skills.
      Support from GMs on that game is horrible.
      Say what cha want but go look on their homepage, P2P update, P2P update, P2P update, on and on and on >.>

      • Why does a game need updates in order to be playable? It is free to play with whatever exists in the game, whether that gets updated or not. If you want more, then you pay.

      • Yeah, RuneScape Sucks Like hell.. I mean look at the Friggin bad graphics … And so many settings to Memorize .. Try playing Drakensang , Pet forest or AQW For real MMO .

        • wait what?! i guess i missed the bad graphics thing. Let me look at my Fullscreen HD x12 analizing + Textures + fog + Widescreen 16:9 1920×1080 FIREFOX WEBPAGE again… Maybe in a year or so i will find out what you mean. MMORPG stands for role play gaming… I guess you will not find a role play gaming in any mmorpg as good as in runescape. It’s the most complete MMORPG ever…
          With 28 different skills to train and more then 3000hours of gameplay.
          Way harder and enjoying to achive something. Trolls may die in HELL!

          • Wow. I don’t even know where to begin. For one thing, you got far too angry over the little boy masturbating, danny. He’s obviously a graphics whore and he’ll never look at this again. If he does I will be majorly amused and giggle continuously.

            Second of all, you’re making yourself look like a bot. Misspelt words, advertisements, not knowing what MMORPG stands for.. (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, bt dub) and your intelligence is not too far beyond a squirrel.

            Now, I know what you’re thinking. “umadbrah?” Well, no. I just thought you might be a little more grown up next time. Honestly, all of that was angry fat kid throwing a tantrum because his mother tried to feed him an apple.

            There’s my opinion, and yours doesn’t matter.

      • No shit Sherlock. I assume that’s why most people play games. What, are you one of the retards that grade Mmorpgs based on graphics? I’m sorry, but don’t show your diseased ass again cuz I don’t think you understand what a Mmorpg is.

      • they play it because they have no life my 25 y/o irl friend gave up dating this one girl merely to stay in his parents basement and keep playing a pixels game that rewards him in nothing.. for years I kept telling him but he said it was his life until recently fagex blocked his since-runescape-came-out account and he was left with no irl friends no college degree no job and no girlfriend.. yeah that’s mmo addiction to you

    • i agree runescape is the best browser game.. i dont play anymore seeing how by the time you hit 15 you should move on to other things.. but great game anyways

    • Runescape is completely ASS compared to the other games. I played it and the mechanics are annoying, so I stopped immediately. AQW > Runescape.

    • runescape is so boring that they had to change it from 2d to 3d to keep ppl playing it., still sucks lol. deadfrontier all the way.

    • I used to play runescape. Now I don’t though. It seemed to have gotten boring, as I played when it had first come out. The one even before runescape went 2.5D-ish, dunno what to call it xD. Tip : Once you go Membership, then run out and don’t play with it, it becomes very boring, very fast. The new textures are epic, but some of the new content is a no from me.

      Fetizuna, Combat 129

      If my CPU wasn’t crap, I’d go Maplestory and make an Evan. I had one, but now my CPU can’t load it.

      • Yeah, that’s a huge problem with it. The fact that it’s widely understood that the f2p part of the game sucks is one thing… but if you’re going to p2p… why not play a good game? When I’m looking for a browser game, I’m looking for something mildly entertaining on a f2p level that I can do on breaks and stuff… not some horribly repetitive grind game that is only “good” if you pay for it. I’ve made the mistake of giving RS a try 3 times in the last 5 years… every time I come to the same conclusion in about 2-3 hours of gameplay: “This game sucks”.

        • Lol is it bad that ive done the exact same thing i actually tried to pick it back up about 4 months ago and it wasnt “as” bad as it used to be, now mind you it used to be shit. Now here is my OPINION, I am not stating this as fact but as an OPINION that ok fanboys? good. Opinion: The graphics arent that bad but after being alive for so long you would think they would be better. True the population is large proving that a lot of people like it, but that doesnt necessarilly mean that its a great game because in case you havent noticed Farmville has pleanty of people playing it and im pretty sure that the majority of us know that it sucks, am i not correct in that aspect? Next order of business is the questing, each quest is the same thing run here kill this, next quest run here kill this but this time do it 10 times, next quest run to this specific location and talk to this npc just so that you can run back to me so i can send you back, next quest kill this, etc. Now the one thing that really makes this game special is that it is open world and non-linear (for those of you that dont understand that, it means that you can go anywhere and dont have to do specific quests to do go there) and you dont see that in a lot of browser based games. While we are on the subject of browser based games i would like to point out that the majority of them suck they usually are flat platformers or point and click build games like the ones you see on facebook, and the ones that arent have major issues that damage the population for example: from what i can tell the game drakensang doesnt offer large customization, and also doesnt give the choice to pick skin color, now a lot of you are saying “why does that matter” well to be truthfully honest i know a few people who dont like being restricted to playing a white guy because they, as do i, believe that its fairly racist. I would also like to say that, in the off-chance that you are still reading this, there isnt one browser based mmorpg out there that will appeal to everyone so why have some large war over the whole thing if someone doesnt like runescape let em hate the game dont try to persuade them to play it, and if you hate the game than dont troll the damn thing. Now im gonna tell you the good things about the game: it has a crafting system, large amounts of gameplay, voice acting, skills, different combat styles, it will soon have even more styles and actions for things like when you attack, and theres more customization than any f2p mmo ive seen out there. Now i dont know about you but for a open world browser based mmorpg all of this is pretty damn good because ive played a lot of non-browser f2p mmos and trust me when i say you dont see too many of them with all of these features, and when you do its got tons of bugs, glitches, and something that always tips the scales in favor of p2p players. Now remember this is my Opinion, ive told you what i think seperates this game from others and now you get to make a decision as to whether or not you want to play it, oh and one more thing just because you dont like it after playing for a few hours doesnt mean that its a game meant for children.

      • Way too anime. I’d play it over RS, I’ll give you that… but all those anime RPG/fairy-wing games all blur together. The quests are really grindy, too.

      • well yeah crystal saga is quite good game i’ve played it but it gets really booring after lvl 40 coz its so slow to get lvl and i dont feel like killing mobs wich gives u about 150-200xp/kill when u need like 4m xp to lvl

    • I’m not going to complain about runescape over the years it’s proved its worth but at the same time certainly a large % of the community do take advantage of players before they’ve learned whats at stake in this game, you walk in work for some ok-ish gear and essentials meet a few people and oh shit they killed you and mugged your corpse! overall the game in my opinion used to be great by the ever changing economy taking rewards from hard working players and giving it to new players and members just for it to end up in the hands of the 2 faced side of the community who rob everyone is not the way an MMO should be run with RS’s system.

      I agree Free Realms and Drakonsang being in this list, they easily scratch 1st-3rd place for browser games, even Runes of Magic has a browser version now.

      I’ve played all of these and most of the browser games around including old ones and yeah RS, FR, DS, AQW, AML and BGO easily make the list, but I disagree with first place.

    • I agree, i found runescape to be horrid then and bad now, maybe for young children they may find it a little entertaining for awhile. Compared to browser games like Lost Titans or Battlestar Galactica (beyond amazing coding and play) it is completely appalling how people can waste both time and money on this. I have gamed for well over 30 years now, so of coarse you can have your own opinion on how great runescape is, yet go try one of those two titles I mentioned as amazing, and then try and come back and compare your 5/10 game to one of those two 10/10s (and there are many more good ones also). I hope that this comment is useful to the community in order to point them in the right direction for some amazing play. Blessings

    • no thx runescape is just boring andit causes overwiegth in america all fat people play this , thats why it shouldnt be listed as a 1st, you dont like my cooment? then you are a heater , bye.

    • Drakensang is truly worthy of this list. The graphics are amazing, and the real time combat is fun (except for when every gremlin in the area mobs you), great alternative to turn-based. Well, I play Koyotl (i’m 11) and that turn based is ok, so either or, really. I wanna try runescape. My dad has EQ and it seems kinda fun.

    • im such a fanboy , i sport wood over runescape, im soo uber in this game,, ulike in real world where im fat and lazy,, in runescape i am lvl 100 tree cutter !!!

      dont hate cus im the pro

    • Not anymore, since runes of magic now has a browser version, runescape sucks my balls on tuesday nights after dinner as desert.

    • Yeah, now its not the number one mmo. Its been re-ranked to 4th due to these three things.
      1: 80% of its content it currently physically impossible for ftp players to obtain
      2: its graphics are still outdated, even now with its badass new updates.
      3: Its only pointed to being as hard to figure as WoW, Because everyone’s wondering, where the hell did the trolls come from?
      Its been ranked 4th, but their still figuring out the top 3 for this year.

    • Yeah it might have been at the time you posted this, but at the moment they should reconsider, with the release of Bless and City of Steam, not to mention the changes to RuneScape. I quit after the change to the combat system and I put a lot of time into that game.

    • i don’t know i mean Runescape is a good game and all but i don’t like it anymore but it matters on the persons opinion of games like whether or not they like fantasy ( Runescape ) or the like futuristic games if this is just 1 opinion then its dumb but if you got a bunch of people and said hey what do you think is the best browser game and they all told you and you rated it with that then its different and probable more accurate

    • No, No and No. i have been playing Runescape for 3 years, I stopped when they removed pk on wilderness and made stupid changes. Waiting for Old school Runescape to be f2p.


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